Altered Fates: Chapter 2


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Chapter 2: Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Altered Fates: Chapter 2

  1. 1. Welcome back, I see you returned. Well let me tell you this, the kids of the Altered Fates legacies did not get many pictures taken of them as kids, toddies, or teens because I wasn’t really looking to take them since I wasn’t sure at the time if I was going to publish. So it jumps usually one or two pics of birthdays then transitions. And I took more of Kiara Beta than I did of Kiara Alpha. What can I say? Dark Kiara was more interesting married to Mr. Big. Anyway…we left off with engagements and/or marriages so let’s see Generation 2!!!
  2. 2. Kiara: Ooph!! Man that was a big kick… Lee: I see…so before you did get some new clothes right? Kiara: I thought you did…I mean you were wearing them last time. Lee: Continuity error, you know the type.
  3. 3. Kiara: Labour HURTTSSS!!! Lee: You’re a Family sim, you live for this. Kiara: GO GET PROBED AND SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT!! Lee: I’ll stay over here away from her, the bed will protect me…
  4. 4. Kiara: GET OVER HERE!! Lee: No thanks, I’m good here. Kiara: ARGHH!!
  5. 5. Kiara: Here, hold this one… Lee: What do you mean this one?? Kiara: Got another coming… Yes, twins…this is the boy I think, I called him Kitian after one of my NaNo characters. Kitian was an elven prince who took pity on a lost teenage human and helped to dress her infected wound, they ended up getting into an end of the world situation…very long story. Maybe I’ll tell you some time about it, it was my 2012 NaNo Wiccan Moon.
  6. 6. And this is Kitian’s twin sister Jewel. She’s not named for one of my NaNo characters, I just called her that because both twins have their mother’s “jewel tone” eyes. Which can make them look pretty creepy in some lights…but I love them anyway.
  7. 7. Filler shot 1: this was the house after I removed the wall between the kitchen/living room. Once the twins were born I put it back and made the room with the piano a temporary nursery. Very small, not that well suited for four sims and a cat…which was actually called Neko…Gabie. I was lacking for creative names okay?
  8. 8. Lee: Toddlers already? Where did the time go? Kiara: I want another baby… Lee: Umm…we don’t exactly have the room honey… Kiara: But…oh. *sigh* You’re right Lee.
  9. 9. Jewel Alpha Taurus 5/6/4/10/7 Kitian Alpha Cancer 8/7/4/3/7
  10. 10. Made over twins, on the last day as toddlers. See, I said I didn’t take many pictures. But the house got an expansion with the promotion money. And Lee did take the Criminal job after a few days since it didn’t want to show up before then, I really must get back to their house and take a pic of him wearing it…Kiara is still oblivious, like how no one knows that Clark Kent is Superman with dorky glasses… 
  11. 11. What you expected a kid pic of the twins? Haha, no…next chapter. Since we have to visit Dark Kiara now. Kiara: Ah SH**!! I JUST GOT A PROMOTION!! She looks ever so thrilled doesn’t she?
  12. 12. In front of the ominous, looming, gothic mansion in early hours of the evening, something wicked this way comes…. Oh yes, it is what it looks like; Dougie is getting witched. Why? Because I felt like a gothic mansion needed a secret room with various odd things hidden away in it. And well Kiara is too cool for witchery so her hubby gets to be one instead.
  13. 13. Doug: Yeah, as if me with zero Nice points wants to be a GOOD warlock…evil is way better. And cooler. Tis true, he rolled up tons of wants to cast Evil spells and feared casting a Good one…truly a sign if there ever was one.
  14. 14. Kiara: DOUG!! GET YOUR PANSY ASS OUTTA THAT CLOSET AND GET IN HERE!! Doug: I’m here, I’m here…what’s the big deal? Kiara: If I could throw something hard and heavy at you right now I SO WOULD!! Doug: Okay, okay, I’m a Nurse so just breathe and push babe, breathe and push…
  15. 15. Doug: Popularity Meet Someone New + 1000!! Kiara: Romance Have a Baby -5000!! Good times, good times…*pops popcorn*
  16. 16. Kiara: Here take it, not done. Doug: Is that a blue icon above your head? Kiara: The icon is a lie!! IGNORE IT!! Doug: Whatever you say babe…
  17. 17. The same, yet different, in Alternate Universes…both had twins. Only Dark Kiara had twin boys named Tybold and Tyrone. Identical twin boys mind you…fun. >_< I did not plan twins, they just happened…I mean Dark Kiara is Romance/Pleasure so no fertility perks, and Dougie is Fortune/Popularity…and no cheesecake involved in either.
  18. 18. Kiara: No more…two is plenty. Doug: I agree babe, I have two sons and that’s all a man like me really needs. Kiara: This isn’t a patriarchy, just so you know. Doug: It could be…
  19. 19. Tyrone Beta (blue shirt) Leo 5/10/4/5/2 Tybold Beta (blue overalls) Leo 6/10/5/5/0 A boy after his old man’s heart…Tybold is the meanest one. At least I HOPE that’s the right twin…
  20. 20. Speaking of said old man…look! He’s pure evil now, I even repainted the witching room to match. It actually looks really good with the dark wood floors. Doug: Now a few more evil pages and I can glow like the best of them. Too bad about the hospital being uptight about having one of their best and brightest turn witchy, I am the Chief of Staff now so MY rules are the ones they have to deal with!! MWAHAHA!!
  21. 21. Doug: What do you think babe? Am I still hot? Kiara: Oddly, yes…more so even. It must be that evil aura of power that you got now. I like power. Doug: So do I, no wonder we’re so perfect for one another. We will RULE this hick town with an iron fist!!
  22. 22. Kiara: I love it when you talk world domination!! Doug: Good to know. Kiara: Mmm… And I happen to agree, the evil warlock Mr. Big is pretty hot…*swoon*
  23. 23. Filler Shot 2: This is the Beta mansion, the wing closest to the driveway is the Witching Room, I removed the windows for a more creepy look. And they have a crypt in back too. It’s no Goth mansion like in Pleasantview but I like this size better, it’s more creepy. The (future) graveyard is in need of filling…because all gothic mansions need a graveyard… The Alpha house is smaller but it has the same crypt in the same spot in the yard, I just don’t have a good pic of it.
  24. 24. And now a detour. Remember I said that spares would marry playables? Well in Duality A, I’ve begun to breed the bin sims just for them. This is the house of Julien Cooke, and for some reason I like to change his personality and aspiration every time I place him in a lot. So I made him a Knowledge sim and a Capricorn then left him alone long enough for his Social bar to drop into the red, and get the Social Bunny to show. These twins are his with the Pink Social bunny. A boy and a girl named Bradley and Bunni Cooke.
  25. 25. Also in Duality A, is my female simself. She has her own castle behind Kiara’s house and loves to spy on her daily. I made Julien and her meet and this is the first of their three kids. A girl named Melaithalda. Her name is from my 2013 NaNo Digital Destiny and in that, she’s the sister of Ice Elemental Ionthal who was killed by the god Erendoar three thousand years ago, she was the Wind Elemental. Now Duality B, well I thought that my lovely male counterpart Gabriel should be in charge of that side, but he doesn’t know it yet. Shh… you can see Gabriel in my Apocalypse as well.
  26. 26. I have played them pretty far ahead and the older twins Bradley and Bunni helped the younger twins of Ani-Mei and Julien to toddlerhood. A boy named Draciniion and a girl named Siliel, also from my 2013 NaNo. Draciniion or Drace, is the Fire Elemental and Siliel is the Earth Elemental. There are five Cooke kids in Duality A right now, the older two are already in college and the younger twins are still toddlers, Melaithalda is still a child and will join her older half siblings soon enough at college.
  27. 27. And that’s it for now. I don’t usually like to make short chapters like this, the 28 slides, although even, feels too few and makes my OCD angry. But I have no more pics to fill two more slides with *twitch* and have to *twitchtwitch* let it be. I’ll be okay, hopefully…see you next time.