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Altered Fates: Chapter 11 Pt. 1


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This half covers Duality A.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Altered Fates: Chapter 11 Pt. 1

  1. 1. Yep, it’s official the heat melted my brain, I went for the ten kids. *faints* And just to add insult to injury, my laptop crashed right after I saved everything. It was telling me that I was insane too.Yeah…so let’s see then if I need two chapters to cover everyone in both Duality hoods.
  2. 2. Just in time I see. He-he-hoo Diana, he-he-hoo. Diana:You try this and see how you like it!! Unlikely. Carry on then let’s see generation 4…
  3. 3. Family Sim Baby-dar on this one…Kit? Kitian: Baby. I see that, why isn’t Diana holding her? Kitian: Baby. Right…he’s stuck in a loop, just enjoy the shirtlessness of my former heir then.
  4. 4. Kitian: Girl baby. Grandbaby. Allow me to translate: Meet first born of generation 4, Christa Alpha. Naming theme for this generation is fairies. Christa is the Magi-in-training from the lovely 1994 movie Fern Gully:The Last Rainforest. She taught the student lumberjack Zach about the pain of the forest when its cut down and marked with spray paint. Because the lumber people end up releasing the demon-thing Hexus from its prison.Tim Curry did the voice for Hexus and it fit really well for an evil pollution/skeleton/demon thing.
  5. 5. Ah, I see you got the baby back from Kit huh? Diana: Daddy is at work till 9, I get to cake my daughter this time. Carry on then. Let’s see her…and find out if she’s heir-worthy.
  6. 6. Aww what chubby widdle cheeks…and she has a nose too! Diana: She takes after her daddy. Christa Alpha Gemini 5/8/9/3/1 Wut? One nice point? I blame Amar, it’s his fault. Alas, therefore no heirship for Christa.
  7. 7. Required great grandma and great grandchild skill building session picture. Kiara: Aww, what cute little white wings you have! Just like great grandma. Christa: Old!! Kiara:Yes…I am old. Oh…that life bar is nearly full…*sniff*
  8. 8. Kiara: I’ll treasure this moment in my heart forever…such a sweet little face. That hides a demonic personality… Kiara: Nonsense. True sense, I blame the lazy ass…he did it.
  9. 9. Diana: Paint, paint, paint, it’s all we do now. Amar: Meh. Lazy ass. And I like my default replacement set so make me one of each for all these bare walls. *whipcrack*
  10. 10. Pop goes the heiress. *snigger* Diana: Why? Because, Christa is hell spawn and we need nice for this hood. And I want to see at least one green baby.
  11. 11. Whee!! Green baby!!With a nose, and black eyes!! Double whee!! Meet Pips. Diana: Am I done now? Depends if he’s as evil as Christa or not. Diana: What have you got against my children? Evil. Mean.Wrong hood. Nuff said.
  12. 12. Obligatory great grandma and great grandson picture two. Amar: Hehe, photobombing your tender moment is fun!! You see that hot spring out there? And the thunderstorm ? Go jump in, and stay there Lazy Ass.
  13. 13. Take two. Amar: Still photbombing ur shot. Steffi:Three bolt stalking? Kitian:Three bolt stalking FTW. *Sigh*, I give up. Kiara can cake little Pips here then.
  14. 14. Double birthday, Steffi gets old and crusty and Pips get cuter (hopefully). Steffi: I resemble that remark, can’t you call it maturing? It sounds so much more dignified. Sounds the same to me, older, maturing, yep same. *nods* Steffi: I hate you. So I’ve heard. Don’t care. Go.
  15. 15. Steffi: I’ll just be over here… You do that. Kiara: So cute, why can’t they stay like this forever? Well they could but then I’d have no legacy and I kinda need it to happen so…
  16. 16. And I seem to be lacking a toddler picture of Pips. But anyway, Pips is also from Fern Gully, he’s Christa’s friend/kinda lover and he and Zach don’t get along. Of course Zach being the cocky teen he is, shows Pips up when hisWalkman floats downstream and Pips can’t figure out how to turn it on. Zach does and scares all the fairies away with his 90’s pseudo rap. Pips was voiced by Christian Slater.
  17. 17. Kiara: We’re great grandparents Lee, can you believe it? Lee:We did goo Kiki, we did good.We’ve come a long way from that small pink shack I met you in. Kiara: Ah, those were the days… I miss Neko though. Lee: So do I Kiki. She was a great kitty.
  18. 18. Lee: Dance with me? Kiara: Of course, always. Lee:We’ve come so far Kiki. Kiara:Yeah, I know. I can’t believe how happy our family is now. All four generations of it.
  19. 19. I’m gonna miss them…*tears up* So cute…FreeTime DanceTwirl FTW.
  20. 20. Aww Kit noes!! Not you too… Kitian: I’m supposed to be old now, I have grandbabies. But you’re hot…I don’t want to…. Kitian: I have toVoice. Steffi is waiting for me.
  21. 21. Steffi:Age gracefully you old silver fox you. Kitian: I’ll try baby. Lee:Welcome to creakiness son. It’s a blast. Kitian:Thanks dad…really.
  22. 22. Christa: Way to go!!You forgot it was my birthday too!! No I didn’t…I just haven’t shown it yet. Kitian: Well, these could be worse. Still go change Kit.
  23. 23. See? Christa: What? NO cake!!? Where’s my cake?!! Couldn’t be bothered, Hell Spawn. *shrugs* Christa:You will rue the day you didn’t let me have my cake and eat it too…rue it I say. Sure kid. Away. Change.
  24. 24. Moving along then… Diana: WHY?You said you wanted a green baby, you got one.WHY? Because. Be thankful I’m not cursing you with ten of the little buggers Di. And Pips was a clone of Christa, I fixed it with theSim Blender but I still want to see what could have happened. Diana:You’re so cruel, I’m Popularity!! We don’t like babies!! More friends to have. Diana: Wait, that’s true. MOAR BABIES!!
  25. 25. Twins? Really? Amar:This one is green. Anyway, meetTinkerbelle (green one with no nose) and Flit.Yes I know Flit isn’t a fairy but I don’t have anymore male fairy names, so this one gets the name of a hummingbird from Pocahontas instead. Besides, fairies “flit” about so it works. *nods* Both are from Disney movies by the way. As if you didn’t already guess that.
  26. 26. Obligatory GG and GGC shots three and four. I wanted to have some sort of memento of my founder and generation four this time. Why? Because my last legacy the Quest for Peace, suffered a rebuild in generation 3 so my founder Oliver never got to see his great grandkids. I lost my heir and all his original siblings. I had to remake Dion because I thought I lost everyone else, but I found Oliver elsewhere and all was well, although the story had moved on by then so I never got my pictures.
  27. 27. This time I let the grandpas cake the twins. Because Lee needed some time with the great grandkids too. He taught Pips to walk I just never got a picture of it. Kitian: Green grandbaby. Yes, Kit honey, she’s green. Lee: He’s barely been an elder for two days and he’s already lost his marbles?
  28. 28. Flit is umm…interesting. AndTinkerbelle? Has a case of perma-lemon sucked face.Well she is a quarter alien after all right? Tinkerbelle: I cute!! Tinkerbelle Alpha Scorpio 7/6/10/2/3 Flit Alpha Virgo 10/3/10/2/3
  29. 29. Well so much for “natural” heirship, looks like Pips’ fixed personality of 10/9/2/4/7 wins generation four’s heirship. He is still a Scorpio though…I want to kill Amar for sticking me with mean kids in a legacy that’s supposed to be NICE. Pips also has the perma- lemon sucked face but that will have to do for now. Pips has the blue wings, Flit has the purple ones in case you were wondering.
  30. 30. Christa: And so my minions, that is how we’re gonna take over this town with the power of Hexus…all shall know fear and the name EmpressChrista!! MWAHAHA!! What was that? Christa: Nothing!! Empress is my title Hell Spawn, I shall not give it up to you!! HISS!!
  31. 31. Aww damnit…not you Kiara!! Kiara: It’s my timeVoice. I’ve known it for a while now.Tell Jewel mommy loves her always and forever and her adorable boys. I will…*bawls*
  32. 32. Kitian: Mommy!! No!! Lee: I’ll see you soon Kiki…I promise. Amar: Not Grandma-in -law… *breaks arms*
  33. 33. Diana: Grandma!! Kiara:This is so heartbreaking…why do they have to hurt so much over me? Grim:You were well loved Kiara Alpha. It’s understandable. Kiara: I know…
  34. 34. Amar: *dislocates shoulder* Lee: Oh Kiki… Steffi: I’m still shuffling over , hang on would you?
  35. 35. Kiara: Oh hey, cool vacation stickers, even though I never went on one in my life. Grim: Now you can, the Afterlife is vast and spans over many places.TheTiki Drink will help. Kiara: Ah, I see. Good idea.
  36. 36. Name: Kiara Alpha, Founder of Duality A Aged: 77 days Wife of: Lee Mother of: Kitian and Jewel Grandmother of: Daven, Darla, Diana, Aeric and Andrew Great-Grandmother of: Christa, Pips,Tinkerbelle and Flit
  37. 37. May she haunt eternally with her beloved feline co-founder Neko. I need a moment here…before going to Duality B, where Dark Mistress Kiara will never die because she’s vain. ** *** Moment over. Part two awaits.