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Altered Fates: Chapter 1


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In the beginning, there were two founders; One of Light and One of Dark...

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Altered Fates: Chapter 1

  1. 1. What If… It’s a question that we have all asked ourselves at some point in our lives, and for most they don’t really think about it. It could be fun to explore that question once in a while right? And here I plan to do just that, I will answer my own What If questions with this Alternate Universe legacy. What would happen if I make two founders who were totally opposite in looks and personality, but were the same gender? What if one only marries in Townies and the other only marries in NPC’s? And what if spares can only marry playables? I mean we all get a Sim Bin full of playables with every new hood right? Why not use all three types? So let’s meet the founders who will help me with this What If experiment shall we?
  2. 2. My name is Kiara Alpha, and I came to this oddly named town called Duality A in hopes of planting some roots and beginning a legacy that will span generations. I’ve decided that Family and Knowledge should be able to work well enough together to make sure I have a nice life here while I work my way up to the rank of Captain Hero so I can give back to the community that I want to be part of. Oh, and I’m also a Pisces 5/3/7/3/7.
  3. 3. Hey, look!! I caught a fish!! Now if I only knew how to cook it that would be great… What else should I say? Hmm, well I guess I should tell you that I like pink and would love to see my house decorated with it . And umm…well I would prefer to only meet a Townie who wants to co-found a legacy with me since they usually know the town and the area the best and have jobs with their own incomes.
  4. 4. Kiara: So Christy…umm…do you know the area well? Christy: Yeah, why? Kiara: I umm want to meet someone who wants to co-found a legacy with me and I have no idea where to go. Christy: Oh great another founder…let me guess you got a bunch of whacked out rules and things you have to do for points right?
  5. 5. Kiara: Umm, well I don’t know if I would call them “whacked out” but I do have a few of my own rules I want to follow…as for points, I don’t really care that much about them. Christy: You’re dressed all in pink and have pink wings, let me guess OWBC? Kiara: What is an OWBC? Christy: You seriously don’t know? Kiara: No, should I?
  6. 6. Christy seemed surprised that I didn’t know what an OWBC was and she stopped talking about it. Was it something I said? “Hey, sorry I couldn’t help but overhear. Don’t mind Christy, she’s just bitter that she rarely gets picked for legacies.” Kiara: And you are? “Oh, sorry, my name’s Lee Shankel.”
  7. 7. Kiara: So do you know what an OWBC is? I feel like I’m missing out on something. Lee: Sure I do, it’s a short challenge that last four generations with all sorts of wacky rules and things. Are you a founder for that? Kiara: No, I came here to start a legacy. Those usually last ten generations rather than four. Lee: I see…so you’re on the hunt for a spouse? Kiara: Yes, although I’m not sure I’m doing it right.
  8. 8. Lee: Well there really is no “right” or “wrong” way to look; you just gotta get out and do it. Kiara: Oh I see, wow you sure know a lot Lee. How come you know so much? Lee: I get around, we Downtownies hear things… Kiara: So do you know how I should look for a spouse? Lee: I suggest using the Ask menu and asking: “Do you like what you see?” is a good start.
  9. 9. Kiara: So… Do you like what you see Lee? Lee: As it so happens, I do; very much so. Kiara: Really? Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be. Lee: I am pretty desirable myself. Kiara: I would have to agree with that.
  10. 10. Lee: There’s just something about blonds that I love, what can I say? Kiara: What else should I ask? Lee: You could ask for my number, I’d give it to you. And I’d love to teach you more about legacies too. Kiara: I will.
  11. 11. It felt nice to have a good friend who could help me out here, so after I went home and rested a bit after work I called him up. Lee: Hey, nice house. Most founders end up lawn living at the start. Kiara: Well I was lucky and found my dream job in Law Enforcement early and I managed to save up all my promotion money. Lee: Law Enforcement? I see…
  12. 12. Kiara: Yeah, why? Lee: Oh no reason…hehe…anyway…so you have anyone else living here? Kiara: I have my cat, she’s a good companion. I would love to see a cat in the house all the time, so I hope my descendants will like them. Lee: Cats are nice, I like cats.
  13. 13. Kiara: I’m glad you like cats too. Lee: Yeah, so umm how close are you to the top of your career? Kiara: Not very far up the ladder yet, I think I’m due for a promotion though. I have a good feeling about it. Lee: Me neither, Politics is kinda slow going right now, Goopy likes his spot as Mayor a little too much I think.
  14. 14. Kiara: You’re in Politics? No wonder you’re so helpful and well-informed. I’m glad we met. Lee: Yeah me too Kiara. He wasn’t going to tell her what his dream career was, not yet anyway…if she liked him enough to choose him for a spouse, his dream of being a Criminal Mastermind might be awkward if she’s a Captain Hero…
  15. 15. However, there are always two sides of a coin and while one wants to be a good influence on society and be part of a community, there is always one who does not…let’s take a look at that other side of the coin now.
  16. 16. Hey you!! What are you doing in my house?? Who sent you? *whisperwhisperwhisper* Really? Why? That’s just stupid….but if I must, I must. Yeah, so I’m Kiara Beta and this is my story. I was dumped off in this podunk hick town in the middle of nowhere called Duality B and I’m supposed to found a legacy, yadayadayada.. *angrywhisperwhisperwhisper* Oh fine then….
  17. 17. I’m one who wants to live a life of Romance and Pleasure and would love to make a mark on this dirt speck of a town as the greatest Professional Party Guest there ever was. I brought along my best friend in the whole world; my widdle Blacky-wacky…she’s just the most precious widdle thing yes she is, yes she is. *ahem* Anyway, I adopted this poodle before I was dumped off here in the middle of nowhere. I love all things dark, black, and gothic and will never allow the sickening colour pink in my house!!
  18. 18. Well okay, mayybee this place isn’t so bad after all. I mean look at this!! Dug it up in my own backyard on the first try!! How awesome am I? *whisperwhisper* What? Whatever…anyway I’m supposed to tell you that I’m a Leo 5/10/5/3/2. And well I like to show off what I got so if you don’t like it too bad. I’m not here to play nice and be a good girl. And I want only the best so I’m going to stick with NPC’s as spouse material because they’re better, everyone knows that.
  19. 19. So I went down the most dark and gothic place Downtown I could find; the Crypto Night club. NPC’s love that place and if I’m gonna bag me one I’d better get looking. Only all I could find was the vampire chick in the blood red dress, I was hoping for the Count or something, but hey why not keep her on speed dial for the future right? I know the right man for me is here, I just gotta wait for him to show up.
  20. 20. Kiara: So, where’s the Count? I was kinda hoping to find him here tonight. Countess: He is elsevhere tonight; vhat do you vant vith him? Kiara: I’m a founder of a legacy see, and I need a worthy NPC to help me with that. I know the Count is as dark and gothic as I am and I think he’d be perfect for a spouse. Countess: A legacy founder you say? Vell, perhaps ve could vork something out…
  21. 21. Kiara: What did you have in mind? Countess: Vell, ve usually prefer to vait a few generations before getting involved vith a legacy, that vay there vill be more chances to spread out and grow our ranks. Kiara: What’s that mean? Countess: You have very few friends right? Ve vant a broader base to spread out in. Kiara: Yeah, so? You got a better idea? Countess: I do. Here, take this number. Call him instead.
  22. 22. I did call the number the Countess gave me, after a while. I wanted to find my career first and well, he just happened to be in it so it worked out. Kiara: So they call you Mr. Big huh? Is that a literal name or just a metaphor? Douglas: Wouldn’t you like to know? Romance right? Kiara: Of course. Douglas: I’m Fortune and you had better be rolling in dough if you want me to come back here.
  23. 23. Kiara: Fame and glory is much better isn’t it? I’m a founder of a legacy, that’s about the best kind of fame and glory there is. Think of how it would elevate your status as a celebrity, all the invites it would bring, the chance to hob-nob with the cream of the crop… Douglas: I do that now, but keep talking…you have my interest. Kiara: I know a vampire Countess, so add to that the chance at immortality…never ending life to accumulate vast riches while everyone else has to grow old and die. Because you know you can’t take it with you when you die…but if you never die…then think about it. Douglas: Hmm...immortality. Give me some time to think it over and I’ll let you know.
  24. 24. He was back the next day, that was easy. Douglas: Okay, I thought about it. I’ll do it. Kiara: I knew you would. Now, let’s celebrate our impending immortality. Douglas: Look, I know you legacy types, you have to die to leave platinum graves or something. Isn’t that the way it goes? Kiara: I make my own rules Doug…
  25. 25. I had him right where I wanted him, money, fame, power…everything I should have as a founder. But there’s just that little troublesome thing about the rings of red death…man…why did I have to agree to marry him? I hate marriage.
  26. 26. Yeah…what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him right? Right? I mean he’s Fortune…
  27. 27. Lee: And with this, I thee wed. I would have liked to give you a whole wedding because us of the Fortune persuasion like things to be all bling-bling… Kiara: I don’t need a fancy wedding, all I need is you and our little house here. It will get better as the generations go on. I’m so happy Lee. Lee: Me too Kiara.
  28. 28. Lee: And you don’t mind me here do you kitty? We’ll be good friends right? Neko: *You have treats? Tell me you have treats…*
  29. 29. Douglas: *cough* choke* *wheeze* Blacky: *Is this guy alright?* Douglas: No free loading creatures here, I expect you to earn your keep Blacky. So watch and learn…watch and learn… ****** And that’s all for now folks…
  30. 30. Guy Who Isn’t Lee: Heyy….who’s the babe? Proof that even in Alternate Universes some things are the same after all… Now that’s really all folks.