A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 2


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We all live in a Pokemon World!!

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A Pokemon Alphabetacy: Chapter 2

  1. 1. Hello fellow Poke nerds, I come with another offering. I am pleased with the response I got to the first chapter, I guess I picked a good theme. Last time we met Dawn and her hubby, aged down AL townie, Christian Love who turned out to have a very dominant face. All three girls, members of Generation A had his nose and jaw, which shocked me because I can’t recall having seen many females with the Goopy face template before.I also explained the rules for this legacy; sim binners are placed once or twice ageneration to clear them out and to use their genes for some variety. Heirs must either have the eyes or the ears of Dawn to be allowed to carry on the legacy.The three girls of Generation A need kids to play with don’t they? So I’ll take amoment to show you all who I’ve placed and played in the neighbourhood to be their friends.
  2. 2. Ani-Mei (Banette): You know honey, if we don’t toss the kids they can’t grow up. Reias: I know, but my son is just soo cute I can’t put him down. Ani-Mei (Banette): I thought I was the Family sim here?
  3. 3. Ani-Mei and Reias had this little cutie too, a girl. And I wish I had toddler pics of the three of them, but sadly…I don’t. 
  4. 4. Best shots I have of all three: In the green is Kaien, his identical twin (except for the eyes) is Valon, and their baby sister is Leiya. All three named after my NaNocharacters. The boys are proof that no matter who Reias is paired with, he makes gorgeous kids. They have his custom hair, but it was cloned from a blond style and I just stuck with the blond. You can tell these two are Solan’s half brothers. You will see them later once I get to college for your squeeing pleasure.
  5. 5. Also for the girls is the Ottomas family. Some say that Samantha is glitched, and that letting her give birth is game explody; but I let her out and allowed the pregnancy to continue, she had twins originally, but I upped it to triplets, simplybecause old Dora had a LTW of Having 6 Grandkids and they already had three. Igot two boys and girl, Eric, Andrew, and Emille (pronounced Emily, not Emile). And no game explody.However, I was not prepared for how scary these three would grow up to be, truly Uglacy material. *is scared*
  6. 6. I dare not show them, poor children, odds are you will see them coming home with Generation B, they are too young for Generation A. I don’t mind David allthat much, he is not attractive, but not monkey-butt ugly either, and Tommy, that boy grew up so well it’s almost hard to believe he came from this family too. Sharla…poor girl, grew up looking like a young Mrs. Crumplebutt…you’ll see them later.
  7. 7. Also released from the sim bin is the Kim family. Little Justin is not that bad looking, I rather like him. He looks a bit like Pao Mellon when you age him up. Irarely play a house with a dog, they are high maintenance and I don’t like to bathe them. I’ve also released the Gavigans, but I phail at taking pics of them so there are none, until I show my simself’s kids as teens. That’s the only three I’ve released so far that have kids, I’ve also placed Tara Kat next to these guys actually. I’ve never played her house, in all the time that I’ve had Pets; amazing isn’t it?
  8. 8. But I digress; you all came to see the Alphabetacy right? Well here it is, marvel in my phail at turning on Cameraman mode in time to catch Abra’s transition to childhood. Christian: Honey? That Ghost is back, I can hear her… Dawn: Oh don’t mind Banette dear, she loves to observe me.
  9. 9. Abra: YAY!! I got green!! Dawn: Ooh, Romancer husband is swoony…*fans self*Christian: Hold that pose honey; daddy needs to remember this moment. Okay, one out of two paying attention is good right?
  10. 10. Two days later…now both pay attention, even their butler was there. Looks like the twins are the favoured kids. “I forget who’s who.”Dawn: Oh Banette; the one in the pigtails is Articuno and the other is Arcanine. How can you not tell who’s who? “Umm…I forgot?” *gives a Scary Face* Dawn: EEK!!…please stop with the Scary Face. I’ll mark them.
  11. 11. Articuno: Abra, the Ghost that mom hears says you can’t be heir, you don’t have the ears. Abra: Mom hears a Ghost? Articuno: Yeah. Sorry big sister.Abra: It’s okay, that means one of you two will eventually hear the Ghost, I won’t have to!! Articuno: If I knew Ice Beam, I’d so freeze you for that. You made me feel bad.
  12. 12. Articuno: Red hands? Abra: YAY!!“Kids, pfftt. They should know I will still haunt my spares…”
  13. 13. Valon: Is that woman here with dad again? Who is she? Kaien: I don’t know but she stalks dad everyday home from work. Yes, just ignore the socially deprived sim binners who I have yet to place. The Ramaswamies, Priya stalks Reias everyday and comes home with him everyday…my REIAS!! Ahem, I hate to be rushed through a generation and leave little time fordevelopments, I seem to do that with all my early generations of a legacy/challenge things I do. I promise Generation B will be better. But I wanted to see how gorgeous my boys turn out with Reias as their father.
  14. 14. Double sparklies for the twins!! Nearly in synch with one another too.In the green is Kaien, and doing the “Ooh it’s raining,” thing in the red is Valon. Not great shots though, I regret that. Kaien FO/FA LTW: Marry Off 6 Kids Valon R/K LTW: Be Mad Scientist
  15. 15. Kaien: She’s back again, dad can’t you spray her with the hose or something? She’s like a little lost puppy who won’t leave you alone. Reias: I know. She won’t leave me alone. >_< Leiya: My birthday here!! Pay attention to me!! Unfortunately, Leiya is mean. Don’t know where she got it from.
  16. 16. Priya: Yes!! Whoo!! Grow up dear child that I wish was mine!! Ani-Mei: I don’t usually kill sim binners…don’t tempt me. Priya: *stops cheering*Ani-Mei: Good sim binner. You live to see another day…for now. Valon: Dad, get the hose.
  17. 17. Leiya: Mmm, mortal boy. Isaiah: *is speechless* Leiya PL/FA LTW: 50 Dream Dates *cries* To the genie lamp with you girl. This is Isaiah Gavigan aged up and since he grows the vegetables and is lazy, he’s a little full in themiddle. I don’t really care much, I am not one to make all my sims fit, ripped, and muscle-bound all thetime. Except for a few, I usually just leave them to their own devices, if they get fat, they get fat. Don’t really care. And who am I to deny my little godling a triple-bolter?
  18. 18. Here’s a little eye candy for you guys, mythree beautiful kidlets in college for now. In black is Kaien, in red is Valon and Leiya. I would totally confuse these guys withSolan, especially Valon if I gave him Solan’s hair. He looks so much like his half brother it’s uncanny. But Kaien got my simself’seyes. I love my kids. They are proof of their father’s hotness. They all got their FirstKisses and a ton of scholarships, now they wait for the Gen. A girls to join them.
  19. 19. Which is right about…now. Abra: YAY!! Birthday!! Articuno: I can’t wait for my birthday. “You will see it soon enough…my little heiress. Mwhaha.”Articuno: MOOOMM!! I can hear the Ghost!! Why can I hear the Ghost??!!
  20. 20. Abra: It means Banette chose you to be heiress, good luck sis. Articuno: I want a recount!! “Nope. I like you, and I love Articuno.” Articuno: ….
  21. 21. Christian: My little girl is all grown up. *sniffles*Arcanine: Does this mean I’m going to live a life of forgotten sparedom too? “Not really. I’ll still check in from time to time.” Arcanine: What did Banette say? Articuno: We’re doomed. Arcanine: 
  22. 22. I kept the girls Articuno chose the close in age so Lilith Pleasant once the twins look, which I let grew up it was her keep. It suitedtime for a little fun her oddly enough. before they get My heiress shipped off to everyone. Here’s college. hoping she carries Unsynched and the genes on tocake-less though. Gen B.
  23. 23. Articuno: So Whitaker, Banette says I’m the heiress and that I need to be lookingfor potentials for the next generation. Your recessives could come in handy, what do you say? Whitaker: You hear Ghost Pokemon? Articuno: Family curse…unfortunately. “Hey…” *sad face*
  24. 24. Whitaker: I can live with that. “Ehh, sandal socks boy…” Articuno: *is busy tongue wrestling.*“Townies are nice, but I do have another in mind for you, a sim binner.” Articuno: *is ignoring Banette* “Brat.”
  25. 25. Articuno: So you’re really okay with hearing Banette?Whitaker: I can deal. I mean…you know I like you a lot right? I’ve known you since we were kids.Articuno: Yeah, I know. Those were fun days weren’t they? Undocumented days, but still fun. “Brat.” *gets Scary Face out*
  26. 26. Articuno: Your Scary Face doesn’t work on me Banette.“I’ll find your button, I have alll the time in the world…” Articuno: Meh, everyone needs a hobby right? Me: *eye twitch* Articuno: You love me and you know it.
  27. 27. My heiress loves to challenge me doesn’t she? Oh, she’ll be loads of fun. At least Gen B. will be interesting with Arti in charge. Articuno: Arti? No, no it’s A.R.T.I.C.U.N.O no shortened versions. “We’ll see Arti…we shall see…”
  28. 28. Articuno: We shall see indeed. Until then…Whitaker: If I stay quiet I won’t get in trouble…if I stay quiet I won’t get in trouble… “Poor boy. He thinks you’re nuts, you know that right?” Articuno: Says you. I know he’s not.
  29. 29. And that will be all for now, next time we go to college and I can assure you it’ll be great fun. Only 25 more to go through Uni after this…can I make it? Will I keep going long enough to get past Gen. E? And now for some stats:Kaien Angel FO/FA Valon Angel R/K Leiya Angel PL/FACapricorn Pisces Aries9-6-4-8-5 7-9-6-3-10 9-10-7-7-1LTW: Marry Off 6 Kids LTW: Be Mad Scientist LTW: 50 Dream DatesIsaiah Gavigan FA/K Justin Kim FA/GC David Ottomas PO/FATaurus Aries Aquarius5-5-3-8-4 7-10-3-3-10 4-5-4-5-5LTW: Have 6 Grandkids LTW: Graduate 3 Kids LTW: Be Rock GodSharla Ottomas R/K Tommy Ottomas FA/KAries Cancer4-6-6-5-4 6-4-6-4-5LTW: Be Visionary LTW: I forget. >_<