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chapter 3 of The Dream of Happiness

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Why Me

  1. 1. Why Me? An NCiC Project Sometimes I wonder why… The Dream of Happiness - Chapter 3 ??? [*this is read from right to left]
  2. 2. A week had passed… … ever since we left Reine under the care of Ryoutaro. Ack. 7am.
  3. 3. … and I missed her so much. I’ll visit her. Yeah, I’ll visit her… I’ll go to Manga World.
  4. 4. OMG! Oh, I’m here. Huh?
  5. 5. Are you hungry? Yeah. How about you? I’m hungry too. Stay here, I’ll get you food from the kitchen.
  6. 6. Done with the food, at last… Kazuki, you can have it. Really?! Thanks! I’ll eat this now~ I’ll take this food.
  7. 7. Eh? She’s back, huh? Yes.
  8. 8. Who’s back? … Len’s fiancee… His one and only Shiina. Ah, Shiina-chan…
  9. 9. The food was great! That was Usui’s original recipe. I stole it from Kazuki.. Haha By the way, where’s Reine? I think she’s at school. Oh well… I’m back at Daichi Academy…
  10. 10. Welcome back, Shiina-sama! Sorry I was rude last time; I didn’t know that you’re Tsukimori-sama’s fiancee… No, it’s alright! Any name will do! You don’t have to be too polite! What’s up? Oh! Sora-sensei! He was on chapter 2, the guy who introduced Laurene and Shiina to class.
  11. 11. How are you? Shiina-sama? I’m fine. I’m just here to see Reine… Ah, Reine? She just went to Hokkaido with her classmates a while ago. It was a field trip for 3 days. Crap. I went here to see Reine… … but I guess it was wrong timing.
  12. 12. Do you want to go to Hokkaido? Can I? But you have to ask your fiancee first! It makes me think… How did Len-kun become my fiancee? When did it start? Who did it? Who are they in this world? Who am I in this world?
  13. 13. I won’t go anymore. I’ll just see Reine some other time. I’ll go home and ask Len about it. You’re asking why you’re my fiancee? Yes. Please tell me… You see… Your parents here are both dedicated musicians.
  14. 14. EH?! How did that happen? … My father doesn’t care about music. … My mother doesn’t even know how to sing. What’s with this world?!!! Your father is an orchestra conductor and a well-known stringed instruments expert, and your mother is a pianist and a well-known singer. What the heck?!
  15. 15. Ah, I see… then how did we first meet? I was in the midst of practicing. You suddenly came rushing in. You were holding a violin. I asked you if you know how to play, but you said “NO.” I’m such a weirdo… even in this world?!
  16. 16. I got irritated and shouted at you. You were still calm, then you dropped your violin and sat at the upright piano. “ I’ll accompany you. Play your violin, I’ll play the piano,” you said. You browsed at the music score, and then I played the violin. Your piano playing was almost perfect. It was me? I can’t believe it.
  17. 17. “ It’s my first time to play this piece! I love it.” –that’s what you said. I was about to shout at you, but you asked my name. I told mine, and then I asked yours. You smiled, and happily said, “I’m Shiina Kazue. I hope we’ll be friends from now on.” I was like that in this world? Wow.
  18. 18. Your parents came rushing in and said sorry to me, because you were a bother… Until now I’m still a bother… Haha That name… ‘Shiina Kazue’ was the world’s piano champion… and I didn’t think it was you… I only confirmed it when I saw your parents. I’m the world piano champion?! Whaaat?! Yes, you are.
  19. 19. But… But what? Your parents died, that same day you became a world champion for the 6 th time… It’s really the opposite to my real world though… … and from that day on? You never touched any instrument… you never smiled…
  20. 20. … I was obliged to take care of you forever… And I’m glad that your smile is back… Well, I smiled because I forgot everything… Haha thanks! Hey, how about playing the piano?
  21. 21. EH?! Maybe you still got your skills. Actually, you can learn any instruments by yourself, that’s your talent… I don’t know how to play anything! Why don’t you try? Huwaaat?! No way! I’m afraid to try…
  22. 22. … because I don’t want Len-kun to think… … that I’m the worst… Come on, Shiina… If you play, I’ll cook for you. Since when did you learn to cook?! I know deep inside me that I can’t really play… … but… … playing a note won’t harm anyone, right? … and I can make Len-kun happy… I think I have to use the other way to convince you…
  23. 23. If you don’t play, I’ll kiss you. WTH?! Haha Fine, I’ll play. Just one note XD … what if I don’t play? Haha idiot…
  24. 24. WTH?! I’m going to play here?! Outside?! In public?! Yes… And you’ll play this… Ravel’s “Jeux deau”.
  25. 25. huhu I’m freakin’ dead this time… You can do it. I trust you… And so, I played… one note… … it became two… I continued playing a whole page…
  26. 26. … but because he trusted me, I disregarded my limit… … and successfully played the whole piece. *applause* *clap clap* You did it, I’m so proud of you… I played it? The whole piece? I didn’t even know what it sounded like! I already told you that you’re a genius. I wish I’m also like this in my world. Haha
  27. 27. … as soon as we entered the auditorium… I was surprised. Shiina, let’s get inside the auditorium. What’s in there? Usui-kun?! He’s playing violin?!
  28. 28. My parents wanted to have the whole clan to be musically-inclined… All my cousins are musicians. … and my fiancee is a music genius. I want to be famous again, so the whole clan can recognize me…! … I will stay here until Reine comes back. [chapter 03 END]