Student Notes - Storyboarding with Moviestorm


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Lesson resources to support the "Storyboarding with Moviestorm" lesson. To try out the lesson download a free trial of Moviestorm via The templates for the lesson and other free documents can be found via

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Student Notes - Storyboarding with Moviestorm

  1. 1. storyboarding with Notes by Priscilla Angeliquelesson resources for you to share and adapt
  2. 2. NOTESPre-visualizationStoryboarding with Moviestorm why bother with pre-viz?? Matt Kelland tells you why... 5.Save money: typically 30% - 50% of shooting costs and 10% - 20% of post-production costs.1.See your movie before you make it and makecreative decisions early. 6.Help your cast and crew all see the same vision for the movie. Everyone can be involved: writer,2.Saves you time 1st AD, editor, actors, production designers, sound, music, DOP, lights, costume, makeup, etc. Minimize standing around on set, 7.Any movie can benefit – even a short low- minimize wasted shots, budget one. It’s not just for big productions. speed up editing and post. The more you know in advance what you’re going to shoot and what the end result should be, the quicker and easier it His Motto: fix it in pre! becomes to get there.3.Spot potential production issues early: easier towork out how to shoot something when you knowexactly what you want.4.Better production budgetingPriscilla Angelique - Storyboarding with Moviestorm [2]
  3. 3. NOTESStoryboardsStoryboarding with Moviestorm what are storyboards? You might be wondering how to describe a storyboard. You might ask “What is a storyboard and how can I create one?” The following extract has been taken from the Wiki Books Movie Making Manual:Storyboards are drawings of the sequence of mainly there to get a first idea of what theshots for a script. It helps to pre-visualize film will look like. It gives indications of thehow the director wants the screenplay to be size of the shot, the camera angle and theshot. As an image says more than a sequence of the shots. It is rarely followedthousand words it is very useful as a basis to exactly but it is a helpful guideline during thecommunicate the directors ideas to the crew shooting of a film. Its very common while aand the producers. Some directors will crew is tearing down all the lighting rigs andstoryboard every scene and camera angle to moving to the next shot, the Director and DPsave time and money when they are on set. will be looking at the storyboard tryingOthers however feel that this can inhibit their decide what is best before everything needscreativity and will have very few graphic to be placed. Since they have those plans,representations done before shooting they are more capable of improvising.commences. The main areas where storyboarding isTo get an idea of how you can storyboard regarded as essential are in the planning ofyour movie, grab a comic book off the shelf elaborate stunts, special effects sequencesat a bookstore. Many large productions will and designing make-up and costumes.have storyboards that are somewherebetween stick-man quality and full comicbook illustrations... Every time youstoryboard you will take that moment to seethe shot through the camera. Its a heck of alot less expensive than having a cast andcrew waiting for you to "discover your vision"right there on the spot.... Storyboarding isPriscilla Angelique - Storyboarding with Moviestorm [3]