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Top 4 digital marketing trends for 2013 -Grape5


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“Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013”, provides a comprehensive analysis of tools and technologies that will define the digital marketing landscape this year. It traces the impact of the digital revolution on consumer behavior and highlights key trends that marketers need to focus on in 2013. It provides insights on optimally utilizing various elements of a digital marketing strategy like mobile marketing, social media, content marketing and author rank, to offer greater reach, better relevancy and higher customer engagement.

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Top 4 digital marketing trends for 2013 -Grape5

  1. 1. Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013
  2. 2. Digital Marketing is evolving at a tremendous pace. There are a plethora of tools, technologies and platforms that promise to deliver many exciting changes to the digital marketing world this year. Here are the some of the core trends that marketers need to focus on in 2013. Trends  Mobile Marketing.  Content Marketing.  Social Media.  Author Rank.
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing By 2015, more users will access the internet through mobile devices than through PC/wireless devices 16% 30% Search queries with local internet with PC’s and mobiles. 13% Global Internet traffic via mobile 42.8% of marketers plan to increase mobile marketing spend in 2013. ---------------- -------- -------- 1
  4. 4. Marketing with Mobile App 18 million Euros Investment in mobile app development over 3 years 64% Of mobile time is spent on Apps The Apple App Store will be available in 32 new countries. ---------------- -------- --------
  5. 5. Mobile Advertising 400% $ 11.4 billion (2013) Growth of global mobile advertising revenue. $24.5 billion(2016) $9.6 billion(2012) Worldwide mobile ad revenue A Ads $7.19 billion US mobile Ad spending by 2013 20% Top grossing IOS apps use Facebook mobile app to install ads. 48% Users install new apps, after tapping ads from Facebook page. ---------- ----- --- --- --- -----
  6. 6. Social Media  87% of marketers use social media to distribute content. Promoted tweets and sponsored stories for better targeting and improved user engagement. 41% B2B 39% B2C Marketers using Google+ to distribute content. 83% Of Marketers use LinkedIn, making it the most popular social media channel for content distribution. 21% Of Pinterest users purchased a product after seeing a picture on the site. 2
  7. 7. Content Marketing How Does Content Marketing Help ….?  Lead generation made easy.  Backlinks can be earned naturally.  Increases website traffic.  91% of B2B marketers are using content marketing.*  86% of B2C marketers are using content marketing.* 26% (2012) 33% (2016) Content Marketing share from marketing budget. 25% Increase in average website traffic.* Case StudiesInfographics 71% B2B ; 38% B2C Marketers using case studies in their marketing strategy.* 61% B2B ; 28% B2C Marketers using white papers as a marketing tool.* White Papers 78% Of marketers are using enewsletters.* eNews Letters Content Marketing---- ---- ---- ---- ---- * Content Marketing Institute Survey, November 2012 3
  8. 8. Author Rank • Claim your Authorship. • Use Google+ consistently ( Participation, Connections, Comments, +1s, Reshares). • Network on other Social Media Channel as well. • Authority of Publishing site. • Find your Niche. • Create great content. Authors are ranked based on the engagement factor of their content. 4
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