India internet usage pattern


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Internet usage growth in India - A presentation by Grape5

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  • Great information. Hope the young generation takes India to greater heights in the field of technology and science.
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India internet usage pattern

  1. 1. Internet Usage Patterns In India
  2. 2. Introduction • Over 2.7 billion people were using the internet in the first quarter of 2013, according to ITU. This represented 39% of the world's population. • Internet user adoption rate by region, in Q1 2013: - Europe: 75% - The Americas: 61% - CIS: 52% - Arab States: 38% - Asia & Pacific: 32% - Africa: 16%
  3. 3. Global Internet Trends and India’s Standing • India has been identified as the fastest growing online market during the same period, with a 41% rise. • This is much higher than China (5%), Brazil(6%) and Russia (20%).
  4. 4. ‘super seven’ categories Categories Year-on-year Growth % July 2012 Reach % Games 60 41 News 54 80.3 Search 43 91.5 Retail 43 59.9 Health 43 21.1 Social Networking 43 95.5 Travel 41 44
  5. 5. Top 10 Cities • Google and Facebook topped the growth charts, at 59.7 and 52.1 million users respectively.
  6. 6. Online Retail Boom • As many as 3 in 5 internet users in India visit retail sites, which have registered a growth of 43% over the last year. • The statistics indicate a close contest between Snapdeal and Flipkart in horizontal retail, and Jabong and Myntra in the lifestyle category
  7. 7. Travel Segment • Indian Railways tops the charts with a 19.2% reach in July 2012, followed by MakeMyTrip at 11.6% and Yatra Online at 8.3% Ecommerce transactions in India • Direct debit or Netbanking is the most popular payment method as per figures from the second quarter of 2012, with a 58% share. Visa and MasterCard follow at 21% and 12% respectively. • IRCTC averages at $17 (INR 935) per transaction, while Flipkart indicates $35 (INR 1925) per transaction.
  8. 8. Mixed Growth Witnessed in Other Categories • Business and finance has grown at 35%, with SBI being the most popular bank. ICICI Bank follows at the second position, and HDFC at the third. • Real estate has grown 38%, career services have grown 30% and the automotive category has shown a growth of 18%
  9. 9. Online Video • This category has shown a growth of over 37.3% and the engagement figure is indicated to be 3.4 billion videos each month. • 52% of all the videos belong to the entertainment category, and the soaring viewership in the video category has resulted in a corresponding boom in video advertising. Growth in mobile engagement • The number of pages viewed on mobile devices has grown from 3% in July 2011 to 7% in July 2012. • As for the operating systems used in tablets, iOS controls 80% of that market share.
  10. 10. Future Trends • The statistics presented by comScore suggest that smartphones and tablets are going to drive usage further through WiFi access. • A huge growth is expected in the games, health, news and retail categories, with Kedar pointing out that social media is a central touch point for all categories. • Going by predictions based on past trends, entertainment will dominate the content growthacross both mobile devices and PC’s, and categories like travel, news and career services are expected to continue showing decent growth. • There’s a projected increase in cash-on-delivery payments, particularly in the retail category. With India’s internet population expected to get even younger in the coming years, there’s likely to be a boost in online advertising targeting the youth.
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