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Some tips on business blogging, how it can help at enterprise level businesses as well as small business.

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Business blogging - Grape5

  1. 1. BUSINESS BLOGGING The elements of a successful business blog are - Great content and an optimized platform
  2. 2. A website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts. What is Blog ?
  3. 3. To attract your audience, To inform and Interact with them To learn from your audience and retain them To energize your audience and motivate their action To respond stories and customers Why To Blog ?
  4. 4. To grow links for traffic To improve search rankings, To build familiarity and trust To communicate and establish brand To grow a sense of community To provide better service To initiate more sales Blogging Benefits
  5. 5. Text, Images Videos Audio files PPTs Links to other blogs and web pages What a Blog Can Have
  6. 6. Find subject to blog Stay organized Use to-do list to collect blog post Select keywords Write compelling blog titles, Write many good blog posts Using effective blogging platform Publish frequently Distribute blog content Create buzz by participating in Tips for Business Blogging
  7. 7. Search and social media traffic will travel through business blog medium so be sure to promote throughout and integrate with these mediums Be First
  8. 8. Turn your readers into customers by providing a path to engagement to and tell your audience what they want to do next. PROVIDE A PATH
  9. 9. In this busy schedule you must make your content both simple to digest and provide a number of ways to digest it through images, audio and video as audience may not take the time to read your content. FEED THE SENSE
  10. 10. Trade whitepapers, downloads, events, information, email newsletters, and even prizes for information that you can utilize to connect later with the lead. TRADE FOR DATA
  11. 11. Each and every inbound lead and every conversion through campaigns, referrals, keywords and registration forms must be measured– you may be surprised by where your leads are coming from MEASURE
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