Anıl Sural - Italian Brands in the Turkish Market


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Anıl Sural - Italian Brands in the Turkish Market

  1. 1. Italian Brands in theTurkish Market Anıl Sural University of Triste Faculty of Econmy Marketing
  2. 2. Overview Italy and Turkey Relationship
  3. 3. In the last years’ average, Italy ranks third in the exports of Turkeyand second in its imports. Though they do not reflect the real potential, therelations between Turkey and Italy in tourism are also in an important level.The cultural relations are in an increasing trend thanks to the signing ofagreements and programs, the twin town projects, the reciprocalparticipation to various events through the extent of individual contacts,common organizations, exchange of students and scholarships.The Italian PrimeMinister Silvio Berlusconi* and his Government attach greatimportance to the development of Turkish-Italian relations in every field andin this framework support the membership to the EU of the democratic andsecular Turkey with a majority of Muslim population.The Turkish and Italian relations are steady increase in recent years.According to the statements spoken by the Italian Chamber of Commerce,For Italy: Turkey is more important than China, Russia or Brazil. Turkey ismuch more important investment and trade partner. Major reasons for this,as in neighboring Turkey and Italy have close access to markets, to create acenter point for the important.
  4. 4. There are more than 800 Italiancompanies operating in Turkey
  5. 5. Turkey is major trade area for Italy. Bilateral trade volume reached $ 18.8billion in 2008. However, this figure declined to $ 13.5 billion in 2009, the globaleconomic crisis. Italys 4th biggest exporter in 2009 was the country. There isthe potential for further improvement of our relations.There are more than 800 Italian companies operating in Turkey. Directinvestment in equity shares of these companies is close to $ 4.6 billion. Italianfirms in the service sector in our country (contracting, banking, insurance,telecommunications), manufacturing industry (automotive, electronics,machinery, pharmaceuticals, cement, ready-made clothing) and to a lesserextent agriculture, mining and energy fields, the owner of the investment.The amount of foreign direct investments from Italy to Turkey in 2008 is $ 249million.$ 291 million in 2009, this figure in 2010 was 54 million dollars.Textile-garment, leather, machinery manufacturing, food processing,chemicals, areas open to cooperation with Italian companies directly. In thissector, as well as the packaging, mining, furniture, automotive parts,electronics, security systems, jewelry, communications, engineering, logistics,metal processing, shipbuilding, energy - transport - environmental projects,defense, health care, financial services and tourism sectors also develop.
  6. 6. The Italian government is encouraging free enterprise and free trade.For those who prefer to invest in activities and the minimum nominalamount of capital invested in the company is determined by type.Banks and insurance companies and stocks, investment tools andinstitutions are required to meet the requirements and criteria set by EUdirectives. Foreign investors benefit from the existing incentivemechanisms. But for that anonymous (spa) or (srl) need to beorganized limited liability company status.Turkeys 3 rd commercial partner for companies in Italy, Turkey,developed in co-operation in a market constitutes a priority. Italy in thefield of foreign capital accounts for 50% of the capital brought byforeign companies operating in Turkey.Italian investors in almost all provinces of Turkey offers significantpotential. Italian investors can invest in our country on the basis ofregional and provincial sense, and cooperation in many areas ispossible.
  7. 7. Turkey is appropriate fields for Italian investors
  8. 8. Italian entrepreneurs to invest in Turkey and the common areas at thebeginning of the requested food items, shoes and accessories, chemicaland pharmaceutical products and garments are knitted. On the otherhand many almost time for the Italian company also expects Turkey tosupply the goods. Italian companies in the decorative candle olive oil,tuna fish until the cork coming to mind first are among the demands ofmany different areas.Italian investors in recent years has greatly increased interest in ourcountry. Indeed, in 1988, a total of 17, while the number of the Italiancompany operating in our country, this figure is increased to 355 at theend of February 2005, 106 of these firms are the firms established afterJune 2003. Although there are big industries operating in the Italianinvestors in general, the intensity in the manufacturing industry.
  9. 9. Investments in Turkey and has representativeoffices in Italys leading industrial companies.These are Telecom Italia Mobile, FIAT, IVECO,CHICCI, Merloni are other in the first place.Italy in the furniture industry as well as productionunits in terms of both quality and design is the firstin the world. However, due to increases inproduction and labor costs and labor costs aremore suitable for production facilities is essential toshift to nearby countries.
  10. 10. Commercial and Economic Relations with Turkey and Italy (In millions of U.S. Dollars)
  11. 11. YEARS EXPORT IMPORT BALANCE VOLUME2005 5.616 7.566 - 1.950 13.1822006 6.752 8.663 - 1.911 15.4152007 7.480 9.967 - 2.487 17.4472008 7.816 11.000 - 3.184 18.8162009 5.893 7.666 - 1.773 13.5592010 6.508 10.202 -3.694 16.718
  12. 12. Turkey and Italy Bilateral Agreements
  13. 13. - International Convention on Carriage by Road (30June1971)- Economically, Industrial and Technological Cooperation Agreement(16 December 1976)- Ports and harbors of Trieste between Derince and protocols for theestablishment of the Ro-Ro Line (15 January 1986)- Agricultural Co-operation Protocol (24 December 1987)- Economically, Industrial and Technical Co-operation JointCommission VI. Memorandum of Understanding for the period (15December 1989)- Agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation (27 July1990) ·- Double Taxation Agreements (1 December 1993)- Agreement on Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments (22 March 1995)
  14. 14. Italian investors objective: Our China market is Turkey.
  15. 15. Italian companies, lower production costs and proximity tothe market because instead of China and India, Italianinvestors choose Turkey. Automotive, furniture, fixtures andother sectors, 50 Italian company is investigating ways ofdoing business in Turkey.As the geographical regions of Turkey and Italy, and the ​production potential of the regions made on the basis ofcooperation can go to matches. Given special attentionwithin the framework of cooperation between the fields ofItaly, energy, tourism, IT technologies, automotive,innovation, effective dialogue and co-operation betweenSMEs in the fields, by making use of EU funds to producejoint projects between universities to take part in the projectsinclude mutual.
  16. 16. Installed in the defense industry sector cooperation opportunitiesbetween Turkey and Italy in particular, there are defense projects withthe participation of the two countries. However, both countries withinNATO and the EU has a joint defense R & D projects.In this context, Turkish and Italian defense industry sectorrepresentatives and member firms in meetings on a common platform,the new cooperation opportunities will be created.The first thing to be said in terms of investments, the Italianentrepreneurs in Turkey for two reasons that I represent an attractiveinvestment environment. SMEs have a strong role in both the countrysindustrial structure, closer to the dynamism of small-scale Italianinvestors in Turkey is undoubtedly the most powerful . At the sametime, large industrial enterprises, engaged in an important country interms of Turkeys geostrategic was interested in all sectors. Turkey,especially in the field of energy, as energy corridor, natural gas and oil-producing basins of the European markets and has an infinite potential.Seeing this, one of the leading Italian companies, investments havealready begun.
  17. 17. Investment in Turkey
  18. 18. Investments in Turkey, Italys leading industrial Companiesand representative offices of some important. TheseCompanies, Telecom Italia Mobile, FIAT, IVECO, CHICCO,MERLONI, De Longhi, Magnetti Marelli, Pirelli Spa, Bancadi Roma, Ermenigeldo Zegna, Assicurazioni Generali,Astaldi Spa, Trevi Spa, Set Italcementi Group (Set Cement),Caltagirone Group (Çimentaş), Banca di Roma, IstitutoBancario San Paolo di Torino Spa, Barilla Alimentare (FilizGida San.), Menarini International (Ibrahim Adham Ulagay),Omron Electronics, Sabco Srl (Nejat Sabuncu MachineTic.San), Inelli Plastic and Unicredito (Koçbank).
  19. 19. Example for Italian Corporation in Turkey
  20. 20. The banking sector, UniCredit and Koç Group, which is theproduct of the joint venture include building credit. Inaddition, the Monte dei Pasche di Siena, Intesa San Paoloand the BNL / organizations such as the BNP hasrepresentative offices. In March of 2010, Banca IntesaSanpaolo group members lnfrastrutture Innovazione eSviluppo (BIIS), within the framework of the countrysinfrastructure system is of fundamental importance inGebze and Bursa-Izmir highway project was selected as aconsultant. In July 2009 the consortium undertaking thetender of the said highway, is the Italian firm Astaldi.
  21. 21. Example for Italian Corporation in Turkey
  22. 22. Italy, has an important place in the energysector, Saipem and ENI, which isresponsible for the construction of the BlueStream natural gas pipeline today with theSamsun-Ceyhan pipeline has been buildingthe About Group. EDISON, agreement inJuly 2007 in Italy, Greece and Turkey,signed by the Italy-Turkey-Greece interconnector (ITGI) is a party to the project.
  23. 23. Example for Italian Corporation in Turkey
  24. 24. Other large industrial groups, for three years in 2010 selected as the exclusive tire supplier for Formula 1 racing Pirelli manufacturing facilities in Izmit, has positioned itself very advanced technologically. Candy important figure in the white goods sector, November in 2009, has opened a new production facility in Eskişehir. Indesit Company in October 2008, Manisa production facilities located in an area close to the final products and spare parts logistics for the distribution of a pole entered into service. For many years, together with the Koc Group, which was life TOFAŞ- FIAT, the country still maintains a leadership position.
  25. 25. Example for Italian Corporation in Turkey
  26. 26. By the infrastructure sector, which is active in the companies, Ansaldobreda, Astaldi, Ansaldo STS, Lucchini, and is the Selex System Integrati. Istanbul - Ankara highway, and the metro line on the European side of Istanbul who have completed the Astaldi, Metro Metro Crossing the Golden Horn Bridge Construction Project has undertaken the contract. Last Astaldi in July in 2009, Gebze and Bursa-Izmir highway tender to build the airport terminal building and Bodrum won the tender.
  27. 27. Example for Italian Corporation in Turkey
  28. 28. Finmeccanica Group, which opened in November 2010da Representation in Ankara, the defense industry has made great achievements, Agusta Westland, the Armed Forces to be allocated to the provision of 51 T-129 helicopter was chosen as a subcontractor of Tain, Alenia Aeronautica, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom consortium consisting of four responsible for marketing the Eurofighter combat aircraft produced in Turkey. Fincantieri of other operating companies, the first Turkish observation satellite Gokturk-1in the supply undertaking Telespazio, which holds a majority stake in Turkish firm called Stoeger resident of Istanbul and Turkey to transfer some production lines to include that Beretta.
  29. 29. In addition, household goods sector (BIALETTI), the production of air conditioning and refrigeration plants (Costa, Ferroli), metallurgy, electronics (Eldor, Omron), chemical, textile, clothing (Benetton, Chicco, Zegna), food (Ferrero, Barilla Group, Perfetti ), tourism (Valtur, Costa Crociere), construction (Antalya Fipa), medicine (Menarini, Recordati), cement (Cementir, Barbetti) are available in the field of Italian firms.Strong similarities between Turkey and the Italian economy, the textures, in recent years, many Italian SMEs particularly in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara in Turkey to invest in was initiated. However, the reality of the Turkish economy is not limited only aware of the three largest city, in fact in Italy, their presence in areas that offer opportunities in terms of investments is determined to carry; target large industrial centers, known as the Anatolian Tigers, and are generally all of South East Anatolia.
  30. 30. Finally
  31. 31. If we leave aside the impact of the international crisis, the economic and commercial relations between Turkey and Italy are estimated to be demonstrating the development, on the basis of this confidence, they now only Italian companies in textile, apparel, jewelry, and a restriction on the traditional sectors such as mechanical, but a very bright future shows the top level of Italian companies operating in the defense industry, energy, infrastructure, transportation or enter into strategic areas such as lies. Recently, architectural restoration, environmental protection and cooperation opportunities in new sectors such as public interest areas that are under investigation. All of these industries and numerous other Italian companies in the sector, particularly in the Caucasus, Central Asia and in Iraq, the Turkish entrepreneurs and aims to act together.
  32. 32. The main feature distinguishing the approaches of Italian firms to Turkey, the Turkish friends, technology, experience and professionalism share determination to complete this approach, both in Turkey and many other countries have played an important role in winning the tender. This openness, the Italian technology for the benefit of the Turkish industry has been a powerful way to transfer recorded on the samples is not limited to the defense industry. Openness in question, especially in transport infrastructure and also includes many other sectors. Turkish and Italian companies formed industry partnerships, the search for business opportunities in third countries on both sides makes it more powerful: the future of this cooperation, to show the operating abroad, the parties passes through the use of the advantages in certain areas.
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  34. 34. Thank you!Best Regards, Anıl Sural