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Anıl Sural - How Do the US Companies Affect US Economy?


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Published in: Business
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Anıl Sural - How Do the US Companies Affect US Economy?

  1. 1. Anıl Sural LecturerBurcu Çulhaoğlu
  2. 2. American companies powerful all over the world. If you look theForbes Magazine you can see many US company. The Global2000 index have various sectors. It starts with Banking Sector.Especially in US finance has many way you can say Banking,Insurance, Stock Exchange etc. And then Oil & Gas Operations,Retailing, Telecommunications Services, Household & PersonalProducts the most popular area for profit.So, what is it about one company that makes it a good company,and does that description equate to a good stock to invest in? Theanswer depends on whether you ask an accountant, an economist, amarketer or a human resources expert, but by pulling all of thosedisciplines together, you generally can define a good company bythese three characteristics:1) Competitive advantage2) Above-average management3) Market leadership
  3. 3. US company creative own value and culture. Firstly their managementarea very successful. It isn’t only in US they are all over the world andleader for every country. Technology and Labor force are two mainfactors i am going to search in my thesis about labor force.They use two kind of labour force. First one is domistic who works inUS border. These one their citizens and immigrant. They have stronglabor rights and laws. These are inconvenience for company so theydon’t like manafacturer area. Becasue it is less profit.Second one is oursourcing and offshore. This is easy for global corp.Yes every country has a differnet rule etc. This only difficulties.But otherwise cheap labor force and easy tranportation from factory theOthers continental. Especially China, India, Bangladesh etc don’t havestrong labor law and easy for exporter. And very cheap labor force somore profit for Americans.