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Oasis Identity In The Cloud Technical Committee


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Presentation is a simple intro to the Oasis Identity In the Cloud Technical Committee.

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Oasis Identity In The Cloud Technical Committee

  1. 1. www.oasis-open.orgOasis Identity In The Cloud TCTowards standardizing Cloud IdentityAnil Saldhana (Red Hat), Co-Chair
  2. 2. MembersRed Hat, IBM, Microsoft, CA Technologies, CiscoSystems, SAP, EBay, Novell, Ping Identity, Safe Net,Symantec, Boeing Corp, US DOD, Verisign, Akamai,Alfresco, Citrix, Cap Gemini, Google, Rackspace,Axciom, Huawei, Symplified, Thales, Conformity,Skyworth TTG, MIT, Jericho Systems, PrimeKey,Aveksa, Mellanox, Vanguard Integrity Professionals,NZ Govt ...
  3. 3. Charters Three Stages q Use Cases Formalization s q Gap Analysis of existing IDM standards s Feed analysis back to the WG responsible for a standard q Profiles of Use Cases
  4. 4. Charters Other Objectives q Do not reinvent the wheel q Strong liaison relationships with other working groups internationally q Glossary of Cloud Identity
  5. 5. Use Cases
  6. 6. Clouds need Accountss Privileged Account Management q Use Case by SafeNet Inc (Doron Cohen) q Strong authentication, authorization and auditing needss Account Management q Use Case by Ping Identity (Patrick Harding) q Consistent maintenance of user accounts q Automated CRUD of user accounts
  7. 7. Cloud Identitiess Virtualization Security q Use Case by Red Hat Inc (Anil Saldhana) q Identities managing VM, Infrastructure, Applicationss Cloud Provisioning for Gov Agencies q Use Case by Gov.NZ (Colin Walis) q Employees/Contractors provision environments for agencies
  8. 8. Other Topicss Auditings Provisionings Identity Proofings Identity Configuration q Metadatas Transactions and Signatures
  9. 9. Resourcess Oasis TC Page Oasis TC Wiki Wiki Page with links to member submissions Q&A
  10. 10. www.oasis-open.orgQuestionsAnil.Saldhana@redhat.com