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Shared services evangelists 2.0


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Shared services evangelists 2.0

  1. 1. To design, implement and operate best in class BusinessShared Services for Tier 2 organizations.
  2. 2. Traditional Model of Support ServicesFinance HRITFacilitiesEmployeeBusinessLack of Complete End to EndOwnership for Business NeedsDuplicationof WorkNo scope for ContinuousImprovementHierarchicaland SlowNot timeboundMultiple touch points foremployees and Business
  3. 3. Proposed Business Model- What isShared ServicesBusinessSharedServiceSingleWindowforEmployees/Business ITILServiceDeliveryModelCostReductionof 20 –30%Six Sigma/ContinuousImprovementPooledExperienceFlatBestPracticesLeanBusinessSharedServices –ContactCenterHR SharedServicesFinancialSharedServicesIS SharedServicesAdminSharedServicesBusiness Efficiency Employee DelightWhy Business Shared ServicesEmployeeBusiness
  4. 4. Case Study - OnboardingCandidateRecruiterOffer TeamOnboardingBG TeamOperationsHard Copy – No Data Validation at SourceMultiple redundant Transactions for every resourceLack of ownershipHierarchical and SlowInaccurateMultiple touch points for employees and BusinessRecruitRecruitPre- Business SharedServices Model
  5. 5. CandidateRecruiterOffer TeamOnboardingBG TeamOperationsData Validation at SourceCentral Console for OnboardingAnytime – On demand OnboardingLean and AgileEnabling BusinessEfficiency Gains of more than 50% betweenall teamsTotal Annual Cost Savings – INR 5,000,000Post- Business SharedServices ModelCentral Operations Center
  6. 6. Highlights of services offeredHelporganizationsfocus on theircore functionsOn DemandSharedServicesITSM/SixSigma BasedOperationsCost EffectiveOperationsBusiness andEmployeeDelightEfficient,Effective andAgileTechnologyenabledoperations forgreater Speedwith no orlimitedinvestment
  7. 7. Implement business shared servicesImplement ITSM SuiteCompliance ToolKnowledge Management system withready to use templatesAdapt to resources available in terms oftechnology and people. Enable businessthrough cost effective methods.Single Suite of tools to enable BusinessShared ServicesSpecific process driven approach whichdoes not encompass all support services.Services encompass all support servicescompared to a Continual improvementthrough ITIL and Six Sigma Principlescompared to traditional approach oftransaction handling at a very high costNo single tool that offers acomphrehensive management of allservicesCompetitorsOfferWe OfferOur Products & Services Vs Competitors
  8. 8. The futureTodayTraditional model ofSupport Services is slowlyfading away, independentunits of workforce arecoming together tofunction as a single unit(Ex- Serco as BSS)TomorrowHeading towards amultifunctional andmultidimensionalworkforce that deliversseamlesslyFutureThe next level ofoperations involvesbusiness intelligence,innovation &convergence of alltechnology and services