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Measurement Roadmap

  1. Measurement Roadmap
  2. Ani Lopez Measurement Strategist twitter @anilopez
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  4. Plan Structure 1. Understanding • The Business • The Company • Customer Lifecycle 2. Measurement Framework Definition • Identify Data Consumption needs • Goals Setting • KPIs & Metrics definition 3. Data Acquisition • Technical Solution Design • Tool Implementation / Fine Tuning
  5. Plan Structure 4. Data Governance 5. Reporting • Data Cleanse and pre-Processing • Tools Assessment & implementation • Dashboards Design 6. Analysis & Insights • Research • Visual Analysis • Hypothesis Validation • Communicating Insights 7. Measurement Culture Advocacy
  6. Roadmap Flow Chart Measurement Framework Definition Understanding Business & Customer Lifecycle Ongoing Analysis, Insights & Reporting Analysis advocacy across company Improve, adapt Framework according to new needs Project Management Technical Setup
  7. Understanding the Business Path to conversion overview (example) Goals of this phase • Understand Ultimate goal of the company / project(s) • Understand How goals are achieved / revenue is generated • Understand Costs involved
  8. Understanding the Company • Identify stakeholders • Different areas / departments involved in path to conversion • 3rd parties involved (external agencies/companies) • What they are in charge for Goals of this phase • Getting the picture of “who does what” • Understanding relationship between stakeholders • Early spotting opportunities to gather relevant data
  9. Understanding Customer Lifecycle Attract Engage Convert Retain Advocate
  10. Understanding Customer Lifecycle Online/Offline Acquisition Efforts • Who manage campaigns • How they are articulated, planned, frequency, investment… • Are campaigns tracked correctly? • Tracking Strategy & Tools Engagement Efforts • Who, What, How? • How we measure that?
  11. Understanding Customer Lifecycle Conversion & Retention Efforts • Campaigns performance • Performance broken down by … • Conversion Optimization efforts • Understanding what we do to increase conversion • CRO on websites, Email, display, PPC, Social Media? Retain Efforts • Strategy & tactics around reactivation • Measurement specifics Increasing Advocacy • What we do to increase Advocacy • How we measure that?
  12. Goals of this phase • Understand how we try to increase conversions, quality of the conversions and reduce acquisition costs • Spot opportunities to gather relevant data • Troubleshoot measurement issues Understanding Customer Lifecycle
  13. Measurement Framework Design, plan, and prioritize tasks around measurement Identify data consumption needs • Analytics Maturity Evaluation • Identify audience: departments / roles in need of data • Define what data they need & how it is going to be used • Question purpose of those needs • Determine data updating frequency for every stakeholder
  14. Goals Setting • Find and discuss the process used to establish goals • How frequent goals are updated (per KPI) monthly, yearly? • Any seasonal trend to observe? • Set up goals KPIs & Metrics definition • Make sure they are business aligned and effective • Identify performance measures (KPIs & Metrics) for every audience / channel / stakeholder Measurement Framework
  15. Measurement Framework Goals of this phase • Define and set up the analysis plan • Be ready to adapt the plan to new requirements across time
  16. Data Acquisition Technical Solution Design • Measurement Tools Assessment • Data Merging and Warehousing planning • Data Accessibility Study Tools Implementation / Adjustment • Technical Solution Design • Implementation • Testing • Deployment Goals of this phase • Implement correctly the most adequate data collecting tool(s) • Make sure they are flexible enough for future needs
  17. Data Governance • Identify actual and missed data sources • Evaluate and ensure Integrity and Consistency • Find owners, administrators • Identify ETL (Extract Transform Load) needs • Data accessibility, identify pitfalls • Set up data access protocols Goal of this phase • Take control over the processes and methods used by data stewards and custodians Data Governance
  18. Data Cleanse and Processing • Processing • How many sources we have? • Is preprocessing (calculations) required for some data? • At what point preprocessing should be done? • Where and how we store processed data? • Tools Assessment & implementation • Identify and assess the tools that could be used throughout the data extraction, merging, manipulation and reporting • Implement the required tools Reporting
  19. Dashboards Design • Identify the types of visual reports required by level. area, or stakeholder • Create the dashboards or reports • Reporting / Dashboarding tools assessment and implementation • Set up a distribution system to make them arrive on time to data consumers with the frequency required • On demand creation of data visualizations for other types like annual reports, infographics and such Goal of this phase • Relaying information on how we progress towards goals in a widely presentable form Reporting
  20. Analysis & Insights Ongoing analysis of data in order to identify opportunities and shape strategies to improve Customer Lifecycle • Research • Visual Analysis • Hypothesis Validation • Communicating Insights Goals of this phase • Provide as much insightful information possible to help stakeholders make better decisions, drive changes, achieve goals based on data, not hunches or expectations • Improve net profit
  21. Measurement Culture Advocacy Any activity aiming to increase the culture of analysis in the company like: • Making updated information available for everyone regularly • Create a glossary of terms to keep them consistent company wide • Internal Workshops • Create cases of study • Include educational pieces in every report or presentation Goals • Increase the awareness of the importance of Analysis • Get all departments engaged in collecting relevant data • Help everyone make data-driven decisions
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