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SEO Case Study - Outranked E-Commerce & Competitors Websites on all cycles category keywords


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Campaign Result:
• - 45.68% overall growth on the website.
• - 225.52% growth.
• - 238.71% growth
• Number of New Users on the website increased by approx. 215.45% in April’15 compared to Oct’14.

Google Analytics reported a very good growth in the Organic Traffic of the website along with the increase in Keyword rankings during the campaign, for highly competitive keywords like “Bicycle”, “Cycles” we have started to rank on 1st page of Google, which at the beginning were on 7th & 8th page of Google respectively.
Out of our 50 shortlisted keywords, all of them started to rank on the 1st Page of Google within the Campaign Period.
Traffic wise as mentioned above there were very good results and the 6 months stagnant traffic started showing good increase.

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SEO Case Study - Outranked E-Commerce & Competitors Websites on all cycles category keywords

  1. 1. Outranked E-Commerce & Competitors Websites on all cycles category keywords
  2. 2. • BSAHercules is one of the oldest & a very well known brand over the years in the Bicycle Market, but on Google the story was different. • E Commerce websites like Snapdeal, Gaadi & competitors like Hero Cycles, Atlas were outranking them for most of the Generic Keywords. • Zero Visibility of the brands like MTB Turbodrive, Roadeo etc. for most of the keywords on Google BACKGROUND
  3. 3. • Increase Keyword Ranking majorly for Generic Keywords like “Bicycle”, “Cycles”, “Cycles in India”. • Increasing the Organic Traffic share on the website by at least 20% which was stagnant from past few months. • Increasing the visibility of Brands (MTB Turbodrive, Hercules Roadeo, BSA Ladybird etc.) on Google Search. TASK AT HAND
  4. 4. CHALLENGES • Educating Brand Managers on how website content should be written keeping in mind the SEO guidelines. • Understanding the CMS on which the website was built.
  5. 5. What we did? • Selection of most searched & relevant Keywords • Defining the Target Audience & their search behaviour • Website Design to make it Search Engine friendly. • Content Generation for most searched keywords. • Link building activity for top keywords & landing page.
  6. 6. SEO Process Website Analysis Keyword Research Competition Analysis Landing Page Optimization Link-building Activity Performance Analysis Website Audit & Analysis using SEO Tools to find out basic SEO technical flaws. Keyword Research to find out the scope of keyword universe we can target. A set of 50 keywords was selected. Competition Analysis to get the idea on where we stand on keyword rankings compared to our Competitors. On Page Content & Landing Page Meta Tags suggested for the website, along with our targeted keywords. Simultaneously link building activities were done, where we earned links for our targeted keywords & landing pages Google Analytics reported growth of approx. 33% & almost 95% of our targeted keywords started to rank on Page 1 of Google.
  7. 7. Technology & Tools Raven SEO Tool • Helps in Website Audit • Helps in identifying the inbound links to the website • Helps in Content Optimization SEO MOZ • Helps in analysing in detail the competitor websites • Helps in detailed On Page analysis of own website Google Analytics • Helps in keeping track of important landing pages on Daily Basis. • Helps in identifying important keywords that drive traffic to the website. Google Webmaster Tools • Helps in monitoring the link profile of the website • Provides detailed keywords data and helps in analysing website performance for those keywords, with impressions & clicks.
  8. 8. Keyword Rankings SEO Impact For Keyword “Bicycle” Website’s Main Landing Page - m/hercules is Ranking on the 1st Page of the Google.
  9. 9. Similarly for Keywords “Cycles” & “Cycles in India” Website Now Ranks on the 1st Page of Google
  10. 10. Traffic Growth on Major Landing Pages • - 45.68% Growth overall on the website. • - Approx. 225.52% Growth in the campaign period. • - Approx. 238.71% Growth in the campaign period. • - Approx. 195.59% Growth in the campaign period. • - Approx. 122.73% Growth in the campaign period. • - Approx. 130.09% Growth in the campaign period. • - Approx. 274.38% Growth in the campaign period. Source – Google Analytics
  11. 11. Results 45.68% 50 Keywords 215.45% Increase in organic traffic Growth during the campaign period Ranking on the First Page of Google out of selected 50 Keywords Increase in the Number of New Users on the website 26% Source – Google Analytics Increased quality traffic on the website, Bounce Rate
  12. 12. Contribution of Organic Traffic to Total Traffic in Past Six Months 78.97% Source – Google Analytics Results