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Diwali SEO campaign case study for online shopping websites


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How to Get Best SEO Traffic for you Diwali Campaign?
Case study for e-commerce SEO

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Diwali SEO campaign case study for online shopping websites

  1. 1. As soon as the holiday (Diwali) season comes up, heavy discounts and offers starts doing round over Internet, TV, mall and offline stores. To standout in the flood of digital marketing campaigns, here we bring some essential points to keep in mind HOW TO PLAN A BRILLIANT DIWALI/HOLIDAY SEO CAMPAIGN
  2. 2. To come out with desired results, it is important to plan your campaign well in advance. It’s better to start off at least 90 days prior to D-Day (Diwali). CAMPAIGN PLANNING 90 Days Campaign Planning Campaign Kick-off Analysis & Recommen dation Changes Implementa tion Measuring Results/RO I
  3. 3. To start off with planning and designing a cost effective online campaign, SEO is the way to begin with. Search Engine Optimization is the only way, which would not require any major investments or capital like Paid marketing to start promoting business offers in search results. CAMPAIGN SELECTION & DESIGINING
  4. 4. SEO demands time and simultaneous efforts in all corners like technical issues, content, user experience, design etc. So, if you are thinking to push out your brand and its offers organically, then get ready to work on all corners parallelly. STARTING OFF WITH SEO
  5. 5.  Increasing the visibility of client’s offer page in organic search results for queries related to festive season gifts, Diwali gifts & other generic queries pertaining to festive offers on FMCG category goods.  Driving organic traffic to client website offer page specifically looking for Diwali offers and gifts from FMCG category. WHAT WAS OUR TARGET (GOAL)?
  6. 6. Identify & Target Specific Interest Audience – It’s important to first identify the audience and its and its search behaviour and then target them. them.  Do thorough research of previous year festive/holiday season search trends and queries. queries.  Modify content, meta data & platform design accordingly. WHAT & HOW WE DID IT? Contd. Next
  7. 7. FESTIVE SEASON & SEARCH TRENDS Festive season & search trends share a strong bond. Consumers search behaviour tend to shift from usual product searches to deals/offers related to product they desire to buy. Similarly, the trend of gift product searches also starts pushing in. A large hike in search trend is seen for certain brand as well as occasion based queries in festive month.
  8. 8. 12 MONTHS SEARCH TRENDS SEASONALITY 12 months search trend seasonality showing dynamic hike in search volume around festive months.
  9. 9. Tweaking Offers Landing Page – The best way to win in the game of festive of festive season campaign is to stick stick with our evergreen offer page and and tweak the landing page to sync up sync up festive season queries & business goals. WHAT & HOW WE DID IT? Contd. Next  Tweaks in designing and content update as per the upcoming festival/holiday season.  Leverage rankings as well as relevant traffic with the help of long built “offers” page authority over time. Don’t Forget the User Experience –  Page Speed  Page Layout
  10. 10. Leveraging Traffic – Apart from holiday/festival offer landing page, it’s important to look for smart ways and spots to leverage the traffic, we’re already receiving through SEO.  Identify the landing page which acquires maximum organic traffic.  For our client, it was the homepage, the best place to advertise the festival offer page to the established audience base with attractive banners, buttons and navigational links. WHAT & HOW WE DID IT?
  11. 11.  Post majority of implementations in the month of August, Spencer’s website organic traffic saw a whopping growth of 102.73%in the month of October.  The promo offers landing page consisting Diwali offers was the second highest organic traffic contributor to the website. RESULTS Organic Traffic Growth in Oct’16 102.73%
  12. 12.  Keyword/search terms strategies is the key player for a successful festive SEO campaign. Thorough analysis of previous year’s best and most relevant festive search terms targeted, GA (Google Analytics) page conversion, traffic and keywords data served as an insightful starting point for organic strategy.  Sticking to the evergreen offers landing page for festival/holiday season helped in achieving rankings swiftly within expected timeframe due to page authority and legacy factor.  Seasonal content update on offers as well as on other potential areas brought the festive appeal for the audience. Also, the refreshed content served as new food for search bots and helped in uplifting the business visibility in organic search results. KEY TAKEAWAYS
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