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Psycho serial killers


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welcome to the world of psycho serial killers if you want to know something about them.

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Psycho serial killers

  1. 2. Albert Fish- USA known as; Hamilton Fish, werewolf of wisteria Hannibal Lector, Grace Budd, Albert Fish and more   <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-above 100
  2. 3. Ted Bundy –Florida USA Known as; Robert Bundy, Rapist, Serial Killer, Ted Buddy, and Ned Bundy <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-36
  3. 4. Charles NG –California USA <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-25
  4. 5. Boston Strangler - Boston USA <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-13
  5. 6. Coral Eugene Watts –Texas USA Victims-80
  6. 7. Aileen Wuornos – Florida, USA Known As; Aileen Wuornos, Hitchhiker Serial Killer, Prostitute <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-07
  7. 8. Gary Ridgway(Green River Killer)- Washington USA known as; Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, Gary Ridgeway, Green River, River Killer , <ul><li>watch - </li></ul>Victims-90
  8. 9. BTK killer- Dennis Lynn Rader - Kansas USA also known as; Serial Killer, Dennis Rader, Rapist, Sicko <ul><li>watch - </li></ul>Victims-10
  9. 10. Cary Stayner – California, USA known as :Yosemite killer, Serial Killer, Cary Stayner, Male Serial Killers, Murderer. Victims-04
  10. 11. Charles Manson –Ohio USA <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-10
  11. 12. Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate - . Nebraska and Wyoming US Known As; Serial Killer, Charles Starkweather, Caril Fugate, Female Serial Killer, Male Serial Killer, Bonnie and Clyde, Natural Born Killers <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-11
  12. 13. Cho Seung-Hui -Seoul, South Korean <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-32
  13. 14. Clifford Olson -Canada Victims-11
  14. 15. David Berkowitz –New York USA Known As; David Berkowitz famous serial killers, The Son of Sam, Berkowitz Son of Sam, Serial killer David Berkowitz <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-13
  15. 16. Ed Gein -Wisconsin USA Known as The Butcher Of Plainfield <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-05
  16. 17. Fred West and Rose West – England UK Known As; Serial Killers, Fred West and Rose West, Female Serial Killer, Male Serial Killer. <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-12
  17. 18. Henry Lee Lucas- Virginia USA <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-11
  18. 19. (Hillside Stranglers) Angelo Buono Kenneth Bianchi- California USA <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-11
  19. 20. Jeff Dahmer -Ohio, USA Known as; Jeff Dahmer, Jeffery Dahmer, Geoffery Dahmer, <ul><li>   Watch - </li></ul>Victims-17
  20. 21. John Wayne Gacey- Illinois USA <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-not known
  21. 22. Karla Homolka- Ontario Canada Known As; Serial Killer, Karla Homolka, Female Serial Killers, Paul Bernardo's Wife. <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-not known
  22. 23. Richard Ramirez(Night Stalker)- California USA <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-14
  23. 24. The Unabomber- Chicago USA also known as; Unabomber, Theodore Kacynski, Serial Killer, Mass Murderer, Terrorist <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-25
  24. 25. Tommy Lynn Sells- California USA <ul><li>Watch - </li></ul>Victims-12
  25. 26. Thank You <ul><li>- Anil Kumar </li></ul><ul><li>ISMC, Noida, India </li></ul><ul><li>Email: </li></ul>