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Tensions in open innovation systems, honey bee network perspective akg 2014


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why is open innovation philosophy becoming so important for public and private organizations? what are the lessons from honey bee network which was perhaps the first voice for open innovations twenty five years ago. How to make most O I platforms more symmetrical? why dont corporations realise that without sufficient reciprocity, they might kill the golden goose? how do we learn from creativity of children( , tech students (, informal sector ( and , and other streams of society. volunteers are welcome to contact and join the HBN or

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Tensions in open innovation systems, honey bee network perspective akg 2014

  1. 1. • anil gupta, IIMA, • Honey Bee Network and NIF • Minds on the margin are not marginal minds Building Bridges across Boundaries: emerging tensions in open innovation platforms
  2. 2. Ethical fulcrum of empathy? Where are the fertile grounds for sprouting seeds of empathic innovations? Samvedana ke sanskar:
  3. 3. Should we open the door ? How much, for whom
  4. 4. Technology is like words, institutions are like grammar and culture is like thesaurus Three pillars of sustainability How to build the bridge? Who can/will build the bridge?
  5. 5. Honey Bee Network founded in 1987-1988 A nameless, faceless innovator or traditional knowledge holder comes into contact with the Network and gets an identity, voice, visibility and viability of its sustainable vision .
  6. 6. Honey Bee network ( 1987-88 ) A nameless, faceless innovator or traditional knowledge holder comes in contact with the Network and gets the identity
  7. 7.          Intellectual  capital Ethical Capital ( internal regulations)      Social capitalSocial capital Trust, reciprocity and third party sanctionsTrust, reciprocity and third party sanctions External regulationExternal regulation Intellectual propertyIntellectual property ( that part of ic from the ( that part of ic from the  commercial applications of which, commercial applications of which,  one can exclude others for  a one can exclude others for  a  given period of time)given period of time) Natural Natural  capitalcapital ( ( commoditization ofcommoditization of resources, stored,resources, stored, sold, exchanged,sold, exchanged,        Source: Gupta, 2001
  8. 8. Without tensions, resonance is not possible How much tension should there be in the strings of sitar? Tensions manifest vulnerabilities of the system Vulenrabilities bring us closer to ourselves to face the truth Open innovations require acceptng the truth that not all good ideas come from with in the system
  9. 9. Five tensions: a)Autonomy and agency b)Accuracy versus affordability c)Blue print versus autopoiesis (blended, bundled and bridged innovations) d)Institution led -user adopted to user-created or co- created and corporate adopted-reverse innovation e)Symmetrical versus asymmetrical open innovation models f)Long tail versus long nose, g)scale versus sustainability
  10. 10. Five potentials : a)seek solutions for future unmet needs from with in the company or outside b)Do we serve these needs through existing heuristics or discover new frugal heuristics c)Should ethics be leveraged through efficiency, empathy and excellence or through exclusion? d)How do we harness the creativity at grassroots, through buyout or through partnership or third parties? e)Can David beat the Goliath through subterfuge or innovation?
  11. 11. Transformation is possible : Story of five transformations a)New Chemistry of sustainability equation: circular economy: b)From market led to market disruption: new forms of alliances: TATA agrico and a small innovator, BUHLER, ST Microelectronics, TATA Steel, TATA Chemicals, Yuvan Longlife, c) Frugal, friendly, flexible and futuristic heuristics d) New models of learning from below: inverted model of innovation-children invent, engg fabricate, companies commercialise e) New models of financing and co-creation –,
  12. 12. Dimensions of Inclusion –Spaces –Sectors –Seasons: stable to fluctuating –Social segments –Skills and knowledge Inclusive Innovation
  13. 13. Long tail of innovation (only a few innovations achieve scale, a large number sell a few pieces or in a few communities) Long nose of innovation: Take long time to come into market Room for maneuver
  14. 14. Extreme affordability •Less material •Local material •Repairable features •Upgradable features •Aspirational connect •Sticking to essentials •
  15. 15. Affordable Accessible available high low H L h L Assumption is that products or services are known, people are aware, but can they afford these, access these and if can access, can they avail them,
  16. 16. Material Old new method Old New Use or applications old New Innovation: at least one of the three dimensions should be New
  17. 17. Frugality Imperatives Material: frugality in quantity, replacement, maintenance, waste recycling Method: distributed, concentrated, iterative versus blue print, self- correcting, local repaired or repaired from outside, or blended Application: low end, high end, diversified or specialized locally modifieable or only experts can fix or make, robust versus sophisticated application, makeshift or permanent,
  18. 18. Frugality is flexible Frugality is friendly Frugality is extremely affordable •Value chain redesign, • reciprocal open innovation platform Circular Economy
  19. 19. Learning platforms from concrete to abstract 1) Artefactual - replication of similar design 2) Analogic - metaphor to inspire 3) Heuristic - models of thinking 4) Gestalt - configurational of factors Gupta, 2012, Own compilation Four levels of learning
  20. 20. Learning at four levels: Higher the interlinkage, greater the depth, diversity AND development
  21. 21. Mohammed Usman Hanif Patel, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, class two Artefactual level
  22. 22. Student Team : M. B. Avinash ,T. Govindaraju, Carsten Schmuck, Elisabeth Verheggen Supervisor Name: Dr T. Aravind Govindaraju; College Name: JNCASR Analogic level Self-Cleaning Molecular Material
  23. 23. creativity, compassion, communication and collaboration anil Honey Bee Network Autopoiesis at grassroots for inclusive development creativity, compassion, communication and collaboration
  24. 24. Low Cost Wind mill Mehtar Hussain and Mushtaq Ahmad, Assam Over 35 units installed in salt farming regions of Gujarat to improve livelihood of poor salt farmers New heuristics: Maximizing output per unit of time and smoothening the flow are not always sustainable Innovation by Mehtar Husain and Mushtaq Ahmed from Assam to Gujarat Just 70 Euro Stronger, durable version, 900 euro, saves diesel worth 700 euro in one season of salt making
  25. 25. Heuristic level Uniform flow versus flow in spurts Is maximisation of output always good?
  27. 27. creativity, compassion, communication and collaboration anil Honey Bee Network Autopoiesis at grassroots for inclusive development creativity, compassion, communication and collaboration
  28. 28. Meghalaya Technology is like words, institutions are like grammar and culture is like thesaurus Three pillars of sustainabilityGESTALT level
  29. 29. Will we have the humility to learn from Ms Ram Timari Devi Champaran, jan 2009, How else could have i done it? The only choice,
  30. 30. Honey Bee 17(1 & 2) January-June 2006
  31. 31. • Or shall we learn from genius of Puruliya
  32. 32. Is this a skilled job? How can then she be unskilled?
  33. 33. Thank god !, she did not know about Maslow Discovering Indian roots of thoughts that empower us by making us vulnerable Bhabi mahato: an unrecognised creative genius
  34. 34. No surface is too scarce, no place more perfect for the expression of creative spirit even on dung cakes heap
  35. 35. Some principles of design, learned from every day creativity, in kitchen, farms or firms at grassroots
  36. 36. The President of India honours grassroots innovators, launches National Innovation Clubs and hosts an innovation exhibition at the President’s house; NIF becomes an Institute of Department of Science and Technology Initiative to Institutionalisation
  37. 37. The former President awards children innovators every year at the IGNITE Award function by NIF at IIMA Initiative to Institutionalisation
  38. 38. Nisha Chaube NOIDA Bag with folding seat
  39. 39. Arnab from, West Bengal
  40. 40. Arnab, west bengal
  41. 41. Survesh , tamilnadu
  42. 42. Rudra Prasad Goswamy, 11 class, DAV Jharkhand PEN TO CHECK CONCENTRATION
  43. 43. Oxygen /carbon dioxide level indicators in car S R Valava, class 12, AEHSS, DAE Township, Kalapakkam, Tamil Nadu Pratyush Kumar Sahoo & Bikash Kumar Mallick, class 10, Mother Public School, Khurda, Odisha
  44. 44. Respirometer Innovators: V Atchara & K Preethi, | Nellore, AP & Chennai, Tamil Nadu Uses   •To find out the lung expansion, contraction and oxygen carrying capacity of the lungs •To monitor the breathing movements •To find out if the breathing is steady while a person is at rest •To find out how does it change when one talks •To find out how does it change when one walks/exercises •To find out how quickly is the recovery in breath after exertion or exercise
  45. 45. Puncturing mechanism for water bottles Shibajyoti Choudhury, 5, & Rajashree Choudhary, 6, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh To stop the reuse of the bottle after consumption of water, a stay-tab like opening mechanism may be provided (like that in fruit juice cans) at the bottom so that the bottle gets punctured.
  46. 46. Alarm to indicate onset of convulsions/ seizures Soumya Ranjan Behera, 7, Jagatisinghpur, Odisha A device, which would indicate a fall, or a sudden onset of convulsions in epileptic, other such patients or old people, through an alarm. The device can be worn on the upper hand.
  47. 47. Posture correcting chair Kulsoom Rizvi, 5, Muzaffarnagar , UP & Tarun Anand, 10, Hardoi, UP If a person is sitting on the chair in a wrong posture, an alarm will start ringing and not stop until the person corrects the posture. The height of the chair can also be adjusted using a handle.
  48. 48. Mobile phone with inbuilt charger Siddharthan, 11 and Karan, 12, Vellore, TN There will be charger pin unit fixed with mobile which can fixed directly or can be extend with the loose cable. Another advantage will be that a person will not be able to talk while charging thereby preventing freak accidents.
  49. 49. Step lock system in bus R Santhosh 11, K Rathna, A Nivashini, J Rajasekar, 10, Tiruvarur, TN The idea to stop bus from moving if people are standing at the steps.
  50. 50. Low cost Braille printer Santosh Singh & Khushwant Rai, 12, Jalandhar, Punjab Braille printer exists in the market but at a price range that an ordinary man cannot afford. For this they have extended the functionalities of dot matrix printer with some modification to make economical printer which cost around Rs 10000/- against the market price of about a lakh.
  51. 51. Adjustable electricity extension board Tenith Adithyaa,11, Virudhunagar,TN It is a device which will eliminate the need of power strip and it has an ability to power many device at a time comparing to the existing prior art. This device has no holes for the plug like the present power strips. For that it contains long parallel slots so it allows the user to plug, many plugs at a time in every angle.
  52. 52. What is missing? The realisation that there are a large number of innovative ideas at grassroots level has not dawned on the policy makers and thinkers YET If the pervasive existence of grassroots innovations is recognised, should one assume that they could go forward without risk capital? play
  53. 53. But … … there are thousands of creative people everywhere in the world who are solving social problems through their own efforts without any external help play play
  54. 54. Rider Induced bicycle Mr. Kanak Das, Assam Bicycle based sprayer Mr. Mansukhbhai Jagani, Gujarat Bicycle with gear Mr. Jayanti J Patel,GujaratBamboo bicycle Mr. Dodhi Pathak, Assam Amphibious Bicycle Mohd. Saidullah, Bihar Bicycle based mobile spray pump Subhas Vasantrao Jagtap, Maharastra Multipurpose Bicycle Md. Kamruddin, Rajasthan Bicycle operated pump Mr. Vikram Rathore, AP Bicycle based portable Pump Mr. Nasiruddin Gayen, WB Bicycle based Innovations
  55. 55. National Innovation Clubs •Search: Celebrating the decade of innovation by scouting and mapping the creativity and innovations in the hinterland •Spread: Disseminating/Cross-pollinating innovations across spaces, social segments and sectors •Sense or Benchmark: Identifying the roots of persistent problems and the mindsets that trigger their continued tolerance in society to solve problems •Celebrate: Recognising achievers in different social spheres
  56. 56. Few Variations of Bullet Santi / Handio
  57. 57. Service at your door step Sheikh Jahangir, Jalgaon, Maharshtra Fortune at the Top of the Ethical and Innovation Pyramid Scooter mounted flour mill Scooter based washing machine
  58. 58. Being short of material resources, it is inevitable that the Poor optimize mental resources (imagination ) resulting in extremely affordable, frugal and accessible innovations Md Rojadeen: Champaran, Bihar cooker for coffee, frothy espresso anywhere !!!!!!!!
  59. 59. Bicyle Refrigerator For Rural Areas Student/ Author : Sagar Chandrakant Gadkar, Amol Raghunath Kachare, Sanjay Shivaji Kachare, Suyog Hanmant Jadhav Guided By : Prof. S. A. Khot College : Padmabhushan Vasantraodada Patil Institute of technology, Budhgaon, Sangli It is a 50 lit capacity, refrigerator which is powered by a rear wheel of bicycle. To achieve the required rpm of compressor we provide a larger pulley of dia 20 inch on rear wheel shaft through which pulley we run the compressor and achieved the required output. Steady paddling of bicycle at 14 km/hr. for 30 minutes at an ambient temperature of 35 C, brings down the temperature in box to 8 C.
  60. 60. Andhra Pradesh Meghalaya Mizoram Energy – new heuristics Do we harvest it efficiently? Can our mothers from the North East and Southern India teach us some thing new?
  61. 61. • a portal by SRISTI ( pooling 167,000 engineering projects by 400k students from over 600 institutions • engaging with youth
  62. 62. Shanu Sharma, Vardan, IITK
  63. 63. Image, Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis for people with hearing and speaking disabilities Saurabh Saket and Rahul Ranjan Bhutta College of Engineering & Technology, Ludhiana
  64. 64. Has any big company given you a fridge that also provides hot water, keeps food warm and consumes less electricity? Lpg gas based refrigerator Chintan, Mayank, Biren Mehsana Hot water from fridge Dhruv Mehsana Exhaust pipe cools drivers cabin, Pune
  65. 65. Innovation InvestmentEnterprise GOLDEN TRIANGLE for rewarding CREATIVITY Leadership is to take note of ex ante and ex post transaction costs and deal with them upfront, If not, these are transferred to the weaker partner
  66. 66. Milking machines • Manually operated, semi automatic and automatic machines for milking cows which can milk cows using a set of reciprocating vacuum pump and suction assembly unit • Machine can milks 1.5 litre to 2 litres per minute. Commercialization • Over 5000 pcs are sold • NIF signed MoU with Suntec Agri Equipements Pvt Ltd, which will sell 6000 pcs per annum through their 55 Agrimart retail outlets and 600 dealer network spread across the country. • The cost of machine is 15-25k Innovator: Shri Raghava Gowda, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka
  67. 67. Biomass Gasification System Innovator : Shri Rai Singh Dahiya, Jaipur, Rajasthan • Unique gasification unit and filtering mechanism. Producer gas is cooled by water jacket/heat exchanger, cleaned by a grit filter and a baffle filter • Gasification Efficiency 60 -70%, Thermal efficiency: 25% (tested by MNIT, Jaipur) • Available in capacity 5 -100 kVA, single and three phase - open and closed (sound proof design, having canopy) as per the requirement of customer. • GE helped in value addition. Commercialization: • Over 170 units have been sold in different parts of country; received the single order of 100 units from Meghalaya (over 60 million INR), 30 units already delivered . • Eight units have been exported to South Africa, Kenya, Germany, Italy and Singapore. • Price (15 kVA): INR 550,000 and 650,000 with and without canopy, respectively
  68. 68. Commercialization: •NIF signed MoU with Tata Agrico •Innovator will manufacture and Tata Agrico will market the device through its outlets •A batch of 1500 machines are delivered to Tata’s and they have approved the Quality of the product. • The device includes a hemispheric knife actuated by a hand operated lever, which can chipped the buds of sugarcane. • The chipped buds can be shown directly in the field or nurseries may be grown Sugarcane bud chipper Innovator: Mr. Roshan Lal Vishwakarma, Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
  69. 69. Marine Inboard diesel engine and Z Drive Innovator: B. Mohanlal, Aleppey, Kerala Manually tillable Z-drive systemReversible reduction gearbox To go along with gear box for diesel engine, manually operated Z drive system is developed, which is manually tiltable and can be locked at 90 degrees while landing. It also has reduced the loss of power through horizontal shaft power transmission and result in smooth drive and better maneuverability. The diesel engine directly couples with two reduction gears through flange coupling with engine flywheel. The innovativeness lies in the application of helical gears with inner spline cut with dual sided jaw and dog clutch. This provides the smooth running and better power transmission for the marine diesel engine. NIF signed MoU with Matsyafed Matsyafed gave an order of 100 machine sets – order value of about INR 68 Lakh.
  70. 70. Yuvan Long life Setup with Ensigns Healthcare to manufacture and market herbal teas based on community knowledge • Herbal Tea for Diabetes. Herbal Tea for Obesity. • Herbal Tea for Anti – Ageing. • Herbal Tea with anti –inflammatory properties. •Herbal Tea with Anti – oxidant properties • Herbal Tea for Hypertension.
  71. 71. Making strategic breakthroughs incremental innovations, adaptive trials, user-led modifications. , incubation   R & D with external experts, new actors and new arrangements     Product Development, amplify the form, features and functions   Paradigmatic disruption, discontinuity and non-parameteric approaches , sanctuary model Known Known Unknown Unknown Domain characteristics Technologicalplatforms
  72. 72. How to reward: Portfolio of Incentives for Innovations material-individual Ipr or non ipr based awards Awards R and d grants Endowments non-material-individual Recognition Honour Memorial material-collective Trust funds Venture and incubation funds Collective awards non-material-collective Policy changes Pedagogic changes Forms of Incentives Material non material Target of individual Incentives collective
  73. 73. Mind to Market
  74. 74. Herbvate Skin Ointment It is based on the knowledge of seven innovators from six districts: Sabarkanth, Panchmahal, Dang, Mahsana, Patan and Bhavnagar of Gujarat. Herbavate exhibits remarkable properties against eczema and a variety of inflammatory and infectious skin conditions. Communities: The innovators of Herbavate: 1. Amratbhai Shankarbhai Rawal, Mehsana Gujarat. 2. Kunjubhai Kakadiyabhai Bhoya, Dang Gujarat 3. Pujabhai Dabhi, Sabarkantha, Gujarat 4. Karshanbhai Parmar, Sabarkantha Gujarat 5. Laxmanbhai Pagi, Panchmahal, Gujarat 6. Lilabhai Rawal, Patan Gujarat 7. Lakhabhai Becharbhai Khatana, Bhavnagar Gujarat
  75. 75. Innovator: Bhikhaji Kaluji Solanki Field Trial Results •Results indicate that the herbal preparation significantly reduced the grasshopper and larval population (H. armigera and Earias vittella ) in Okra plants. • Fruit damage in Okra was also controlled by NIF-BKS, which was at par with Chlorpyriphos @ 0.05%. • Increase of 14 to 69% in number of branches was recorded as compared to control. • Increase of 8 to 44% in the yield was recorded, maximum @ 40ml/L. Botanicals for Growth Promotion and Insect Pest Control in Agricultural Crops
  76. 76. Innovator: Jokhu Shah •NIF-JS (6ml) significantly reduced population of H.armigera as compared to untreated control. •A reduction of 52% in mealy bug was recorded as compared to untreated control. •Reduction in fruit damage was recorded with NIF-JS @ 7.5ml/L, followed by 10ml/L dose which was better than the positive control. •Formulation also increased plant height @ 6 ml/L . •NIF-JS showed moderate larvicidal effect against Spodoptera litura and Helicoverpa armigera larvae under controlled conditions. Field Trial Results Herbal preparation for controlling borers in vegetable crops
  77. 77. Innovator: Kodarji Kaluji Pagi • The trail was conducted on Okra in field conditions and data of plant hoppers, larval (H.armigera and Earias vittella) population and fruit damage was recorded. •After 48 hours of spray there was significant reduction in the larval population. • Larval population/plant was 2.25 in untreated and 0.0 in NIF-KKP (25 ml/L) and Chlorpyriphos treated plants. •The herbal preparation also caused reduction in fruit damage/plant as compared to untreated control. Field Trial Results Herbal preparation for controlling pests in paddy, bajra and vegetable crops
  78. 78. g2G grassroots to global Global GIAN – Building a Global Value Chain for the Augmentation of Green Grassroots Innovations
  79. 79. Grassroots innovations find global markets …..
  80. 80. Sales made internationally 1. Coconut tree climber- USA (Florida, Massachussets, California, Hawaii etc.) Australia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico, West Indies 2. Pomegranate deseeder - Turkey, USA 3. Garlic peeling machine - Pakistan 4. Arecanut husker - Singapore 5. Milking machine - Phillipines, Uganda, Ethiopia 6. Resin grading machine - Peru 7. Cassava peeling machine - Kenya 8. Herbal growth promoters - Ghana
  81. 81. Product queries: Sl no. Innovation/product Countires 1 Coconut/palm tree climbing device USA, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Australia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Iran, West Indies 2 Entech oil expeller USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Phillipines, Canada, Kenya, Colombia, S. Africa, Switzerland, Poland, Indonesia, Belgium 3 Garlic peeling machine Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Peru, Singapore, Iran , Venezuela, Pakistan 4 Pomegranate deseeding machine USA, Australia, Turkey, Venezuela, Hongkong, Israel, Netherlands, Thailand, UAE, Iran, United Kingdom 5 Cassava peeling machine Congo, USA, Benin, Nigeria, Kenya, UAE, Uganda 6 Aaruni tilting cart Uganda 7 Coconut defibring machine China 8 Coconut dehusker Mexico, New Zealand, USA, Philippines, Bangladesh 9 Lemon cutting machine S. Africa 10 Milking machine Bangladesh, Uganda, Ecuador 11 Palm leaf mat weaving machine Fiji 12 Rain Gun (Chandraprabha) Sudan 13 Tea making machine Bangladesh, 14 Tile making machine Bangladesh, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Zambia 15 Trench digging machine Pakistan 16 Zero head water turbine Egypt 17 Arecanut dehusking machine Chile
  82. 82. Culturally Alive India
  83. 83. Solar Operated Car Eco-friendly vehicle Bio-bike Air-powered car Green building design Solar Water Heater Rain Water Harvesting Umbrella Electricity From Noise Polution Bicyle Refrigerator For Rural Areas
  84. 84. Rider Induced bicycle Mr. Kanak Das, Assam Bicycle based sprayer Mr. Mansukhbhai Jagani, Gujarat Bicycle with gear Mr. Jayanti J Patel,GujaratBamboo bicycle Mr. Dodhi Pathak, Assam Amphibious Bicycle Mohd. Saidullah, Bihar Bicycle based mobile spray pump Subhas Vasantrao Jagtap, Maharastra Multipurpose Bicycle Md. Kamruddin, Rajasthan Bicycle operated pump Mr. Vikram Rathore, AP Bicycle based portable Pump Mr. Nasiruddin Gayen, WB Bicycle based Innovations
  85. 85. Emerging Models of Innovation a) Building upon what disadvantaged people are rich in: inability to live with problems unsolved – overcoming inertia b) Empathetic innovation: samvedana se srijansheelta, kho kho model of innovation (innovation relay) c) Going beyond long tail, long nose of innovation to turbulent innovation
  86. 86. d) Inverted model of innovations: children invent, engineers fabricate, and companies commercialize e) Pooling of distributed ideas for innovation and experimentation : uncommon from common f) distributed mind management: - transcending the limits of frugality g) Moving blackboards: learning from unexpected quarters Emerging Models of Innovation
  87. 87. Should accuracy be traded off with affordability? Should design overtake durability Should desires be preferred over deserving Trade-offs in Inclusive Developme
  88. 88. Rethinking logistics for sustainable future learning from grassroots innovators anil k gupta shall we join hands in learning from grassroots green innovators fortune really lies at the Top of the innovation, ethical, and value pyramid thus, poor people are not at the bottom of all pyramids Minds on the margin are not marginal minds anil k gupta National Innovation Foundation, SRISTI, honey bee network, IIMA
  90. 90. Creativity counts Knowledge matters Innovations transform Incentives inspire (not just individual, but also collective, not just material, but also non-material) Join the Honey Bee Network! For rewarding indigenous creativity and innovation,,