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presentation at vallidolid, spain on how to create innovation ecosystem which provides opportunity to minorities, children, creative communities and individual innovators even from informal sector,

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Creative communities innovative individuals anil gupta

  1. 1. Creative communities, innovative individuals : harnessing imagination of minds on the margins Creative communities, for yet innovativerenaissance another individuals : harnessing imagination of minds on the margins for yet another renaissance anil k gupta National innovation Foundation (Anil k gupta bee network and nationalinnovation foundation, sristi anilg@Sristi.orgahmedabad blog iima
  2. 2. Honey Bee network ( 1987-88 )A nameless, faceless innovator or traditionalknowledge holder comes in contact with the Network and gets the identity
  3. 3. Mapping the creative mind at grassroots Cultural Educational Institutional folkloric Technological
  4. 4. • Leveraging long tail and compressing nose of innovations
  5. 5. Long tail of innovation ( only a few achieve scale, a large number sell a few pieces or in a few communities ) Long nose of innovatio Room for n: maneuver Take long time to come into market
  6. 6. Let scale not be the enemy of the sustainability :logic of the Long Tail, investing in ideas, technologies with limited diffusion, without that sustainability is threatenedLet small scale innovations be not ignored, they enrich the eco-system for innovation and entrepreneurship
  8. 8. What is a skill: how do we convert such rich skills into enterprises, is economic meltdown a good time to create new icons of hopeBhabi Mahato: an unrecognized genius
  9. 9. Incubation of innovative ideas:• Why so much talk about micro finance but none about micro venture finance; creating an ecosystem for start-ups• Supporting people without connections and collateral
  10. 10. GOLDEN TRIANGLE FORREWARDING CREATIVITY Innovation Enterprise Investment
  11. 11. • Design that matters, makes a difference and is rooted in culture and traditions• Fab-labs( fabrication at the street corners, common fabrication workshops, common tool rooms)
  12. 12. Innovations in institutions, incentives and intermediary mechanisms
  13. 13. Polycentric Learning from multiple sources, levels, and channels: Learning from multiplesources, levels, and channels: Future sources of learning,creativity and innovation would not be restricted to formal boundaries of organisations.
  14. 14. Inclusive leadership requires dealing with dissent and diversity: Ownership of future strategies cannot be widespread if the contribution for creating them is only from a chosen few.
  15. 15. Building capacity at differentlevels requires distribution of responsibilities.
  16. 16. Creating networks: No one organization is likely to possess sufficientinformation or knowledge to enable it to achieve its goals
  17. 17. Shaping future requires working sometimes without templates:Integration of different streams of thought and action require incorporation, assimilation and adaptation of the strengths of each system
  18. 18. Shadows of sustainable spirit: trying to look for frugal, diverse, resilient andsimultaneous solutions, as nature does all the time
  19. 19. Many castles were built in Indiaduring long spells of drought togenerate jobs: any lessons here?
  20. 20. Patan patola a seven hundred year old tradition-: cultural entreprenurship
  21. 21. Leadership is to start early:building consciousness among children so that theyinternalize the logic of future societal transformation
  22. 22. Ignite• Recognising creativity of children and nurturing their dreams Starting early
  23. 23. I want to integrate the gait of a person with a mobile. As walking style differ person to person, the software will be able to identify the signals based on the body movements whileWhy pierce skin to walkingget a blood test done? If the mobile will sense a different movement once actI wish to make a blood testing system will lock itself and send a message about its locationthat would do the required test by predefined number. : anurag rathor 9th classscanning the skin surface or testingthe skin excretions :srishti class iv I want a high tech school bus which can give alert signal as it approaches my bus stop. I would not miss my bus this way!!: pallavi, 9th class
  24. 24. Breathing sensor apparatus to assist physically challenged This system consists of a circuit which uses the energy generated through breathing exercise. It may display several options such as food, It thus enables paralyzed people articulate their wish and be self-reliant in routine activities. The technology has a range of applications like operating a wheelchair, electronic appliances, prevention of accidents, detecting thefts, etc. Susant Patnaik, Class VIII, now in 12th BhubaneshwarBack Back
  25. 25. Nisha ChaubeNOIDABag with folding seat
  26. 26. Yathartha SaxenaPantnagarTriangular wheels
  27. 27. Sarojini MahajanDelhiCharging mobile through human pulse: Idea
  28. 28. Prakhar ParasharHoshangabadIncreasing life of mosquito coil by almost 20%
  29. 29. Piyush AgarwalHazaribaghAutomatic withdrawalsystem for clothesline forrains
  30. 30. Rain Water Harvesting UmbrellasOjasvi Goel &Saihiel BakshiDelhi
  31. 31. Ullas Keshav, Poornesh A S, AmoghM Hooli, Vignesh D Nernekar, AkshayTulasigeriDakshina KannadaAn electronic device that informs the userthat the LPG in the gas cylinder is going to LPG Exhausting Indicatorexhaust. When the weight of the cylinderdecreases beyond a certain fixed weight,the signal gets activated.
  32. 32. Jallandhar
  33. 33. Jallandhar
  34. 34. Remya was in class tenth, when she designed this
  35. 35. Networking innovators with engineering students: • 100k projects by 350k students from 500+engg colleges
  36. 36. Leadership is to askquestions aboutconstituents which haveno vote : nature andperfect strangers
  37. 37. Leadership is not having to live with problems unsolved indefinitely CPIK( Community Platform for Innovations and Knowledge management
  38. 38. Solutions for the poor people, by the poorNon stick clay pan: Rs 60 /= Mansukh Bhai Prajapati, Surendra Nagar, Gujarat
  39. 39. Md Rojadeen: cooker for coffee creativity in champaran ( 22nd shodh yatra Dec 2008)
  40. 40. Service at your door step: Sheikh Jahangir, Jalgaon, MaharshtraScooter mounted floor mill Scooterbased washing machine Fortune at the Top of Ethical and Innovation Pyramid
  41. 41. Biomass gasification system Innovator : Mr. Rai Singh Dahiya, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan Scout : Direct entry Received on 18-10-2006• The system has unique gasification unit and filtering mechanism. Gasifier is compact and surrounded by water jacket.• Producer gas is cooled by heat exchanger (water jacket)• Producer gas is cleaned by a grit filter and a baffle filter (having perforated and non perforated plates/baffles surrounded by local dry grass)• Unlike other gasifiers, gas is not scrubbed by water• Ideal fuel: Dry wood (upto 30-35 cm long), coconut shell and coconut husk (MC < 20% db)• Calorific value of producer gas: 1000 kCal/m3, Composition: CO 21 %, H2 12%, CO2 15% (tested by TERI)• Price: Rs. 25000/- per kVA
  42. 42. Multi purpose processing machine Innovator Mr. Dharamveer, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana Scout Direct Entry Received on 30-1-2006• The machine is capable of processing various herbs like juice of aloe vera, gel and essence from left over of aloe vera, juice of amla, jamun, mango, tomato, orange, etc.; essence from chilly, coriander, flowers, etc.• Pulp of fruits is fed to machine for juice extraction• The feeding rate (almost equal to rate of juice (output)) is 150 kg/h• The left over of aloe vera leaves (after separating the pulp) is fed in batches of 40-42 kg along with water (1:0.5) for extraction by distillation. Adequate heat is applied at the bottom of the vessel by LPG stove.• The essence from aloe vera is evaporated and is collected in a separate vessel after getting condensed and the viscous residue left in the vessel is like a gel which is collected from the bottom outlet and zilactin is added @1 g/lit for converting it into useful cosmetic along with flavors• Machine price: Rs. 1,35,000
  43. 43. Phone operated switch & others Mr. Prem Singh Saini
  44. 44. Compressed air car: join hands Mr. Kanak Gogoi
  45. 45. Automatic watering in flower pots and others Mr. Abdul Kaleem Video-flower pot Video-electric shock
  46. 46. A problem unsolved, but not any more
  47. 47. Frugality is thus imperative, it is not achoice
  48. 48. Learning from nature• Can we learn from common people while designing services and products for vertical and horizontal supply chain?• Has frugality of nature has some thing to do with our own need to be frugal?
  49. 49. Reducing footprint• The design of packaging material, shelves, transportation system and consumption patterns will undergo a change once different circles of production and consumption exchanges / networks are visualized over space and time.• Thus, only for long term and long distance consumption, one would use sturdy packaging material.• There will be another interesting spillover effect. Once we start modifying the logistical chain, the community markets will start becoming competitive. Face to face interaction among consumers and producers will take place more often. The whole politics of regional and sectoral development will undergo a change.
  50. 50. • The proximal transactions do not have to be analyzed through the prisms of remote supply chains.
  51. 51. Multi-functionality:• Higher the multi-functionality, lesser the waste and better the resource utilization. Most cultures in developing countries are multi-functional in their orientation.• The skills, resources and tools for multi functional designs are quite different from the ones needed for specialized and single function goods and services. There is a higher redundancy, resource wastage and consumption of energy.• Multi functional devices and services may be able to build much higher feedback loops and thus reduce waste, ensure higher stability and justify better quality consumption.
  52. 52. Diversity of design• Idea is to provide information to the consumer about degree of biodiversity in the habitats from which raw materials are sourced.• Since vegetative colours may not always be uniform, the consumer preferences will have to molded to prefer variable colours. Just as markets created preference for uniform colour, taste, shape, texture, etc., the challenge in future is to do the opposite.• While doing so, the packaging and transporting logistics would have to be adapted to the new needs.
  53. 53. • A whole range of technological innovations will be needed, for instance, to package the diverse fruits, vegetables and other materials. Human needs and preferences for a sustainable world must guide and trigger technological innovations and consequent supply chains and logistical arrangements and not the other way around. Time for re-definition of our logistical goals has come.
  54. 54. Leadership is to see the intertwining ofsacred with profane, in pursuit ofsustainability: CREATING PUBLICSTANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE
  55. 55. Relationship between Innovation and Standards• How does Standard affect evolution of Ideas and Innovation??• Case 1: QWERTY Keyboard – Avoid jams in typewriter while typing fast, by placing unrelated letters together and slowing down typing speed – Slower the typing rate, less frequent is the Jam
  56. 56. Rethinking standards to trigger innovations• Dvorak Keyboard : 20% faster typing speed• Movement of hands reduced to 1/16th• Despite the advantages, 99.99% keyboards are QWERTY based• QWERTY’s de facto standard for 20 years, hindered the innovation for the society, even if it improved performance!
  57. 57. Voluntarism is the essence of volition:Innovations in civil society sector: socialinnovations –for elderly, lone mothers,minorities
  58. 58. JANAKI Devi,WesternChamparan,Bihar,innovator of aherbal pesticide,patent filed byNIF on herinnovation,testing done inSRISTI naturalproduct lab
  59. 59. At 70, he is young, why are u old already? Saidullah, champaran, BiharBlendinglove, learning and lovinglove learning living
  60. 60. What can Spain, India and China learn from Brazilian and other slums Mr Ubirajara, 47, in slums around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, inventor of stand on front wheel of cycle More stable, easier to vend things, portable bench
  61. 61. Bicycle based Innovations Rider Induced bicycle Bicycle based sprayer Amphibious Bicycle Mr. Kanak Das, Assam Mr. Mansukhbhai Jagani, Gujarat Mohd. Saidullah, Bihar Bicycle with gearBamboo bicycle Mr. Jayanti J Patel,Gujarat Bicycle based mobile spray pumpMr. Dodhi Pathak, Assam Subhas Vasantrao Jagtap, Maharastra Multipurpose Bicycle Bicycle operated..nif09Videovikram Bicycle based portable Pump Md. Kamruddin, Rajasthan _rathore.mpg pump Mr. Nasiruddin Gayen, WB
  62. 62. Honey Bee network in Limpopo, South africaWhat it became What it was???? Differential-40 kg, what is itModified donkey cart(One among many designs ) doing here, amrutbhai
  63. 63. CHIN: Shanzhai Breathing ApparatusHoney Bee Network in china TUFE
  64. 64. Empathetic innovations Pollution control device
  65. 65. 1 Pollution controlling silencer Innovator : Mr. Virendra Kumar Sinha, East Champaran, Bihar Scout : Md. Azhar Hussain Ansari (Scouted in 2005-6)• Most of the stationary engines and genset run without any silencer.• This is an attachment for filtering exhaust of stationary engines/gensets.• It comprises a cylindrical housing in which exhaust gas is allowed to expand and strike over fins embedded on internal surface of cylinder and perforated tubular fins. This results in dissociation of CO and CO2 into carbon particulates, which can be removed periodically through opening provided for this purpose.• The carbon can be used as raw material for making boot polish and similar applications.• The exhaust gas coming out has very reduced pollutants, quite low temperature and results in very low noise (BIT Mesra Test report) PAS Video
  66. 66. Leadership is tonurture Designs thatcan self correctthemselves:autopoesis designs
  67. 67. Electric shock proof converter Innovator : Mr. Kshetrimayum Nicholson Singh, Manipur Scout : NIF NE, Assam (4th July,2006)• Usually people especially kids are electrocuted when they touch electric boards. Kids used to insert their finger inside the socket/plug point, which results accidents many times.• This device coverts all electrical lines to shock free power lines.• The device can be installed just after the energy meter• When there is a contact of human being at the output stage even with the live wire, due to the relays and circuitry, electricity circuit becomes open through the relay.• Innovator has developed one unit 5 years ago which he is using in his workshop since then• Product is ready to launch in the market• Price: Rs. 5000-10,000 (depending upon number of connections in the house) Test report Video2
  68. 68. Eco-friendly mosquito destroyer Innovator : Mr. Mathews K Mathew, Kannur, Kerala Scout : Direct entry….5th comp (2005-06)• The smell from septic tank attracts mosquitoes• Once the mosquitoes get trapped they can not escape• The transparent plastic tubes act as a solar furnace and kills the mosquitoes• Useful for hospitals, gardens, schools, hotels, etc.• The innovator developed it 15 years ago• The first machine was sold in Dec 2006, which is still functional.• The innovator has sold over 500 units till date (12.7.10)• Expected life: 5-6 years• Price: Rs. 1500/-• Weight: 1.25 kg• The innovator can deliver 5000 units per month• The innovator is planning to launch household version shortly, which will not use biogas as attractant, rather milk (processed in certain way.. under research) would be used. Prior art search Bench-marking Feedback Video
  69. 69. Milking machine Innovator: Shri Mr. Raghava Gowda, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka• Conventionally, milking is done manually which is tedious job if one has number of cows. The completely automatic machines are available in market but they are too costly.• This is a manually operated semi automatic machine for milking cows• It can milk cows using a set of reciprocating vacuum pump and suction assembly unit• The suction assembly has two sub-assemblies with a set of nipples and stainless steel plate on one side and transparent conduit pipes and a regulator valve on the other.• The hand lever attached to the pumping unit is cranked till a vacuum of 15 inches is created. This is attached to the udders and the milk gets deposited in the receiving canister via the transparent conduit pipes. When air bubbles flow along with the milk, the operation is stopped and on gently pressing the top of the teats, the teats get released.• It milks 1.5 litre to 2 litres per minute. For milking a cow it takes about 3-5 minutes (5-15 lit). Bench-marking Video
  70. 70. 1 Herbal dyeInnovator : Mr. C V Raju, Andhra PradeshEtikay Products A feast to the eyes – are stunningly colourful wood lacquerware from Padmavathi Associates of Etikoppaka, a small village near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. To keep alive a traditional craft and sustain scores of craftsperosns and their families involved in the making of these beautiful novelties, toys and utilities. Etikay products are simply a class apart from other similiar wood crafts.
  71. 71. Low cost windmill Md. Mehtar (32) and Mushtaq HussainAssam• This is an environment friendly cheaper solution for water lifting (having low initial cost and negligible operating cost). An alternative solution for water lifting by electric power operated pump/pumps guzzling fossil fuels or in absence of both pumps operated manually with low discharge.• The supporting structure/tower of windmill has been developed using low cost, readily available material in the region (eg. bamboo, eucalyptus, etc depending upon regional availability). This structure houses a horizontal shaft made of mild steel (or cast iron) with four blades placed at the centre. The blades of turbine are made of mild steel sheet. The rotary motion of the shaft over which blades are mounted, (resulting due to wind Video power) is transferred to reciprocating movement of pump-lever using cam and lever mechanism.
  72. 72. GOLDEN TRIANGLE for rewarding CREATIVITYLeadership is Innovationto take note ofex ante and expostetransactioncosts and dealwith themupfront,If not these are Enterprise Investmenttransferred to theweaker partner
  73. 73. biodiversity Give me a place to stand, I will move the word Modern R and D SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for SustainableTechnologies and Institutions, 1993) is a developmental voluntary organization, set up to strengthen the Honey Bee Network of grassroots innovators engaged in conserving biodiversity and developing sustainable solutions to local problems. Note on SRISTI
  74. 74. Shodh yatraevery summer, every winter
  75. 75. SatvikTraditional Food Festival, iim campus
  76. 76. Kitchen King- automatic food making machine Master Abhishek Bhagat, class tenth , Bhagalpur, Bihar
  77. 77. Automatic Food Making MachineMaster Abhisek Bhagat, class tenth, Bhagalpur, Bihar• One needs to switch it on, select the item to be prepared from menu in digital display, after selecting the items, there would be display of numbering of boxes along with information about raw material. Once the raw materials are fed in the respective boxes (in suggested quantity), user needs to insert unique electronic recipe card.• There are different cards for different items.• The machine reads the programmed card and accordingly signals different boxes at preset timings to release ingredients according to recipe card in given sequence.
  78. 78. Jampras: arku valley ( community Knowledge) Bixa orellanaNatural dye obtained from seeds and used for flavouring puddings and sweets (Arku Valley)
  79. 79. 7G biscuitsNutraceutical properties:• Rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus• Rich in protein• Rich in Omega 3 fattyacids• Rich in vitamins and minerals• Rich in dietary fibre• Repair the body tissues.• Energy booster• Improve General health and metabolic functions.• Antioxidant• Rich in bioactive compounds
  80. 80. We are suffering form nutritional crisis due to deficient soils• Theres great variation from nutrient to nutrient in the various tests showing how depleted the soil/plants is/are, and heres one of the most extreme examples (Source: Japan standardized Ingredients List):
  81. 81. Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner, stated, "You cantrace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency• As an example, magnesium is the activator for over 300 enzymes. Also it is integral in the production of ATP, the energy compound of the body. Magnesium is seriously deficient in the average diet, yet mainstream medicine gives little attention to the body’s critical need for it.• Similarly, zinc is a component of all cells. It is a cofactor in nearly 70 different enzymes, and provides significant benefits for the immune system, growth and development of muscular and skeletal structures, and tissue repair. Today’s foods contain too little for our needs, especially those of children.
  82. 82. • Amounts of Vitamin C in 100 g of Spinach 1950 = 150 mg 1963 = 100 mg 1982 = 063 mg 1994 = 013 mg• Thats a circa 90% reduction and this is not the rule, but an exception. Still, nobody seems to disagree that there is a severe soil depletion going on, and that this affects the nutrient levels in both livestock animals and humans. Nutrient comparisons have also been made between traditional, non-Western diets and current, Western diets -
  83. 83. • Another example that has been referred to a lot (possibly/maybe because its a bit more extreme/scary than the average?), is a comparison between the nutrient changes in potatoes over the last 50 years: Using potatoes as an example, in a study to find out what nutrients the potato has lost over the last 50 years. This is what was : concluded • 100% of Vitamin A • 57% of Vitamin C and Iron • 28% of Calcium • 50% of Riboflavin • 18% of Thiamine
  84. 84. • Out of all of the nutrients analysed only niacin levels actually did increase. The conclusion was very similar for 25 fruits and vegetables under the same test conditions. Broccoli had a huge reduction in which all nutrients had significantly declined, surprisingly including niacin. Figures have been published in scientific journals in the UK including the British Food Journal. A professor at the center for Food Policy explained how our food has been so degraded that we would now have to eat 8 oranges to get the same amount of Vitamin A from an orange which our grandparents would have eaten many years ago.• Food and beverages industry has to educate people about it, invest in research and join hands for overall holistic vision.
  85. 85. ( g2G)Business Development and MVIF National Innovation Foundation
  86. 86. g2G grassroots to globalGlobal GIAN – Building Global Value Chain for augmentation of Green Grassroots Innovations
  87. 87. Sales made1. Coconut tree climber- USA (Florida, Massachussets, California, Hawaii etc.) Australia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico, West Indies2. Pomegranate deseeder-Turkey, USA3. Garlic peeling machine-Pakistan4. Arecanut husker- Singapore5. Milking machine-Phillipines, Uganda, Ethiopia6. Resin grading machine-Peru7. Cassava peeling machine-kenya8. Herbal growth promoters-Ghana
  88. 88. Product enquiries:Sl no. Innovation/product Countires1 Coconut/palm tree climbing device USA, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Australia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Iran, West Indies2 Entech oil expeller USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Phillipines, Canada, Kenya, Colombia, S. Africa, Switzerland, Poland, Indonesia, Belgium3 Garlic peeling machine Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Peru, Singapore, Iran , Venezuela, Pakistan4 Pomegranate deseeding machine USA, Australia, Turkey, Venezuela, Hongkong, Israel, Netherlands, Thailand, UAE, Iran, United Kingdom5 Cassava peeling machine Congo, USA, Benin, Nigeria, Kenya, UAE, Uganda6 Aaruni tilting cart Uganda7 Coconut defibring machine China8 Coconut dehusker Mexico, New Zealand, USA, Philippines, Bangladesh9 Lemon cutting machine S. Africa10 Milking machine Bangladesh, Uganda, Ecuador11 Palm leaf mat weaving machine Fiji12 Rain Gun (Chandraprabha) Sudan13 Tea making machine Bangladesh,14 Tile making machine Bangladesh, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Zambia15 Trench digging machine Pakistan16 Zero head water turbine Egypt17 Arecanut dehusking machine Chile
  89. 89. • How do we share the benefits?
  90. 90. How to reward: Portfolio of Incentives for farmers’ innovations Forms of incentives Material non material material-individual non-material-individual Ipr or non ipr based Recognition awardsTarget Awards Honour Memorial R and d grantsOf individual EndowmentsIncentives material-collective non-material-collective collective Trust funds Policy changes Venture and incubation funds Pedagogic changes Collective awards Supp for Institution building
  91. 91. What are stairs used for: climbing up?
  92. 92. Please think for a moment deeply
  93. 93. What are stairs used for: climbing around, into eachother’s heart: horizontal bonding between formal andinformal sector, science and spaces
  95. 95. • Creativity counts • Knowledge matters Innovations transform Incentives inspire » Join the honey bee network » For rewarding indigenous creativity and innovation » » » » Contact us: