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Stress release management- Aurangabad


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Stress release management- Aurangabad

  1. 1. Read left side bottom Corner of each slide To understand next slide What we want to Achieve ? An effort to reduce by Stress by “Cause & Effect” Theory By Catalyst
  2. 2. Stress Release Management What we means by Stress ?
  3. 3. Why it get Developed ON It is a reaction of mind Expressed by Body Events & Situations Happened & Predicted
  4. 4. 1 Unexpected Events Two types of Unexpected Events -- Delightful -- Painful 2 Adverse Situations -- Self Mistake -- Other’s Mistake -- Natural Calamities 4 Ability to Tackle Situation arise It varies person to person 3 Behaviors A-Self B -Other Sort of Stresses
  5. 5. Beneficial Stress Painful Stress Saturated Stress Accumulated in mind, Get burst at pick point of endurance. Boost our Efficiency Helps to meet our goals Disturb/Damage our Health Type of Stresses Relation :Efficiency & Stress
  6. 6. Reason for Stress
  7. 7. Till now you must have understood Reason for any Stress is Define the Problem
  8. 8. Definition of Problem Difference between Reality & Expectation Other Remedies To minimize Problem Don’t Compare Accept the Reality Optimize Expectation
  9. 9. Which Circle in the Middle is Bigger Other Remedies
  10. 10. 1 Important & Urgent 2 Important but not Urgent 3 Not Important but Urgent 4 Nether Important nor Urgent Ideal Priority By Prioritizing Assignment ,Commitments Reverse the Priority ,Create unmanageable Harmful Stresses BOTH CIRCLES WERE SAME IN DIAMETER, BUT IF YOU COMPARE WITH PERIPHERAL ,THEN UNNECESSARILY WE WILL FEEL LEFT CIRCLE IS SMALL Other Remedies
  11. 11. Avoid Events/Situations which Disturbs you EadQaa Keep Self Expectation as minimum as possible Fulfill Others Expectation at Maximum Extents Never Compare
  12. 12. Hope for the best Prepare for the worst Instead of Searching Interested Things Better to create Interest in The thing Having
  13. 13. To Reduce Stress “ Sharpen the Saw” Regularly