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5S ppt Presentation -catalyst

  1. 1. Prosperity through Satisfaction08/24/10
  2. 2. Way to Satisfaction for Through “Wealth Generator” Means to08/24/10 Generate Wealth We search happiness in….
  3. 3. ? ? ? Is It Satisfaction? ? ?? ? Then What is Satisfaction?
  4. 4. This depends on our happiness- How?
  5. 5. If we are If we r Happy ... notHappy ... Family Family happy Unhappy Satisfaction from Where
  6. 6. Beyond ExpectationAs committed Surprisingly Low How to Achieve
  7. 7. Q Ω Lean Management Ω TQM Ω TPMD Ω Six Sigma Ω Cause & Effect Ω SMEDC Ω PDCA Ω Seven Waste ( Muda) Ω Quality Circle Ω Kaizen Customer Ω 5S Satisfactions through Sequence to Achieve Let us understand A Typical Q D C Business model Business Model
  8. 8. MAN POWERMACHINES MONEYMATERIAL MANAGERS Can alone thumb lift ? TO SERVE CUSTOMER Who will bring this?
  9. 9. Money Machine Material Manpower & Customers Who will Bring This Resources ? Who will use it ? For our Satisfaction What I should do ?
  10. 10. What I Should Do ? To achieveCustomer Satisfaction which is related Happiness of self & FamilyWhat idea I Should do?
  11. 11. So Many Red Boxes are lying in shop floor, Everybody finding difficulty to move around If guest arrives & ask us do you clean it ? Then We fill BadIdea: Remove all Unwanted Things from work Stationuse daily 5S! What is 5S ?
  12. 12. Japanese English Sort : Set : Version Version Remove unwanted, Fix the location for all not required Things Selected Thing nearSeiri, Sort, From Work Place. Work place.Seiton, Set, Store it in Identify each thing &Seiso, Shine separate location Make it Visible.Seiketsu Standardize Away from Work place.and and Keep only Required Place for each ThingShitsuke Sustain Thing Near Work Place & Things at PlaceShine: Standardize: Sustain: Develop Routine for Develop SystemClean Equipment daily. Sort, Set, Shine for measurementWhile cleaning Activities of effectivenessCHECK Conditions, Fix up Time, Method, By conductingRECORD Abnormality . Frequency, & 5S Audit RegularlyGet Corrected. responsibility Decide the Method for Ensure Consistency 3rd S Of 4S by Auditing Pictorial 5S
  13. 13. Japanese Seri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and ShitsukeEnglish Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain Spanner st Wretch Hammer Sort Hacksaw Required d uire eq Chuck Die R ot Remove unwanted, N not required Things Drill From Work Place. Store it in Set separate location nd Away from Work place. Keep only Required Things Near Work Place With Identification Pictorial 3rd S
  14. 14. rdSHINE Clean Daily Shop floor & Equipments While Cleaning Lubricate & Check & Record abnormality Get it Corrected. Pictorial 4th S
  15. 15. th Set a System for implementation Of 1stS, 2ndS, 3rdS System forFor 1st S Display following table at each work station Sorting of Required & Non-Required ThingsActivity Schedule & Verification Chart: Frequency Every SaturdaySr. Work Station List Unwanted Things Done CheckedNo Removed By by System for Accommodated & Identified required things near work place:For 2 S nd YES / NO System for Schedule for Cleaning For 3rd S Work Station Abnormality Cleaned Checked By by You can add more rows in above charts to cover all Work Stations Pictorial 5th S
  16. 16. th System to Verify & measure Effectiveness of What ever done in 1stS, 2ndS, 3rdS & 4thS How 5S Related to our Family ?
  17. 17. Productivity –High Customer Quality-Good Cost-Low FamilyImportance of 5S Employment Share Holder Action Plan to Implement 5S
  18. 18. WhoShould Do it What Is to be done When to Start Way to Success
  19. 19. Typical Example
  20. 20. Few Example 5S Chairs below table Typical Example to save space.
  21. 21. 08/24/10 Typical Example
  22. 22. 5S – all material identified and in its place. In the furniture, the wheels to facilitate moving. Thanks & Contact Details
  23. 23. To Conduct seminar & Implement you can reach to Anil Dhasal 9686456217 anil.dhasal@gmail.com08/24/10