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PCQuest CIO Tech Priorities Survey 2014


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Published in: Technology, Business
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PCQuest CIO Tech Priorities Survey 2014

  1. 1. By Anil Chopra, Editor PCQuest and CIOL An online survey of IT decision makers from large enterprises as well as SMBs to tell us their top tech priorities for the coming year. We received 96 responses, which were almost equally split amongst SMBs (100-999 employees) and large enterprises (1000+ employees). All the subsequent graphs therefore show results according to employee count of the respondents' organizations.
  2. 2. Key Business Priorities for 2014 Interestingly, key business priorities for 2014 resonating across organizations of all sizes, whether it's SMBs or large enterprises, are mostly similar. Barring the top one, which is to improve productivity in case of large enterprises and reduce operational expenses for SMBs, the remaining business priorities fall within the same order.
  3. 3. Specific Company Objectives Will Govern IT Spends Company objectives and initiatives will obviously depend upon the economic conditions and IT spending will also move accordingly. That's why, a majority of the survey respondents across both SMBs and large enterprises said that specific company objectives/initiatives were the prime factor that would impact their IT spending in 2014.
  4. 4. Hybrid Cloud of Immense Interest to Large Enterprises While public cloud computing services may not have made a big dent in the market as expected last year, there's bound to be more action around hybrid cloud this year. At least 46% of the large enterprise respondents and 17% of SMBs expect to deploy hybrid cloud in 2014.
  5. 5. SDN Continues to Remain a Mystery for Most Software Defined Networking, or SDN, continues to remain a mystery for most CIOs, it seems. Because when we asked their plans for deploying SDN, nearly 40% of the respondents from SMB and large enterprises had no answer.
  6. 6. Tablets Continue their Disruptive Penetration Mobility has completely changed the dynamics of IT and is likely to continue doing so in the future as well. A key disruptive cause behind the mobility drive are tablet PCs. We asked our respondents about how they're using tablets in their organizations. Interestingly, a good chunk of the respondents, from both SMB and large enterprises, continue to purchase tablets for their top management. About 28% of large enterprise CIOs are buying tablets in place of laptops for their top management, while another 30% are even building custom tablet based apps.
  7. 7. Mixed Feelings on Using Social Media for Business Leveraging social media still remains elusive to most IT heads. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is extremely important, only 33% of large enterprise CIOs and 29% of SMB IT decision makers rated social media as 4/5 and 5/5 for their business this year. Here again, the rating was more skewed toward 4/5, meaning social media is important, but not critical.
  8. 8. Information Security of Utmost Importance to all As more data becomes digitized, the fear of losing that data becomes even more pronounced. That's why, out of all the technologies that SMB CIOs plan to adopt this year, 57% find information security on top of their list. In case of large enterprises, technologies for bandwidth optimization are of utmost importance for CIOs this year, while information security following right on its heels as the second highest priority.
  9. 9. Choosing the Right Product/Technology the Most Challenging Task With more technologies come more products and technology offerings from different vendors. This increases choice and the confusion on what to really choose. That's why, more than 60% of the respondents from both SMB and large enterprise respondents said that choosing the right product or technology was their topmost challenge.
  10. 10. Industries of Respondents from Large Enterprises A break-up of the industries of respondents from large enterprises (1000+ employees)
  11. 11. Industries of Respondents from Large Enterprises A break-up of the industries of respondents from SMB companies (100 to 999 employees).
  12. 12. To get a copy of the complete report, mail to the Editor PCQuest at with "Tech Priorities 2014 Complete Report" in the subject line and your complete name, designation, company name, mobile number, and number of employees in your organization in the message body. The report provides more info about which business apps are SMBs and enterprises likely to deploy or move to the cloud, what are their plans around enterprise mobility, social media usage, software defined anything, and much more.