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Ace Algo Product 01122022 Revised (1).pdf

  1. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES ACE ALGO Presented by : Bonanza Portfolio Limited in association with Finberg. for CORPORATE’S/ UHNI’S
  3. MANUAL INVESTMENTS V/S ACE ALGO INVESTMENTS Given the VUCA nature of markets, robust long-short system driven investments are gaining popularity over traditional long only investments Manual Investments Ace Derivative Algo strategy X Fallible to human emotions  Fallible to technical glitch X No verifiable back-testing methodology  Robust verifiable back testing X Subject to multiple data analysis from multiple sources lacking authenticity.  Technical system primarily based on price action and derivatives of price action  Capture primarily uptrend  Captures both uptrend and downtrend X Loosely defined stop-loss  Well defined stop-loss X Severe drawdown  Max. portfolio drawdown upto 4% X Holding period can range from days to years  Mainly intraday system  Ability to identify multi-baggers and create customized portfolios X Limited portfolio customized  Target IRR - 15%-20%  Target IRR – 15% - 25% X Drawdown – upto 40%  Drawdown – upto 4%
  5. ACE ALGO STRATEGY FEATURE  2.15 %+ average monthly returns over last 22 months with max. drawdown of upto 1% on capital  Dedicated product team with a combined experience of more than 75+ years in the industry  No attempt to time the market – signals are generated when conditions are conducive  Trading mainly in Index Options and Intraday systems * Gross returns as of 31.10.2022
  6. * Gross NAV chart as of 31.10.2022 0.00 20.00 40.00 60.00 80.00 100.00 120.00 140.00 160.00 180.00 NAV NAV Growth Chart NAV Growth Chart ACE ALGO STRATEGY - STATS
  7. ACE ALGO STRATEGY - STATS * Returns post brokerages & transaction expenses 2.23% 2.01% 2.23% 2.27% 2.50% 1.90% 2.50% 2.23% 3.20% 0.13% 1.80% 1.10% 0.00% 0.50% 1.00% 1.50% 2.00% 2.50% 3.00% 3.50% Nov’21 Dec’21 Jan’22 Feb’22 Mar’22 Apr’22 May’22 Jun’22 Jul’22 Aug’22 Sept’22 Oct’22 ACE ALGO * Gross monthly returns as of 31.10.2022
  8.  Product offering a unique diversification to your investment portfolio as it has no correlation with any traditional long only asset class  Capture’s opportunity in both upward and downward trending market and low capital requirement  Use of proprietary technical and quant leading indicators  ACE ALGO is a derivative strategy in which both bullish & bearish positions are taken on weekly expiry index options with predefined & automated risk management & position management feature. The entry & exit are triggered using our proprietary quantitative model. This is an intra day strategy with a complete algo based execution framework.  Creates an auto-hedge to your long only investment portfolio by generating returns in down-trend  Theta positive strategy captures profit from time decay in NIFTY & Bank Nifty weekly index options ACE ALGO FEATURES
  10.  Minimum Ticket Size: 1.0 Cr  Target return on Capital: 15% - 25%  Maximum drawdown (Risk on Capital Invested) : 4% (ie. Approx. 4 Lacs)  Min. Investment Horizon: 3 years  Lock in: 1 years  Fixed management Fees: NIL  Performance Fees: 30% above hurdle rate of 8% p.a charged half-yearly  Investment Category: Medium Risk  Profit Booking/ Withdrawal: Allowed half-yearly where investor has an option to bring down invested capital back to min. of Rs. 1 Cr  Stop-Loss Policy: On hitting max. drawdown, trades will be stopped and next action will be taken after discussion with the client. *Brokerage will be charged @ Rs. 2 per lot on options and other statutory charges as applicable **Fees charged in the month of Sept and March every year ACE ALGO INVESTMENT STRUCTURE
  11. OUR TEAM
  12. Finberg specialize in Quantitative financial research using Proprietary Algo based models in developing and deploying systematic strategies across all asset class in the Indian financial market. Finberg excel in formulating system – based statistical trading models to generate consistent and outperformed alpha. Risk management play a key role especially when it comes to trading in financial markets. For this focus in on hedged strategy and risk mitigation processes in place. QUANT PARTNER-FINBERG
  13. Dhara Shah Dhara Shah is Certified Financial Planner with a total work experience of more than 7 years in domain of Wealth Management and financial markets. She is associated with Bonanza for more than 7 years now and leads the product side of Bonanza wealth offerings Mr. Achin Goel, head Wealth management, is an experienced professional in financial markets and has been associated with Bonanza for over a decade now. He has been instrumental in managing fundamental, technical and system based research desk of Bonanza from 2012 until 2019 handling the team of more than 10 research analysts. Achin is a Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA (USA) apart from holding a master’s degree in chemistry from Michigan, USA and B.Tech from ICT, Mumbai. Pournima Botle Pournima has a total of 15+ years of experience in the finance market, portfolio restructuring and HNI Wealth Management. She completed her from Mumbai University and later done Diploma in Capital Markets from Bombay Stock Exchange. Achin Goel BONANZA TEAM
  14. THANKS! Contact Achin Goel 9920033498 Dhara Shah 77108 85142 Pournima Botle 91372 82390 Ace Algo is a unique offering with intraday derivative strategies offering maximum risk of 4% Excellent auto-hedge to long only investment portfolio. Robust solution which captures both trending and sideways market.