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Explaining Advertising to Kids


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Being the Social Media Manager at Seagull Advertising, students from Indus International School came to our agency as a part of industrial visit. Believe me, never underestimate kids. They know the difference between logos and symbols :D

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Explaining Advertising to Kids

  1. 1. What is advertising? What is an advertising agency? What does Seagull Advertising do? What are the various departments at Seagull?
  2. 2. Sameer Desai Managing Director Reshma Desai Director
  3. 3. Digital Team Production Team Human Resource Team Our Team! Planning Team Media Team Creative Team
  4. 4. Why do people join organizations?
  5. 5. Teamwork
  6. 6. Efficient Results
  7. 7. The skills needed to work in organisations like Seagull? Drawing Monitoring Reading Coming up with new ideas