How to develop actionable web analytics KPI's


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Session with Hyper Island students in Stockholm. This presentation goes through how to develop meaningfull KPI's in web analytics world.

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How to develop actionable web analytics KPI's

  1. 1. Beyond visits and clicks...Or how to develop actionable KPI’sAntoaneta Nikolaeva@outfox_sweden1
  2. 2. About Outfox2
  3. 3. Agenda•Web analytics and KPI’s•What is a KPI and how do we define it?•Some KPI measurement failures and how to avoid them•KPI presentation techniques3
  4. 4. Just to make it clear ...4
  5. 5. Why web analytics and KPI’s?WebsiteobjectiveVisitorbehavior5
  6. 6. WebsiteobjectiveVisitorbehaviorConversionWhy web analytics and website KPI’s?Use KPI’s to understand how well you are doing against yourwebsite objectives6
  7. 7. The Web Analytics ProcessUnderstand businessobjectivesWeb analyticsWhy?%What?%Who?% Define%KPI:s%%Configure)your)web)analy/cs)solu/on)Start%tes(ng%Implement(a(web(analy-cs(solu-on((Con$nuously)follow)and)analyze)your)KPI:s)Validate(your(implementa0on(KPI processCon$nuousimprovement7
  8. 8. The KPI ProcessDefine%your%KPI:s%Define%your%website%objec5ves%How does this reflect the web?!Mission and vision!8
  9. 9. Some questions to ask your clientsWhat business objectives and goals do you have, regardless of channel?Which goal is the most important?What business questions do you want answered?How do you use the web as a tool for achieving your business objectives?What is your strategy for achieving your goals?What do you know about your target audiences?What are your major challenges?9
  10. 10. The SMARTASSED KPI development framework* work in progress10
  11. 11. Specific: Definition and calculationMeaningful: Does it impact revenue, cost, satisfaction?Actionable: Is it achievable? What is the criteria for achieving the goal?Responsible: Does it have a clear ownership?Trendable: Is it comparable over time? Can it be trended?Agreed: Is it agreed by the organization/client?Segmentable: Can it be segmented for further analysis?Sources: Which are the sources of data - GA, E-mail service, database..?Expectations: Are assumptions and expectations a factor?Driving: Does it drive the organization forward? How do we accomplish it?11
  12. 12. Some KPI examples12
  13. 13. Acquisition rate(political party website)13
  14. 14. Cost per lead(B2B websites)14
  15. 15. Inspire-to-buy ratio(e-commerce product websites)15
  16. 16. Common failures & how to avoid them16
  17. 17. KPI’s vs MetricsA KPI is a metric buta metric is not necessarily a KPI!17
  18. 18. Nice to know vs need to knowAverage time on siteNumber of clicks onour AdwordsPage viewsE-mails sentVisits18
  19. 19. ?Don’t mix up your data!Without visits to mobile site2.8%Mother’s day giftdonations19
  20. 20. Get to know your visitorsAsk the right questionsBe shortBe concise20
  21. 21. Read more about Operation SmileFind opportunities to volunteerRead more about donations and maybe donateMake a donationOther0%10%20%30%40%35% 34%16%11%4%Everybody is not your audience21
  22. 22. Define Your Target!0%4%8%11%15%2%11%Conversion rate for donationsVisits with the intention to donate22
  23. 23. Presenting KPI’s23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. Don’t get stuck on reporting!Dare to Take Action!25
  26. 26. ✓KPI’s should be derived from organizational objectives and goals✓Measure what matters✓Act26
  27. 27. Thank you!antoaneta.nikolaeva@outfox.sewww.outfox.se27