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Digital Transformation Strategy for Leaders


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7 strategies that global leaders are using to drive digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation Strategy for Leaders

  1. 1. 7 strategies that global leaders are using to drive Digital Transformation Digital Transformation
  2. 2. The Digital Divide According to a recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytics services found that companies businesses implementing new digital skills in the environment are more successful than others. One of the reasons for success— passion to change all things to digital and leadership qualities. The top 7 skills listed here are sure to help companies successfully transform digitally. 25% Have already mapped their digital customer journey and understand the brand new digital touch points 88% Of companies report undergoing a digital transformation
  3. 3. 7 Strategies for Digital Transformation
  4. 4. Build the Trust Build a close working relation with leaders from other organization and be comfortable to share control. This will help in building trust, understand and estimate the pros and cons of digital transformation, and will be aware about the IT spending and risks involved in bringing about digital transformation change.
  5. 5. Support Business (IT) Today, several non IT businesses are funding or working towards creating technology capabilities within their organization. Therefore, it has become crucial to share control cross- department as well. Support businesses both IT and non IT.
  6. 6. Digital Learning Take the effort to go that extra mile to learn and understand digital transformation. Raising the bars is essential, therefore, leaders are taking the initiative of educating their resources about digital knowledge. Moreover, you can staff the IT department of your organization to impart technology trainings to resources.
  7. 7. Guide Be the source of knowledge to which other organizations go to. Businesses want their leaders to grasp the digital transformation requirement. So, be the guide of this new trend within your organization. Help others understand the importance of digital transformation.
  8. 8. Language Speak in the language/tone that your audiences understand. Usage of IT jargon can be a major barrier for digital learning. Therefore, when speaking to clients or customers, it is essential to speak in a language that simplifies the entire process for them. This is not necessarily IT language, but it is business language.
  9. 9. Possibilities Inform the business of what is possible and what is not. CXOs are most likely to understand the strategic placement of digital transformation in business. Possibilities help decide in what digital trend can work with your business and what never will.
  10. 10. Engage There is no dearth of innovation technologies emerging. Engaging with leaders outside your organization will help you bring new knowledge within the organization and address specific trends essential for different parts of business.