Gauge your organization's internal social media quotient


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Very often organizations implement social media without fully gauging the value it adds and impact it can deliver. It can also be possible that the culture isn’t ready for this new form of communication.

How does an organization know if it is truly ready for internal social media?

Here are some pointers that can support decision makers within the organization to take stock. Check your organization’s readiness quotient by taking the following poll.

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Gauge your organization's internal social media quotient

  1. 1. GAUGE YOURORGANIZATIONS INTERNALSOCIAL MEDIA QUOTIENTAscertainyourorganization’sinternalsocialmedia maturitybefore you begin.Read complete content at: K VergheseInternal Communications Leader, Career Coach and
  2. 2. DisclaimerDue care has been taken whilepreparing this presentation but theauthor cannot be held responsible forany misuse or misrepresentation ofinformation. The views expressed inthis presentation are those of theauthor and do not reflect those of theorganization he works for. Data for thispresentation has been drawn fromvarious sources and is gratefullyacknowledged.
  3. 3. What is the need?• Very often organizations implement social media withoutfully gauging the value it adds and impact it can deliver.• With this short questionnaire you can gauge if yourorganization is ready for internal social media.
  4. 4. Where can you use it?• In your organization.• To learn if your organization is ready for internal socialmedia• Using this knowledge you coach your leaders, build yourteam and make the right decision to invest in socialmedia. Or hold off until you are sure.
  5. 5. How will I know?• Take the survey. It is simple. Calculate your points. Youare done!
  6. 6. Purpose and Leadership Commitment• Each statement carries a point. Total your score andreview your current position.A) Purpose: Your organization is clear on how you plan to usesocial media internally• You have sought your staff’s views and have a roadmap for tappingknowledge.• You know which challenges you are tackling.• You have a vision for the future.• B) Leadership Commitment: Your leadership team fullyunderstands the need for internal social media• Your leaders are abreast with the trends in social media• Your leaders actively participate in social media• They understand how their direct engagement with internal socialmedia drive participation
  7. 7. Team and Systems• Each statement carries a point. Total your score andreview your current position.C) Team: Your organization is invested in internal socialmedia with a dedicated team• The team is specialized in technical, content and marketing ofthe medium• The team has a strategy to communicate and involve staff• The team has a plan to learn from internal social media• D) Systems: The organization has a robust internalplatform to manage internal social media• A dedicated team refreshes the system• The team collaborates effectively with the social media team• The team can keep the system operating with zero downtime
  8. 8. Policy and Culture• Each statement carries a point. Total your score andreview your current position.E) Policy: Your organizationhas a documented socialmedia policy• Your staff understands your policy• The policy integrates internal and external social media• Your organization has effective methods to educate employeeson the policyF) Culture: Your organization’s culture allows forcollaboration and networking• Your organization has an open culture where views are oftensought from staff and mistakes acknowledged• The culture allows for direct and even harsh feedback to begiven• Your organization’s culture accepts free speech and expression
  9. 9. ResponsivenessEach statement carries a point. Total your score and review yourcurrent position.G) Responsiveness: Your organization responds swiftly tosituations and feedback• In a crisis your organization is fortnight about the issue and providesinformation when sought• Your organization is willing to accept feedback and take proactivemeasures• Your organization responds in a timely manner to questions orclarifications your employees have
  10. 10. Evaluate Your Internal Social MediaReadiness Quotient Score• If you have scores between 15-21, you are in the maturebracket of organizations who will do justice with internalsocial media.• If your scores are between 10-15, you need to investtime to build your culture and credibility among staffbefore you launch internal social media• If you scored less than 10, your organization isn’t yetready for internal social media. You need to first get thebasics right.
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