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Hair care products


Published on provide control, body and life to dull or lifeless hair. We offer best hair care products that will remove split-ends, repair dry or damaged hair, increase moisture. For ethnic hair care products visit now!!

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Hair care products

  1. 1. Natural Hair Care with…….
  2. 2. ANIISENatural Hair CareProducts
  3. 3. ANIISE Natural Hair Care1 Hair Care Products 4 Protect Hair Damage2 Long Hair Care 5 Improve Hair Shining3 Remove Dandruff 6 Conditioner For Hair
  4. 4. ANIISENatural Hair CareProducts 1 Condition - Daily Conditioner 2 Conditioner - Colored & Chemically Treated Hair Formula 3 Conditioner - Dry Hair Formula 4 Shampoo-Dry & Damaged Hair Formula
  5. 5. ANIISECondition - Daily ConditionerSoften and protect your hair from environmental stressand damage without adding weight. Our price:$18.00
  6. 6. ANIISEConditioner - Colored & Chemically Treated Hair FormulaKeep your hair color vibrant longer and protectit from damaging effects of the environment whileadding shine.Rosemary stimulates hair follicles to grownand encourages circulation to the scalp.Sage soothes and conditions the scalp. Our price:$18.00
  7. 7. ANIISE Conditioner - Dry Hair FormulaThe plant-infused conditioner helps restore moisture,shine and softness to dry and dull hair. Our price:$18.00
  8. 8. ANIISE Shampoo - Colored & Chemically Treated Hair FormulaExtend the vibrancy of your colored and chemicallytreated hair leaving it silky, soft and shiny. Comfrey andchamomile extracts naturally moisturize, castor oilrestores hair, and grape seed extract stimulates healthyhair growth. Our price:$17.00
  9. 9. ANIISEShampoo - Dry & Damaged Hair Formula Restores health and moisturizes dry, damaged hair. Rosemary stimulates hair follicles to grow and encourages circulation to the scalp while wheat protein coats hair and prevents split end and Aloe Vera hydrates hair and controls scalp infections that can prohibit hair growth. Our price:$17.00
  10. 10. ANIISEShampoo - Normal to Oily Hair Formula for Daily UseCleanses and fortifies normal to oily hair. Rosemary stimulates hairfollicles to grow and encourages circulation to the scalp while sagesoothes and conditions scalp, and Aloe Vera hydrates your hair andcontrols scalp infections that can prohibit hair growth. Our price:$17.00
  11. 11. Long, beautiful & shine hair
  12. 12. Natural Hair Care with……. 1722 Westwood Blvd, Suite 200 Los Angeles, California USA, 90005 Contact Us: 1-800-741-4138 Thanks