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Assignment 3 webquest lesson plan


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Assignment 3 webquest lesson plan

  1. 1. ICT APPLIED TO LANGUAGE TEACHING 2011Assignment # 3: Project Work based on InternetStudents: de Miguel Anabella, Duarte Rocío, Hacinlioglu Jacqueline Project Work: MUSIC Colegio Integral Nuevos AyresGrade: 7th formDescription:In this project the students will explore different aspects of popular music. They are supposed to investigateand learn about some music bands to be able not only to create their own pop band, but also write abiography, design a profile and an outfit for one of the members of the band and present it to the class in a“Fanzine” format.Language:-Present simple for descriptions.-Present simple to describe characteristics and habits-Past Simple to describe events in the pastSkills:Designing and drawingWorking co-operativelyExpressing dislikes and likesDescribing daily routinesWriting descriptionsReporting on information gatheredMaterials:Internet sources for the Webquest.The online material the teacher decided to include in the project is the following: • • • • • • • •
  2. 2. • • • materials: • Fashion or music magazines or newspapers • Sheets of coloured paper, glue, scissors, etc.Lesson 1 - Webquest part 1.WARMER:The teacher will stick on the board pictures of different bands and the students will have to guess (if theyknow them) who they are. The teacher will introduce the project asking the sts which are their favourite musicbands. The idea is to discuss why they like them or not and see how many coincidences there are in the group.
  3. 3. USE of WEB:The sts will start working in the project with the Webquest.Activity # 1The kids will have to choose 3 bands out of 7 and read about it. The links the kids will have to explore are thefollowing: • • • • • • •
  4. 4. Activity # 2After reading the biographies, the kids will have to complete the following chart for each chosen band. Theteacher will hand out a copy with the chart.
  5. 5. WHAT’S NEXT?When activity # 2 is finished, the students will look at the pictures used at the beginning of the lesson, and seeif now they can recognize which band they belong to. In groups they will tell to the rest of the class whichbands they have chosen and if they have learnt something new about them.Lesson 2WARMER:The teacher will play the first 2 minutes of three different songs, the kids will have to listen to then and saywhich band of the analyzed the lesson before they belong to.
  6. 6. Activity # 3Now the kids will have to invent a band. The teacher will ask the kids to explore the following official website of a famous heavy metal group and a non-official web site just to see the differences, look at the pictures,the kind of info they present, in order to have an idea of how a band is introduce to their fans and be able tothink about their own band and give it a name.The Links are: (resources 8 – 9), the kids will have to complete the same chart in Activity 2 but with the info of their own pop band.After completing the chart they will have to write a short biography. ( see link 10)
  7. 7. Activity # 3 My OWN BAND ! Complete the chart and then write a short biography about your new band. Name of the Number of Type of music The band Your first hit band: members: you play: started in: single was: HYSTORY : ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________WHAT’S NEXT?
  8. 8. Once activity # 3 is finished, the teacher will stick on the board clothes flashcards. In groups, and orally, thestudents will have to categorize the flashcards according what kind of bands wear those clothes ( a heavymetal, a pop band, etc) The students will have to provide names of bands represented by those clothes.The teacher will tell the students to start thinking about the kind of clothes their band members will wear,since next lesson they will have to work on it.Lesson 3WARMER:Each group will tell to the rest of the class the name of the band they have invented and the class willhave to guess: the number of members, the type of music and, if possible, the name of their first hit.USE OF WEB:Activity # 4Again the teacher will ask the students to explore three new web sites, but this time to concentrate on thepictures, the kind of clothes the singers wear, etc. The sites are the following: The students are going to design the outfit for one of the members of their pop band. They can either draw afigure or make one, using pictures cut out from newspapers or magazines. The children will write adescription of what their pop star is wearing, what are his/her likes and dislikes, and a short description of “Aday in the life of this pop star”
  9. 9. Activity # 4 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A POP START! - Write about she or he. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________WHAT’S NEXT?The students will start to make the final task: The posters and fanzine.
  10. 10. Lesson 4- Final Task: Presentation.The children are supposed to make a collection of the work done during the project and present it in the formof a magazine or “fanzine” which can be displayed in class, or photocopied and a copy given to each child.Items that have to be included in the fanzine are: - A selection of some pop bands biographies, with pictures of the band ( From task 2) - Their own pop band and all the info they wrote about it. ( task 3) - The profile of the pop star and his outfit ( task 4)Evaluation
  11. 11. After sts have presented orally their own version of the "fanzine" magazine and introducedtheir band to their classmates, they will be assigned a mark on each aspect of the project.
  12. 12. ConclusionFinally, sts will have to write their opinion about this project including the following ideas:- If they like the project- If they like using this tool- Their feelings while preparing the project- If it was difficult or easy.- If they would like to add anything to the projectLater on, the teacher will read aloud their pieces of opinion in order to share new ideas forfuture projects.