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Defining conservation taxonomy


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The following presentation was in order to support the migration of conservation treatment documentation to consolidated network storage. The strategy allowed for a consensus taxonomy combined with continuous monitoring and correction. For details see

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Defining conservation taxonomy

  1. 1. Defining conservationdocumentation Taxonomy Art Nicewick
  2. 2. Objectives• Review the current manner that the conservation documents are stored• Determine a shared taxonomy that allows all users from all conservation departments to store and manage documents• Provide means to include additional resources (Email) into taxonomy• Determine sustainable architecture
  3. 3. 2011 2012 Timeline 2013 2014 - 2015 Other Institutions DCL-PA Treatment Conservation RoadmapDocumentation Database TEDD Application Design Concepts Documents Link to TMS Link to IRIS Link to DAC Conservation Structured Treatment Data Space Advanced Search Design Concepts Some Gallery advanced Conservation Space Software features Document Management Conservation features Functional Folder Structure and File Naming Project 1 5 Requirements DocumentsDCL Department A DCL Folders Link to TMSFolders and Files + + And Names Link to IRIS Add storage Link to DAC Many Folder Naming DCL Folder Naming Pattern Patterns B TMS Integration Other Interim Image Annotation Single Folder Hierarchy Standard Conditional Check-in/Check- Conservation Solutions ( TBD ) out Workflow Complex Search (Optional/TBD) Functional Rules Many File Naming Patterns C DCL File Naming Pattern 4 Advanced Search Advanced Gallery Specific Functionality Metadata/Tagging Structured Single Document Naming Standard Document Policy Treatment Data Conforms to Standard Industry wide Conservation Practices File Storage Locations File Storage Locations Documents Documents D Migrate to Migration of documents and images to Departmental DAM Enterprise Network Images (DIVS) Digital Asset File Storage Locations Managment Images Images Enterprise Digital Asset management Migration images to Digital Asset management Folders 6 Enterprise Digital Asset Management Features Report Templates Link to TMS Images With Metadata (TBD) Department 2 3 Extensis Software Usage DAM Using Advanced Permission Extensis Software Usage Centralized Image Repository Advanced search Increased Adoption of DAM Gallery wide Workflow Not Using Using 3
  4. 4. Project Plan• Identify current patterns• Analyze common patterns across departments• Identify of business requirements• Analyze technical options available• Identify alternative solutions• Review alternatives with stakeholders• Pilot selected alternative (enhance as needed)• Roll out to departments 4
  5. 5. InterviewsSource Person Interviewed Folder Naming Screen Shots Report Structure Diagrams Types ListDCL-OB Katy May Yes Yes Yes PartialDCL-PH Connie McCabe Yes Yes Yes PartialDCL-SR Chris Maines Yes Yes Yes PartialDCL-PT Elizabeth Walmsley Yes Yes No PartialDCL-PT Jay Krueger Yes Yes No PartialDCL-PT Joanna Dunn Yes Yes No PartialDCL-PA Michelle Stein N/A N/A Yes Yes 5
  6. 6. Other Sources Reviewed• Suggest patterns for consideration – RKD and Mauritshuis Report - General – RKD and Mauritshuis Report – Conservation Example – RKD and Mauritshuis Report – The National Gallery of Art London – DCL-PT 2009 Study by Katrina Bartlett – AIC (American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works)• Raise issues of associated content – DIVS Image Folders Block Diagram – Digital Imaging and Visual Services – Exhibitions 6
  7. 7. Scope of naming patternsWhich files should be named accordingDCL-COMto the pattern? Example Department Reports (all types of reports for works of art)- Treatments 1- Correspondence [NGA Collection Reports] Reports by Accession Number - Contains a folder for each Object- Library NGA Object 2 1937.1.112_Florentine_Madonna and Child Reports 3 1937.1.112_Loan approval worksheet.docx- NGANonNGA Items 1937.1.113_XXX 1937.1.113_XXX 1937.1.113_XXX- Presentations 1937.1.113_XXX_Loan_worksheet.docx 1937.1.113_XXX_TP.docx- Documents from other institutions- Proposed Acquisitions [Non-NGA Collection Reports] Reports by Name- Administrative (Budgets) - contains folders for exhibitions, proposed Acquisitions, Object for Study …. 4- Image files 1998CalderExhibition 1998CalderExhibition 1998CalderExhibition- Saved Emails XXXXXXX.docx Proposed Acquisition (Transient Holding Area)What is out of scope?- Personal Documents- Confidential ? Images 5- Other ? 7
  8. 8. Type of Attributes 8
  9. 9. Major Attributes Source Accession Artist Title Type of Date Number   Treatment DCL-OB Folder and File Folder (With Folder (With Entered in name No Accession Accession Number) Number)DCL-PT (EW) Folder Folder (First 4) Folder (First 4) In file name Correspondence and File (First 4) and File (First 4)DCL-PT(JK) Sometimes In Folder and No In File name With Dups Folder, always in Filename File NameDCL-PT (JD) Folder and Folder and No In File name No Filename FilenameDCL-PH Folder and Folder and No In File name Correspondence Filename filenameDCL-SR In Folder In Folder In File No No 9
  10. 10. Common Patterns• Artist frequently used in either folder or file name• Accession number frequently used in both file and folder name• Accession Number separated by periods (.)• File name includes report type code• Inconsistent partial or abbreviated name of Artist or title used• Most labs diverged from standard on occasion 10
  11. 11. Objects Lab Folders Files1937.1.112 _Florentine _Madonna and Child 1937.1.113 _Trt .docx1937.1.112 _Florentine _Madonna and Child 1937.1.113 _Loan_worksheet .docxAAAA.A.A _RRRRRRR _TTTTTTTTTTTTTTT AAAA.A.A _DDDDDDDDDDD .XXX 1 2 File Extension (Doc,Docx, xls, … ) Report Type Common Document Types Con = Condition Report Tp = Treatment Proposal Trt = Treatment Report Sys = Technical Examination of Systematic Catalog Loa = Loan Mnr = Minor Treatment 3 Infrequent Document types (Freeform) Loan_Worksheet Analysis Proposal Condition Notes Request for Loan Special Cases Correspondence Organization Name MFAH = Museum of fine Arts Houston Accession Number (periods used) Title (abbreviated) Artist (abbreviated) Accession Number (periods used as separators)
  12. 12. Folders1942_9_11 _CoroAAA_A_AA _RRRR Arti TTTT WordDocs MMMMMMMM Coro RRRR Files Arti TTTT _exam _DDD .doc .xxx Painting 1 File Extension (Doc, xls, …) Windows 2007 “docx” standard not used 2 Lab Type of Document EXAM = Examination Trt = Treatment Trtlog = Treatment Log Memo =Memorandum Special Case – Free Form Title1942_9_11 _Coro Arti WordDocs Coro 11 _memo 1 a _20110101 .docAAA_A_AA _RRRR TTTT MMMMMMMM RRRR AA _DDDD SS V _YYYYMMDD .xxx 3 File Extension (Doc, xls, …) Windows 2007 “docx” standard not used Report Date (YYYY MM DD ) [The date of the report] Sequence Letter to represents multiple versions of the same document Sequence number to represent multiple documents of the same document type (e.g. memo) Type of Document Memo = Memorandum Special Case – Free Form Last node of accession number, for example: 1992.1.2.123 = „123‟ 1992.3.4.112c = „112c‟ In this example 1942.9.11 = 11 Artist (First four characters) Type of Document (WordDoc, Powerpoint, Admin, DB,…) Title (First four Characters) Artist (First four characters) Accession Number (underscore used as separators)
  13. 13. More Painting Lab Folders Files 1Rothko Rothko 1977.43.01 to 19 Rothko 1977.43.21 TMT 1 (2007) .docAlbers Albers 1992.28.1 TMT (2006) .docAlbers Albers (CMS 130048) EXAM 4 .doc 2 File Extension (Doc, xls, …) Windows 2007 “docx” standard not used Year (optional) Sequence Number (Multiple Similar docs) Type of Document TMT = Treatment EX = EXAM EXAM = EXAM EX&TMT = Treatment and EXAM 3 Sampling Analysis PROP = Proposal Accession Number or CMS Number (If CMS number, the number is in Parens, and prefixed with “CMS”) Periods used in Accession number Artist Name (Matching Folder) Accession Number Range <From and to > Artist Name (Matching Folder) Artist Name (Last Name)
  14. 14. More Painting Lab Folders Files ReportsPeale 1985.59.2 Peale 1985.59.1 Proposal .doc 1Peale 1985.59.2 Peale 1985.59.1 TrmntRpt .docRembrandt 1937.1.75 Rembrandt 1937.1.75 Proposal .docRembrandt 1937.1.75 Rembrandt 1937.1.75 _IRR Rembrandt 1937.1.75 IRR _CompFlat .doc 4 2 3 Extension Details about Treatment Type of report Proposal TrmntRpt = Treatment Report Proposal = Treatment Proposal IRR Accession Number Artist Last Name Type of Report (If multiple reports exist for topic) Accession Number Artist Last Name Correspondence 5Rembrandt 1937.1.75 Prado Rembrandt Prado Rembrandt Xray .tiff 6 6 7 Extension Type of report xray Artist Last Name Correspondence Site Artist Last Name Correspondence Site Accession Number Artist Last Name
  15. 15. Folders FilesArtist and TreatmentsArtist and Treatments Bochner Bochner 2009.33.1 2009.33.1 Images Images DCLPH DCLPH _142272 _142122 _A _A _NM_R _NM_V _20110901 _20110901 _00123 _00124 .DNG .DNG Image Filename Photo Lab File Extension (Doc,Docx, xls, … ) Random Number from Camera Date of image capture AIC Standard <See AIC Guide to Digital Photo 2nd Ed> NM_R = Normal Recto NM_V = Normal Verso RK_R = Raking Recto ... B = Before Treatment D = During Treatment A = After Treatment TMS Object Number Department AcronymArtist and TreatmentsArtist and Treatments Bochner Bochner 2009.33.1 2009.33.1 Reports Reports 2009.33.1 2009.33.1 CR TP .doc .doc Report FilenameArtist and Treatments Bochner 2009.33.1 Reports 2009.33.1 CR updated .doc File Extension (Doc,Docx, xls, … ) “Updated Version” CR = Condition Report TR = Treatment Report Accession Number of TMS Object IDArtist and Treatments Bochner 2009.33.1 Other Witkovsky _Evaluation _20110912 .doc Other FilenameArtist and Treatments Bochner 2009.33.1 Other 2009.33.1 _XRF _20110912 .pdf File Extension (Doc,Docx, xls, … ) Date _Evaluation _XRF Accession Number Or Correspondence contact Reports Images Other Accession Number Artist “Artist and Treatments”
  16. 16. Science Lab Folders Files 4Works of Art Other Frames Frank, Robert 1990.28.477 WA 766 -Frank -GuildedF .PDFWorks of Art Photographs Frank, Robert 1990.28.477 WA 766 -Frank -NewMexico .PDFWorks of Art Paintings Demi, Bob 1990.21.1 WA 734 -Demi -Sunset .PDF 1 2 File Extension (Doc,Docx, xls, … ) 3 Short Version of Title Artist Last Name (Prefixed with “-“) Record Number Database WA = Work of Art Database CP = Commercial Product Database Accession Number Artist First Name Artist Last Name + „,‟ Request LabClassification Photograph Painting Paper Frames Furniture Textiles Objects Other [Optional] for smaller medium groups ( Frames. Furniture, Textiles) Database (Type of Object) “Works of Art” “Commercial Products”
  17. 17. Patterns Source Accession Artist Title Type of Date Number TreatmentDCL-OB Folder and File Folder (With Folder (With Entered in name No Accession Accession Number) Number)DCL-PT (EW) Folder Folder (First 4) Folder (First 4) In file name Correspondence and File (First 4) and File (First 4)DCL-PT(JK) Sometimes In Folder and No In File name With Dups Folder, always in Filename File NameDCL-PT (JD) Folder and Folder and No In File name No Filename FilenameDCL-PH Folder and Folder and No In File name Correspondence Filename filenameDCL-SR In Folder In Folder In Fie No NoDIVS-Collection No No No No In FolderDIVS-Exhibition No No No No In Folder
  18. 18. Using Tags (Links) Directories 1 3 2 4
  19. 19. Process for creating search tags Program “LoadTagsIntoDirectories” Directory=ConservationDepartmentXNGA StartRunAt: 3:00AM Select “Start” ObjectID, ObjectID = 0000023 6 1 Artist, TMS Artist=Murdock Title Title=Story-In-the-hills. from TMS_Objects 5 Where obj = „1991.1.23‟ 4 Network Storage 7 Create Tags Folder for Object1ConservationDepartmentX 1NGA 3 11991-1-23_Murdock 1991-1-23 Create Link _wObjID_0000023.lnk 2 11991-1-23_Tags GoTo=ConservationDepartx1991-1-23_Murdock Ê_wObjID_0000023.lnk Create Link _wArtist_Murdock.lnk Ê_wArtist_Murdock.lnk 8 GoTo=ConservationDepartx1991-1-23_Murdock Ê_wTitle_Story-In-the-hills.lnk Create Link _wTitle_Story-In-the-hills. GoTo=ConservationDepartx1991-1-23_Murdock Ê_wUsedBy_ArtNicewick.lnk 11991-1-24_Murdock 11991-1-25_Murdock 9 1NON-NGA 1VIEW 1Artist 1Murdock Ê_wObj_1990-1-123.lnk Create Artist Folder 10 Ê_wObj_1991-1-21.lnk Ê_wObj_1991-1-23.lnk 1Murrow Create Link _wObj_1991-1-23.lnk 11 Ê_wObj_1943-1-23.lnk GoTo=ConservationDepartx1991-1-23_Murdock Ê_wObj_1933-1-224.lnk
  20. 20. [1] Although the “Keyword” was used as an example, this field refer to all other metadata defined field “besides” the comments field (e.g. Author, Album, …) Metadata in comments Type of File Keyword field Comments field Custom Field Windows XP Folder No No No Files Yes Yes Yes [MsWord,.] Links No No No Windows 7 Folder No Yes [If system attribute turned No on] Files Yes Yes Yes [MsWord,.] Links No Yes TBD Mac Folder TBD Yes TBD File TBD Yes TBD Links TBD TBD TBD
  21. 21. Summary of optionsEvaluation Criteria Criteria Importance ObjectID ObjectID +Artist Object Number Object Number Artist Folder + + Artist Object NumberWill need to change when Moderate No No Yes Yes Yesaccession number is assigned Short name folder Low Yes No Yes No NoRequires use of Search Tags to Moderate Yes Possibly Possibly No Nofind item Based on users existing patterns High No A little somewhat Yes Yes  Folder prevents duplicate Objects Low Yes No Yes No NoEasy to use High No Maybe Maybe Yes Yes  Easiest to migrate Moderate No No Yes Yes YesStrategic Direction for Object Moderate Yes Yes No No NoName usage Matched Work patterns High Low Low Good Better Better  
  22. 22. Folders FilesNGANGANGANONNGA 1992-1-72 1992-1-191 1992-1-191 Book-143 _Warhol _Warhol _Warhol _Newton 1992-1-72 1992-1-191 1992-1-191 Book_143 _trmt _exam _exam _trmt _20110112 _20110112 _20110112 _SecondDraft _20111213 .doc .pdf .doc .doc File Extension (Doc,Docx, xls, … ) As Is Free Form Date (YYYYMMDD) Type of Report (4 characters) exam =Examination icon =Condition Report ocon =Outgoing Condition Check trmt =Treatment tlog =Treatment Log tprp =Treatment Proposal sysc =Technical Examination of Systematic Catalog loan =Loan mnrt =Minor Treatment lwks =Loan Worksheet aprp =Analysis Proposal bexm =Batch Exam tcon =Condition Report (Travel) cass =Condition Assessment rloa Request for Loan memo =Memorandum samp =Sampling tanl =Technical Analysis note =Special Notes prpt =Report (Collection Report) Accession Number (Hyphens) or NONNGA idNGA 1992-1-72 _ VanGough Tags _w Artist _ VanGough .Lnk File Extension lnk = windows link (shortcut )NGA 1992-1-72 _ VanGough Tags _m Artist _ VanGough .Alias Alias = Macintosh Alias Value of Search Tag - For TMSNGA items this is machine generated Type of “Search Tag” This can be everything that can be inferred from either TMS, as a new online application (if desired). This can also to a manually defined tag the a user may choose to record. The following is an example of some Tags Nightly Auto Generated Tags from TMS Title - “Title for NGA item” Artist – “Forward Name for NGA item” ObjectNum – TMS ObjectNumber for NGA item” Date – Date (Art Period) for NGA item” Medium – Medium for NGA item [Note: NonNGA items will not be updated with this search info] Tags users may decide to create for themselves Exhibition – Exhibition(s) that art work belongs to ActiveFor – Name of conservators that are activiely working on Object Open – Note “Yes” or “No” if being worked on Type of tag Operating System Supported _w denotes a Macintosh “Alias” _w denotes a windows link “Tags” - Hard coded Artist (First 10 of Last Name) Accession Number (Hyphens) or NONNGA id “NGA” or “NonNGA”
  23. 23. Folder Files (“A”) Comments Field With MetaData (“B”)1“DCL-COM”1LabX 1 Reports 1TMS To Be  Campagnola_Domenico Domenico Campagnola [Italian, before 1500 - 1564] ID=2418 1 Gaddi_Agnolo Agnolo Gaddi [Italian, active 1369 - 1396] ID=1327  1937-1-4-a Madonna Enthroned with Saints&Angels [left panel] [OID=2]  1937-1-4-b Madonna Enthroned with Saints&Angels [Middle panel] [OID=3]  1937-1-4-c Madonna Enthroned with Saints&Angels [right panl] [OID=4] 1 Rothko_Mark Mark Rothko [American, born Russia, 1903 - 1970] ID=1839  X-1869 Untitled [Blue, Green and Brown] [ObjectID=78805]  X-1870 Untitled [ObjectID=78806] 1 X-1872 No. 14 [White and Greens in Blue] [ObjectID=78808]  X.1872_Intranet.url  X-1873 No. 2 (No. 7 and No. 20) [ObjectID=78809]  X-15245 No. 12 (Black on Dark Sienna on Purple) [ObjectID=102526]  Brambilla_Francesco Francesco Brambilla, the Younger [Ital, 1530-1599] ID=13470  Botticelli_Sandro Sandro Botticelli [Italian, 1446 - 1510] ID=989 1Abate_Niccolo_dell Niccolo dell Abate (Italian, 1509 or 1512 – 1571) ID=3474 11945-1-43 Flowers in the Lilies [ObjectID=10201]  1945-1-43_Intranet.url  1945-1-43_Trmt_20110101.doc  1945-1-43_Exam_20110101.doc 1Emails Emails for 1945-1-43  Sub-ApprovalForWork.pdf 11945-1-43-a Flowers in the Lilies – Recto - [ObjectID=10211]  1945-1-43-a_Intranet.url  1945-1-43-a_Trmt_20110101.doc  1945-1-43-a_Exam_20110101.doc
  24. 24. Validation Directory=ConservationDepartmentXNGA Program “CheckFileData” Conversion Doc DB Overrides StartRunAt: 3:00AM 4 Artist Name Overrides TMS Artist=Modock 1 A Is Accession Num in TMS? Artist Name Inferred Name Mr. Renaldo (Skipper) III :Jay Mr-Renaldo-Skipper-III-Ja Desired Short Name Renaldo-3rd B Does Artist name in Folder match 7 TMS? 3 5 Violations 6 Dept Folder Message Ignore? Date Valid Report Codes DCL-XX 1991-1-23_Murdock „B‟ Artist Name Not same as TMS Y 1/1/2011 Yes DCL-XX 1991-1-23_Murdock „C‟ „Trt‟ not valid report code N 1/1/2011 TRMT Fail? DCL-XX 1991-1-23_Murdock „D‟ Accession Num not same as parent N 1/1/2011 EXAM C Is report code a Valid code DCL-XX 1991-1-23_Murdock „E‟ Date format invalid N 1/1/20111ConservationDepartmentX TPRP DCL-XX 1991.1.24_Murdock „F‟ Invalid Accession Number N 1/1/2011 1NGA A B APRP 11991-1-23_Murdock E . . 1991-1-23_Trmt_201121.doc . Dept Data Steward 2 1991-1-23_Exam_20120301_V3.doc D Is file Accession number same as parent? DCL-AA DCL-BB Joe User Jill User Create C 1991-1-23a_Exam_20110301.doc DCL-CC Pam User Email E Is Date format valid? DCL-DD Sue User 1991-1-23_Trt_20110301.doc DCL-XX Fred User D F Is Accession Num valid ? 11991.1.24_Murdock F 8 9
  25. 25. Next steps1. Identify current patterns - Review2. Analyze common patterns across departments - Review3. Identify business requirements - Review enhance4. Analysis of technical options available - Review Enhance (With Macintosh issues)5. Identify alternative solutions - Review enhance6. Review alternatives with stakeholders - Determine what information to distribute - Determine primary stakeholder - Schedule7. Pilot selected alternative - Select pilot department - Implement8. Roll out to department 25