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Alliteration & assonance


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Alliteration & assonance

  1. 1. Have you Ever Heard…• Sally sold seashells by the sea shore• Peter piper picked a peck of pickledpeppers• These are both examples ofalliteration!•
  2. 2. Definition:• Alliteration: Having stressed syllables with thesame sound or sound group repeating at thebeginning of two or more wordsImages from Microsoft Clip Art
  3. 3. • Alliterations don’t always have to start withthe same letter. It only has to have the samesound!• The phonic ‘ph’ can sound like f….Funny photos• ‘C’ can sometimes sound like ‘S’….Sassy Celebrities• ‘C’ can sound like ‘K’…Kitty CatImage from Microsoft Clip Art
  4. 4. Where is Alliteration Used?• Companies: to make brand names morememorable• Examples: Krispy Kreme, Best Buy, PayPal• Characters: to appeal to children and standout• Examples: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck,SpongeBob Squarepants•
  5. 5. Where is Alliteration Used….Images from Microsoft Clip Art
  6. 6. Is This Alliteration?• Eric eats eggs• Becky bought a beagle• Coca-Cola• Silent child• Living the life• Find the phone fast• She was thinking and blinking•
  7. 7. Consonance• Definition: InternalInternal repetition or endingendingconsonant sounds in a section of words*What is a consonant*A speech sound that is not a vowel (a,e,i,o,u)
  8. 8. Examples of Consonance:• The lumpy, bumpy road• The string was strong• Some mammals are clammy
  9. 9. Consonance in the Real World• Used in Songs: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem“Hold your nose ‘cause here goes the coldwater”• Used in Poems: “The Raven” by Edgar AllanPoe“There came a tapping, as of some one gentlyrapping-rapping on my chamber door”
  10. 10. Assonance• Definition: Internal repetition of vowel soundsin words close together* What is a vowel?*A, E, I, O, or U
  11. 11. Examples of Assonance• I made my way to the lake• The hat man• I don’t know whats going on!
  12. 12. Assonance in the Real WorldIn Poems:• “The Bells” by Edgar AllanPoe“Hear the mellow weddingbells”In Songs:• “Hey Soul Sister” by Train• “You gave my life direction,a game show loveconnection”
  13. 13. Is this alliteration, consonance, orassonance?• He struck a streak of bad luck• There was a fleet of sleeping geese• The pig put on a few pounds• How now brown cow• The sun made my skin sizzleConsonanceAssonanceAlliterationAssonanceAlliteration•
  14. 14. *CAUTION*• Too much use of alliteration, consonance, orassonance can be excessive and be distractingin writing!• Use sparingly and make sure to not use toomuch of one device in writing. Make sure toincorporate alliteration, consonance, as wellas assonance•