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Reading 4

  1. 1. 1. Which of the following is NOT one of the four key components of learning that integrating technology into the classroom MUST satisfy?<br />a. Active Engagement<br />b. Participation in Groups<br />c. Connection to Real-World Experts<br />d. The Most Expensive Software*<br />2. Effective technology integration is achieved when the use of technology is routine and transparent and when technology supports curricular goals. <br />a. Routine*<br />b. New<br />c. Random<br />d. None of the Above<br />3. Learning through projects while equipped with technology tools allows students to be which of the following?<br />a. Intellectually Challenged*<br />b. Intellectually Curious<br />c. Intellectually Satisfied<br />d. Intellectually Renewed<br />4. The myriad resources of the online world also provide each classroom with what types of learning materials?<br />a. More Interesting<br />b. More Diverse<br />c. More Current<br />d. All of the Above*<br />5. With technology tools and a project-learning approach, students are more less likely to do which of the following?<br />a. Stay engaged <br />b. Stay on Task<br />c. Behave Better<br />d. Have Behavior Problems*<br />6. The survey done by Common Sense Media found that almost __% of schools around the country ban student cell phone use during the school day.<br />a. 60%<br />b. 70%*<br />c. 80%<br />d. 90%<br />7. At Trinity Meadows Intermediate School in Keller, Texas, in fact, students caught using cell phones have them confiscated, and their parents have to pay how much to ransom them?<br />a. $20.00<br />b. $15.00*<br />c. $10.00<br />d. $5.00<br />8. Who is the executive director of the State Education Technology Directors Association in Glen Burnie, MD?<br />a. Mike Toschi<br />b. Mike Flood<br />c. Mary Ann Wolf*<br />d. None of the Above<br />9. How much did the article say it costs to easily deploy Web browsers and applications like Microsoft Word and Excel and to use built-in graphic organizing, drawing and animation tools?<br />a. $45.00<br />b. $40.00<br />c. $35.00*<br />d. $30.00<br />10. Where can students store their work from which they can transfer files to other devices such as laptops or desktop computers at home?<br />a. E-locker*<br />b. B-locker<br />c. C-locker<br />d. Z-locker<br />11. Which of the following is the grant-funded program that has adopted Smartphone’s as teaching tools in some math classes in a handful of North Carolina school districts that was mentioned in this article?<br />a. Project Smart<br />b. Project K-Nect*<br />c. Project Assist<br />d. Project Teach<br />12. What do teachers say is one of the biggest benefits they have seen from the use of technology?<br />a. Students Confidence Levels<br />b. Ability to Truly Understand Math<br />c. Ability to Explain Math<br />d. All of the Above*<br />13. How much training do teachers need in order to have technology in their classroom?<br />a. About Nine Hours*<br />b. About Ten Hours<br />c. About Eleven Hours<br />d. About Twelve Hours<br />14. How much training do students need in order to take a class with integrated technology?<br />a. About Four Hours*<br />b. About Eight Hours<br />c. About Ten Hours<br />d. About Twelve Hours<br />15. Which of the following are some of the problems when integrating technology in the classroom?<br />a. Teachers cannot keep track of student’s actions.*<br />b. Intense training is needed.<br />c. Technical glitches come up.<br />d. All of the Above<br /> <br />