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LWV Judiciary Seminar, April 21, 2012


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League of Women Voters of Bellingham/Whatcom County event on Diversity in the Courts.

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LWV Judiciary Seminar, April 21, 2012

  1. 1. League of Women Voters ofBellingham/Whatcom County Judiciary Seminar – April 21, 2012
  2. 2. Access and Justice for All Washington State Supreme Court Judge Steven Gonzalez Keynote Speaker
  3. 3. Elsie, Tanya and Amy prepare for registration.
  4. 4. All hands on deck to welcome guests
  5. 5. Meeting Cindy Padera from LWVUS Project Committee
  6. 6. Gathering for lunch
  7. 7. Warm welcomes from Kathy and Inge
  8. 8. Thanks to our local judges for supporting this event
  9. 9. Co- President Jayne FreudenbergerJayne introduces guests and acknowledgesour sponsor, the League of Women VotersEducation Fund & the Transparency andIntegrity Fund of the Open SocietyFoundation
  10. 10. Supreme Court JudgeSteven Gonzalez spoke about the impact of diversity upon our perception of fairness.
  11. 11. Co-President Kay Ingram introduces the distinguished panel members.
  12. 12. Judge Raquel Montoya-Lewis, Supreme Court Judge Steven Gonzalez, Moderator Robbi Ferron, Judge Charles A. Snyder, and Judge Deborah D. Fleckengaged in an animated conversation and responded to questions from the audience