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Technical communication


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The Importance of Technical Communication

Published in: Technology, Business
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Technical communication

  1. 1. Communicating in the IT profession By Angela M. Adams 08/19/2012
  2. 2. One of the most important tasks you will be faced with when communicating in the IT world is being able to communicate effectively. Effective communication skills in the IT profession include:• Accuracy• Clarity• Comprehensiveness• Objectivity• Conciseness
  3. 3. Customer perspective:What would you do if you have a technical issue?
  4. 4. Technology can be frustrating Effective communication is necessary to lead people in the right direction TeamworkIT Technician• Communicate solutions• Communicate step by step proceduresCustomer• Explain issues• Comprehend solutions• Carry out solution procedures
  5. 5. Technology is constantly changing Non Lack of friendly technicaluser guides knowledge Effective communication in the IT profession helps bring technology to a user friendly understanding
  6. 6. Customers don’t speak the same technical language as an IT technician • Longer resolution times • Misdiagnosed technical issues Fact According to NTR Global, one of the leading technical support companies in the nation the average customer abandonment rate is 1 to 5 percent of contacts• Lack of understanding• Misguided• Confusion
  7. 7. Did you know?IT communication issues can result in customer dissatisfaction from poor service quality and miscommunication from their IT agent
  8. 8. Effective communication in the IT profession Provides an excellent customer experience by working hand in hand with the customer to find solutions and solve issues leaving the customer• More confident with technology• High technical quality of service from proper communication and resolved issues
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