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Projectfusion secure collaboration


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Introduction to Projectfusion.

Published in: Technology
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Projectfusion secure collaboration

  1. 1. Version 3. March 2012.High security collaboration
  2. 2. FOR ANGUSBRADLEY@PROJECTFUISON.COM IP 12/MAR/2012:1020HRS T IAL ID EN NF CO DOCUMENT CONTROLsecure, preview, tag, metadata, version control and fast search
  3. 3. SIMPLE SITESbasic file share or due diligence
  4. 4. COLLABORATIVE SITES Unlimited sites & users
  5. 5. RICH MEDIA, BIG FILESStream & Download Presentations, Seminars, Podcasts,Talks
  6. 6. TALKSpeaks German, French, Spanish, Italian & Japanese
  7. 7. SYNC Synchronise your servers with ProjectfusionSynchronise your iPads and iPhones with Projectfusion
  8. 8. YOUR SITE, YOUR BRANDFull branding is available, you can even have a personal URL like
  9. 9. ICO personal information code of practice Solicitors code of conduct  ISO27001 principles EU Data Protection Act PROTECT Meet data protection standards. Protect your firm and your people.