#1 eagle gorge


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#1 eagle gorge

  1. 1. The Western Adventures Of Angus and Bonnie Eagle Gorge By Angus B Chapter 1 The cave “Bang.”‘Bang.” A cowboy shots his pistol at me as I run to my cave. Hi I am Angus I am a bandit, but I don’t want to be I do it for food and water. I live in a cave with my dog Bonnie who has lived with me my whole life. I am 12 years old and I live by my self. Then I feel my head aching and everything goes white. Chapter 2 Prison When I woke up I was in a cell with bonnie and a bandage around my head and my hands where cuffed behind my back. I sigh an wish this was all a bad dream and so for that reason Bonnie bites me on the toe “ouch I scream.” And close my eyes and wish when I wake up I am in a cave with Bonnie. But no it’s not a bad dream, I am stuck in prison with Bonnie
  2. 2. Chapter 3 Death Then some guards come and say“your hanging will begin in 15 minutes , your last words to your mutt hahahahahhahahaha” and stomp away. My face goes pail with fear can this really be my last 15 minutes of my life. So I grab a spoon and say to bonnie .“Lets dig.” Chapter 4 The Dig We are digging for our lives when I feel a hand on my shoulder, the hand lift me of the ground I say to bonnie “NOW!” Bonnie jumps up off the ground bites the guards. Drops me and we run off.Once we reach the cave we grab our stuff well Bonnie grabs here teddy and we ran off to find a new cave. Once we found cave and settled down in it I saw a shadow in the corner moving closer to me. Chapter 5 Shadows I see that the figure is Timburnato , my old friend from school. I see he is shot in the leg so I take my bandage of and rapped it around his leg. And we lived in that cave for the rest of our days.But one day the cowboys found our cave but we were ready this time we had some pistols and 2 mini slingshots with 458 rocks. Once they entered the cave They turned into shadows We screamed and ran out of the cave. Chapter 6 Night terrors We ran and ran and ran for ages , until we were shore they couldn’t catch up . We sat down and ate some lunch, we need a place to live, we sat wondering for some time when I said “how about eagle gorge? “He said“ok lets go to eagle gorge in the morning and camp here for the night.” We make camp and set to bed I say I will take first watch, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open and set to sleep. I had nightmares about a gun fight at a weird river with me and Bonnie and Tim, I got shot and Bonnie was tied up and placed in the river to was drown. When I woke up it was early and we set of right away.
  3. 3. Chapter 7 The walk We were walking for hours on end, it was a hot and muggy day we were about 1 hour from the lush and beautiful eagle gorge with only a water supply to last a day. We had to move fast. The sun was coming down when we saw eagle gorge it was beautiful with lush grass and towering trees that held animals in the and kept the ground from getting wet during the rain season. It had a giant water fall and a giant canopy running down the center of it. Then Tim fainted, he had fallen down the gorge. Chapter 8 Running & Screaming I had no time to think I started looking for away down I saw a little path I went straight for it I ran the whole way down the I heard. “SNAP, CRACK,FOMP!” he had hit the ground I was to late I was dead. I found him but then he sat up and said what happened the I saw a dart whoosh through the air and hit him on the back he fainted the I saw whiteness in the corners of my eyes. I fell into a deep sleep. Chapter 9 The natives We awoke in a cage made of bones with some Indian guys around us some where talking about how lip stick is back in fashion and others where talking at us say that they thought they got the gorge and everyone else got the other land. We said we needed a home and we never new that people lived here. They said that we could live here but only if they don’t disturb the village and its people. We smiled and said “ YES OK YES SIR WE PROMISE AND HOPE YOU HAVE A GOT DAY SIR.” With that they opened the cage and we ran off to find a new home or cave. Chapter 10 A new home We found a cave to live in and found some wood to make some doors and wall at the entrance so know one could wonder in and found some plants that glow in the dark and never die or need water we made our home near a water hole so we could get water. We couldn’t believe what had happened in the last week. I had nearly died so had Tim and we had gone where no one had gone before, The beautiful Eagle Gorge. Epilogue As we set of hunting for the first time I know we can survive. I hope have more adventures like this one and I wonder if anything else hides in the gorge. So much has happened in a week I wonder what tomorrow has in store for us.