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Information Design Web Planning Mockup


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course work. project to present style guide and mockup to fictional client as a proposal to develop a website.

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Information Design Web Planning Mockup

  1. 1. PPBA Puppy Parenting Baedeker Alliance Information Design Strategy IMD 320 February 14, 2014
  2. 2. (3)  Assets table (18)  Stakeholder “herstory” (4)  Architecture Map (19)  Stakeholder objectives (5)  Wireframes (20)  Stakeholder goals (6)  Styles Guide (21)  User demographic (7)  Mockups (25)  User personas (8)  References (28)  User scenario (11)  Contact information (29)  Functional content specs (12)  Features table (17) TABLE OF CONTENTS  Stakeholder identification
  3. 3. STAKEHOLDERS Stacy Brady (center) and her two adopted daughters, Iris and Cecelia Website design staff, and any outside consultants.
  4. 4.  Stacy gained her knowledge of canines through 10 years experience as a veterinarian and her husband owns a dog training facility in California. Their daughters often get questions from their friends in the neighborhood and at school about caring for a new puppy. The constant interest showed that creation of an online source of information was urgently needed. HISTORY  If not for the vision of her two daughters, the Brady’s would not have the determination to create a website. With the new technology so wide spread and so many animal shelters full of dogs, why not make it easier for eager new puppy parents to learn everything they need to know. What they see on the web now is only schools for dogs to be trained.
  5. 5.  Provide secure login and preserve user progress  Use multimedia to provide an engaging experience: animation, audio, etc. OBJECTIVES  Train people how to care for puppies!
  6. 6.  The site needs to provide enough information for the user to feel comfortable and confident in their parenting skills.  The site should provide various levels of knowledge so that users are not limited to the basics and do not leave feeling shortchanged.  The site should provide a rewarding experience by providing a certificate of completion at the end. The site will also include retail for puppy accessories so users do not have to leave the GOALS  The site would need to attract first time dog owner, particularly puppy parents.
  7. 7. USER DEMOGRAPHICS  Age: Child – Adult  Gender: Male or Female  Education: Elementary – College and beyond  Computer Experience: Intermediate level user; no programming knowledge needed  Previous knowledge of the subject matter: None  Functionality: Present the information in a fun way. Make it easy to understand and remember. No information overload
  10. 10. USER PERSONA
  11. 11. Scenario Scenario: Elma went to the PetSmart website to research how much items cost for a new puppy. She saw an ad for free Puppy Parenting tutorial for new parents. She clicked the link/ ad and it brought her to the website. She explored the home page and found that the site was free for the first two levels of the course. She could sign in with her current Facebook or Google+ account. After logging in, she was given a random account ID and began to watch the instructional animation. The course had a delightful map resembling a dog park; as Elma progressed past the first lesson, she received a virtual doggie treat for her success. Also, the second spot on the map lit up showing that she was now able to move forward. The game-like feel aroused her interest and made her want to continue!
  13. 13. 1 HEADER . SPECIFICATIONS The header will have a background png image that spans the full width of the screen. The image will be centered and repeat along the x-axis. It will be 80 pixels in height and at top. Within that header will be the site logo (left aligned). Login button and language selector are aligned right, all sitting within a responsive full-width framework. Puppy parent trainees will be able to save their work/progress. The login process will be done with a Facebook or Google+ account. This saves the verification process, since these organizations have already done that. After the initial social connection, an alternate username and id will be generated. Below the header, a slideshow will display some of the site features and some images will have buttons within the slide that the user can click to go directly to the feature that interests them.
  14. 14. 2 NAVIGATION . SPECIFICATIONS Below the slideshow will rest the main navigation. Although it is below the slider at first, the navigation is sticky so that when scrolling below the fold, the navigation will remain at the top of the page. The navigation consists of All; Pix (pictures); Videos; Shop; and Course Map. Navigation is horizontal in bold, black text. Active or selected navigation will be highlighted in our custom orange while text color is bone-white.
  15. 15. 3 CONTENT . SPECIFICATIONS Below the navigation will be various modules or <divs> of one of three sizes. It will look like a grid layout. Each module will contain images representing different courses within the puppy parenting course, images from the gallery, or different products puppy parents may find of interest (to buy). Each module/div will have a description below, just in case the image does not speak for itself. Also an icon will let the user know which menu category the modules coordinate.
  16. 16. 4 FOOTER . SPECIFICATIONS The footer will be small. It will contain the information and help links, social networking links, and site copyright information.
  17. 17. Project Feature Header Logo Slideshow buttons How will the feature be implemented? The site logo will be located at the very top of every none page. It is a quick link to the home page. When each slide changes, it If scripting is disabled then will have a custom designed the slideshow will not button that will navigate to function, but a default image related information. will display instead. Buttons such as Facebook icon, google+ icon Social media buttons Login Main navigation none Clicking the login will cause a pop-in window to display If the user is not ‘social’, that contains buttons login a login cannot be created. with either Facebook or Google+ ( or other )  Progress Map  Lessons  Products  Videos none  Pictures  Modules What are concerns about the feature? Content Png image of the brand logo HTML, Javascript, Jquery Jpeg images, png or gif button images HTML and CSS Facebook API, Google API, other social media API HTML, CSS, PHP Hangulga (to translate the site to another language) Rounded boxes will display images with text below Direct links to lessons and progress map must be disabled for users who are not logged Images, html, css, php
  18. 18. Asset Logo Menu Format Png Text Description n/a Bold, dark Bold, minimum 1.3em Text Web safe font Slideshow Jpeg or other web format images Full page width Jquery or Javascript With html and css Module images Jpeg or png Various sizes Html, css Icons Standard icons, custom colored Videos Embedded from YouTube Other Info Html, css Image manipulation software and open source files Circular with the corresponding pictogram within it Standard media player Coding Html, css Html, css Html, css
  19. 19. Info Architecture
  20. 20. WIREFRAMES
  21. 21. STYLE GUIDE
  22. 22. MOCKUPS
  23. 23. REFERENCES  "Chelsea Dresser." Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 7 Feb. 2014. <>.  "Dog House 8." Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 7 Feb. 2014.  "Dog House 8." Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 7 Feb. 2014. <>.  "Estate Sale Finds." Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 7 Feb. 2014.  "Henry." Flickr. Yahoo!, 25 Aug. 2009. Web. 7 Feb. 2014. <>.  "Pike's Bed." Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 14 Feb. 2014.
  24. 24. ANGELA Y SMITHERS me