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Newsletter ÄngsbackaFebruary 2011Stillness and movement                                        Ängsbacka in February carri...
Traumahealing, March 4-6Traumahealing is a new course, which both suits you who want to understandyourself better and is a...
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Newsletter february


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February's newsletter from Ängsbacka, for you who wants to stay in touch with us.

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Newsletter february

  1. 1. Newsletter ÄngsbackaFebruary 2011Stillness and movement Ängsbacka in February carries a stillness that vibrates from the preparations for the Summer. Luckily, we also have time to look out the window and see the snow sparkling on the meadows and frost covering the branches of the trees. We have a wonderful environment here – and it can also be yours if you chose to come here as volunteer or guest! Right now we are looking for a new finance director and also for volunteers to the garden, kitchen, text/photo and beautifying. Read more about for which assignments we need people on our website. Let Easter be a time for renewal and wellbeing! This is the third year that we offer the Yoga & Dance Easter. This is a retreat for body and soul. We invite you to enjoy life through relaxing yoga sessions, deep breathing, meditation and dance. In June we offer even more dance with Ya’acov Darling Khan, UK course “The Alchemy of Stillness” Enjoy the Early Bird price, if you book before March 1st. We are happy that so many choose to celebrate their holidaysat our summer festivals, here in the beautiful region of Värmland. No Mind and the other festivals arealready filling up. Book now to enjoy our family discounts and the Early Bird price for No mind for themembers of Ängsbacka Association.But – all these wonderful festivals would not be possible if it wasn´t for all volunteers and volunteercoordinators who chose to come here – some of them year after year! To work with building up thesite is an experience of joy, co-operation, challenge, expansion, love and growth which is hard to beat!The first volunteers come in the beginning of June. You can also come as a volunteer coordinator withresponsibility for a work area and a working group. For that you need to take our leadership trainingÄLI, Ängsbacka Leadership Intensive, a training which we keep developing to be a good basis for yourwork here and as leader in general.ÄLI starts April 1. It is time to register both to be a volunteer and tobe a coordinator, so don´t hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to spending the Summertogether with you!At last: Congratulations to Nicki Twang who won a ticket (at Yoga festival i Oslo) to the Yoga Festivalthis Summer!Looking forward to meet you here!Greetings from Ängsbacka
  2. 2. Traumahealing, March 4-6Traumahealing is a new course, which both suits you who want to understandyourself better and is a complement for you who is working with others. With TRE,(Trauma Releasing Exercises), you can release stress and traumatic anxietythrough the inherent capacity of the body to heal itself. You will have more easyaccess to safety, resources, happiness and energy. Read an interview with thecourse leader Bea Thorkildsen on the star you already are, March 23-27Become the Star you already are, led by Lamhita Jacobson is a course there youcan explore new sides of yourself and find your true potential. A creative processto heal and transform old patterns and limits.Shamanic De-armorering, March 26-April 9Åsa Kullberg leads her course Shamanic Dearmoring, an intense healing processwhich releases the control the past has on your body, sets free and expands lifeenergy and stimulates vitality and happiness. It is a modernized shamanistictechnique and ceremony, which resets natural balance and generatestransformation on a cellular level. De-Armoring is one of our recurring courses andvery appreciated.Ängsbacka Leadership Intensive, April 1-3ÄLI – our totally unique leadership training starts in April and goes on during 4weekends and 4 weeks during the summer. In ÄLI all comes together: insights,hanging together in the café, group dynamics, homework, laughter, responsibility,theory, love, practice, friends, challenges, dishes, dance, learnings and open stage– all in one Summer and a training that makes you grow as a leader and humanbeing.Mindfulness, April 13-19Mindfulness is a form of meditation accepted by society, which has beenscientifically proven to have effect and is easy to learn and teach. In thisMindfulness Retreat led by Gunnar Michanek you can go deep inside yourself andalso learn techniques to keep presence and relaxation in your everyday life. It is thesame methods which are used by the founder of Mindfulness, Jon Kabat-Zinn, inhis teaching.      Yoga & Dans Easter April 21-25  Many known yoga and dance teachers are on the way here so we cancreate together a magic Easter. We are all different and need differentthings to relax. At the Yoga & Dance Easter we offer something for everyoneregardless of experience, whether you are a beginner or experienced in yoga anddance, there will be something nourishing for you. Some of the teachers: Sky, AnnkiWarberg, Magnus & Mahima Lindroth, Carina-Maria Caur, Yogananda, ÅsaKarlsson..Welcome here, welcome home to your self