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Ängsbacka member letter - February

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Member letter february

  1. 1. Ängsbacka member letterFebruary 2011  Hi all 576 members!Ängsbackas finance department is now ready with the financial statements forÄngsbacka AB, 2010. If approved by our auditors at Öhrlings we will make a profit ofabout 56 000 SEK. It is very good given the situation last spring with a warning aboutloss of 500-600 000 SEK, and even if it required hard work by the management teamwith many creative cost savings and some tough decisions, it has been necessaryand is very much worth as we move forward.Anyway, Ängsbacka will continue to focus on economic growth in 2011 and has aprofit goal of SEK 600 000. The second major objective is the final proof from theBuilding Committee.Back a bit to the previous letter to the members in December where we talked aboutthe liquidation crisis Ängsbacka faced. It is partially ordered by a loan of 500 000 andthat we once again managed to save costs for fire alarm installation and fire safety,which are regulatory requirements and the basis for a final proof. Donation project"Together We Can Make It!" has so far collected about 23 000 SEK and bhajansconcert in Gothenburg raised 8000 SEK. Many thanks to Daniel Ryrvik andSiddhartha Silversol. So inspiring :-)To conclude on the economy, again a big profit (600 000) for 2011 is absolutelynecessary to begin mortgage payments on loans and also to plan for furtherdevelopment.What do we do? We start new festivals and expand our programs and focus onvolunteer training. Go to the website and read more about Ängsbackas leadershiptraining, raw food festival, Womens Festival and the Festival of SustainableDevelopment - Future Perfect. In addition, there are more new courses on the annualprogram Mindfulness, The Alchemy Of Stillness etc.Furthermore, remember the engine / heart for the most part on Ängsbacka.Volunteers. The obvious and for many the most fun thing to do is to come asvolunteer. Ängsbacka’s volunteer manager in the summer, Sara Pyret Ekblad, saysthat there will be a magical vibrant summer filled with love and colorful life. And thereis a need for volunteers at all levels, gardening, marketing, photo / media, groupleaders, etc., please contact Sara via email for notification /
  2. 2. Finally, if you are a member, want to get involved more but have not found the rightform, come to the Summit in the spring. It is an ideal meeting place for both new andold members. You decide how you will contribute, with your presence, your ideas,your energy and / or your involvement in any of our workshops. Agenda will bepresented in the next member letter.You may register right now for this years Summit. May 27 to 29. Cost: SEK 400including meals and accommodation in the dormitory. Accommodation for 4-6 roomSEK 200 extra and accommodation in double room 400 SEK. Mail your notification tobooking@angsbacka.seMikael WinrothChairman, Ängsbacka Association