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Angsbacka newsletter march

  1. 1. Newsletter ÄngsbackaMarch 2011Spring is approaching! The light is getting stronger and even if the snow is still with us for a while, spring is gradually coming closer! Here at Ängsbacka we celebrate spring with mindfulness, raw food, yoga and dance – we have our popular Easter Festival but also many other exciting events right now that really help you to feel good – to cleanse, take care of and enjoy body and soul. Today 1st of March, Swedish Television shows the episode of ”Jakten på lyckan” (The Quest for Happiness), with a long part from Ängsbacka. You can even see the program online. If you are really curious, see also our own film about the TV-recording and how it was done at Responses to the SVT- program will be gathered on Twitter and Facebook, welcome to join us there! You are also welcome here at Ängsbacka! Invite your dearest ones and come for a day of“Taste of Ängsbacka” when you get the chance to participate in different Ängsbackaactivities like dancing, yoga, inspiring talks, enjoying our cosy café and even gettingin touch with the well known Ängsbacka spirit.Become The Star You Already Are, March 23-27Explore new sides of yourself and find your true potential. A creative process to healand transform old patterns and limits. To be the Star you are... Read more and bookhere!Mindfulness retreat, April 14-17A course giving you usable tools to be with what is, here and now. The same methodthat is teached by Jon Kabat-Zinn, who founded the concept of mindfulness and hasdone several research projects about the good effects. Come here and find peaceinside. Read more and book here!
  2. 2. Yoga & Dance Easter, April 21-25Ängsbacka’s popular Easter Festival, for the third year! A possibility to let the bodyrest and the soul expand so that you may have access to a deeper breathing and adeeper experience of your self. When you take care of the body as your temple, yogaand dance is easy and wonderful and we can enjoy life fully! Read more and bookhere!Body Language, May 4-8A loving way to listen to what your body & soul is trying to tell you by differentsympthoms. When you start to listen and understand the message, healing starts tohappen by itself. A soft path to better health, happiness, and relaxation in you andyour life. Read more and book here!  Love – a course for couples, May 5-8A course giving a new understanding and deepening in the way you love each other,with simple tools for communication and contact. For you who want to find a wayback to attraction, sensuality and mutuality in your relationship. Read more and bookhere!The Alchemy of Stillness, 6 – 12 juniA course in 5 Rythms with Ya’Acov Darling Khan, one of the most well knownteachers in this form of free dance. Come and let your self happen. Members ofÄngsbacka Ekonomiska Förening have a discount on this course. Read more andbook here!Ängsbacka AB, Nyeds Backa 511, 660 60 Molkom,