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Pitch for FMP


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Pitch for FMP

  1. 1. Fun Police
  2. 2. ConceptI plan to create an animated trailer for a TV series called “FunPolice”. The target audience will be 16+ males and BBC Threewill be the broadcast platform in addition to onlinedistribution. The concept follows the story of a youngdetective recently promoted in the Pittsburgh Police dept. Thestory is set in an alternate universe, with Pittsburgh being ahub of various colours of organised crime. For such a darkenvironment, the plotline will be cast in a much more light-hearted perspective, the characters being quirky andinteresting i.e. a mafia boss with an obsession with achildren’s TV series called “Daring Duck” to the point of basinghis organisation around it. The detective will solve a differentcrime each episode, and will do so by following clues leftbehind by the perpetrators.
  3. 3. Product Analysis: CSI• CSI is an established crime drama targeted at a range of different people, mostly categories B, C1 and E.• The show takes itself quite seriously, but includes elements of dark humour (i.e. Crusoe’s infamous one liners)• Most likely to appeal to mainstreamers (due to its popularity) explorers (information on crimes and police technique) and succeeders (shows the protagonists completing their objectives after hard work and perseverance.)
  4. 4. Product Analysis: Doctor Who• Appeals to both mainstream and niche categories (Featured on BBC one and has a fandom built up around it)• Status as an iconic British production has made it appeal to people across all demographics.
  5. 5. Possible StylesI am considering one of the following for myfinal concept:• Rotoscoping• Live Action• Stop Motion
  6. 6. RotoscopingRotoscoping is an animation technique inwhich animators trace over footage, frame byframe, for use in live-action and animated films.-Wikipedia Examples of rotoscoping
  7. 7. Live ActionIn filmmaking, video production, andother media, the term live action refersto cinematography, videography not producedusing animation. As it is the norm, the term isusually superfluous, but it makes an importantdistinction in situations in which one mightnormally expect animation, as in a Pixar film,a video game or when the work is adapted fromananimated cartoon. -Wikipedia
  8. 8. Stop MotionStop motion (also known as stop frame) isan animation technique to make a physically manipulated objectappear to move on its own. The object is moved in smallincrements between individually photographed frames, creatingthe illusion of movement when the series of frames is played asa continuous sequence. Example of stop motion g8