Famous artists


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Famous artists

  1. 1. MichelangeloPainter and sculptorSistine chapelObsessed with human form
  2. 2. Leonardo da Vinci Italian Renaissance Artist, scientist, inventor “The Last Supper”
  3. 3. Claude Monet French Impressionist “Grandfather” of the Impressionist movement. Obsessed with light
  4. 4. Edgar Degas Famous for his paintings of ballet dancers. Possible love affair with Mary Cassatt
  5. 5. Mary Cassatt American Impressionist One of the few female artist at the time. Famous for painting mothers with children Possible love affair with Degas
  6. 6. Auguste Renoir French Impressionist Beautiful girls, women, rich lifestyle Continued to paint despite health issues later in life.
  7. 7. Vincent Van Gogh Dutch post- impressionist Mental Issues and alcohol abuse Cut off ear Never sold a painting while alive
  8. 8. Paul Gaugin French post- impressionist Settled in Tahiti-often painted the native girls Bouts of depression and alcohol abuse
  9. 9. Henri Toulouse-Lautrec French Very sick as a child- leads to crippling Painted the theatrical night life of Paris Suffered from alcoholism.
  10. 10. Henri Matisse French-Fauvist (Fauve=wild beast) Master of bright color Paper cut collages in addition to paintings
  11. 11. Jacob Lawrence African Artist-closest to cubism Harlem Renaissance (1920s-1930s) African American experience and history
  12. 12. Marc Chagall Famous for art and stained glass work Russian who came to the U.S. after the Holocaust Colorful Cubist with religious themes
  13. 13. Jackson Pollock American Abstract Artist Drip method Bi-polar and alcoholism
  14. 14. Pablo Picasso One of the greatest influences of 20th century art. Co-founded the cubist movement Notorious womanizer- painted his wives and mistresses.
  15. 15. Salvador Dali Spanish Surrealist Dream-like settings Eccentric and attention grabbing behavior.
  16. 16. Frida Kahlo Mexican artist Surrealist elements Tragic accident as a young girl Married to artist Diego Rivera
  17. 17. Georgia O’Keeffe American Southwest Flowers and cow skulls Married to Alfred Stieglitz
  18. 18. Diego Rivera Mexican Realist and Muralist Politically influenced- fought for the plight of Migrant workers Married to Frida Kahlo
  19. 19. Edward Hopper American Realist Depressed and lonely themes Alienation portrayed in art work
  20. 20. Norman Rockwell Mr. Americana Wholesome images of America and its people Saturday Evening Post- he designed the covers.
  21. 21. Andy Warhol American Pop Artist Inspired by pop culture and celebrities Famous quote-”In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes.”
  22. 22. Roy Lichenstein American pop artist Ben-Day dots Comic art
  23. 23. Hokusai Japanese artist and print maker Worked under many different names Created 100s of pieces
  24. 24.  AT LEAST (1) BOOK AT LEAST (2) ONLINE SOURCES: SC Discus and websites.Reminder: evaluate sites for Authority Accuracy Objectivity Currency Coverage