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Why physicians are in verge of a meltdown


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Why physicians are in verge of a meltdown

  1. 1. WHY PHYSICIANS AREIN VERGE OF AMELTDOWN ? Presented by MedicalBillingStar
  2. 2.  You didn’t really need statistics to know this. For the last few years, physicians have been complaining about having to juggle a million tasks. But the toll it takes on the mental health of physicians is clearly illustrated in a study conducted recently. According to a finding published in the Archives of internal medicine, an alarming 45.8%, of physicians surveyed suffered from, at least one symptom of a burnout.
  3. 3. BITTER PILLS… Facing a rejected claim again, trying to stay in compliance, chasing deadlines, there are dozens of bitter pills physicians have to swallow everyday. The high level of stress associated with practicing medicine, is not just unhealthy but can lead to doctors becoming endangered species in the near future.
  4. 4.   CAN I MEET THE DOCTOR ? This is the first question that most patients ask. And there are chances that they’d be meeting a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, instead. Due to severe shortage of physicians, NPs and PAs are backfilling, to provide patient care.
  5. 5. NOT ALL GREY AND BLEAK ! Training and hiring staff to shoulder a bit of the responsibilities physicians handle can be a huge relief for doctors. Healthcare providers should work in an environment that facilitates teamwork and shared responsibility, to stop stress from chipping away at their efficiency and morale.
  6. 6. TAKING TIME OFF TO CATCH UP ON BASKETBALL… Having a cup of green tea, going for strolls and taking a holiday now and then are important. But to make major decisions such as hiring third party associates or physician assistants, it is important that physicians take time off to reflect. And build a strategy that can help them step over stumbling blocks instead of pretending they don’t exist.
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