Why Not Make a Resolution to Analyse Physician Medical Practice Plans as the year 2013 begins ?


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Healthcare Compliance Guidelines for Physicians and their Practices as the year 2013 begins. For more info visit us http://www.medicalbillingstar.com

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Why Not Make a Resolution to Analyse Physician Medical Practice Plans as the year 2013 begins ?

  1. 1. * Presented by Angomark, MedicalBillingStar
  2. 2. ** Healthcare compliance is absolutely mandatory and slack billing practices may cost you thousands of dollars in fines.
  3. 3. ** A compliance package is required as soon as possible by any provider that bills Medicare, Medicaid, and/or programs supported by federal or state governments.* It relates the HHS Office of the Inspector Generals (OIG) compliance regulation on billing, coding, contracts, and interactions which is now required under the Affordable Care Act.
  4. 4. ** HIPAA is more than a confidentiality stamp provided to patients.* Allbenefactors no substance the insurance must meet the terms with HIPAA 5010 compliance is the order of the day.* HIPAA cover information, to audit the security of all protected health information both paper and electronic, so you must have policies audit at least annually.
  5. 5. ** Providers are anxious about getting reimbursed, but rarely inspect Medical billing and collections until it is a crisis.
  6. 6. ** Medicare has comeback requests and if you miss those, you can have your number withdrawn and might not get it back for two years.
  7. 7. ** Hire the best Medical Billing Company .
  8. 8. ** Check references. Do not hire someone without physician billing experience.* Askthem to code situations for you or question them on their knowledge.* Alsomany medical practices end up in a cash crisis or in trouble because the billing person does not bill correctly.* Ifthe person bills incorrectly, because he is told to do so by the provider, take a advisory note this will eventually come back to disturb the practice.
  9. 9. ** Make sure that your billing team keeps up with the billing rules/changes.* Ensure your staff known when it is suitable to bill the physician and when to bill under the mid-level. This has been a massive audit entry for Medicare and commercial plans.
  10. 10. ** The documentation must permit the billable services submitted.
  11. 11. ** Meetat least monthly with your billing practice management company to analyse summary reports of1. Revenue cycle management,2. Accounts Receivable aging by payer,3. Denials Claims.
  12. 12. * * Your queries are most welcome to info@medicalbillingstar.com.* For Free Compliance and EMR Billing Support Visit us http://www.medicalbillingstar.com