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Senior Project Work Log


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Senior Project Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName: Andrew Anglin Date: 11/19/11Product: Small Scale High Powered RocketDate/Time: Activity: I used an architecture Comment/Suggestions drawing system called Space Cad to :11/19/11 begin the drawing process to create a template for my rocket. The template is3:00-5:00 p.m. then used for measurements and designs for the finished product. Commentary: Space Cad was not the easiest program to use; however, it was the most convenient. The program did not cost any money whatsoever and my project facilitator was able to guide me through the drawing process.
  2. 2. Date/Time: Activity: I finished the drawing Comment/Suggestions template for my small scale rocket and :12/3/11 was able to form a concrete idea of the design and measurement for my final4:00-7:00 p.m. product. Commentary: After the help from my project facilitator, Space Cad did not seem as difficult; however, it did take me some time to remember how the program works and to figure out the size and dimensions of the rocket.
  3. 3. Date/Time: Activity: I printed out a fin template Comment/Suggestions from Space Cad that I composed for :12/9/11 my rocket and then was able to get one fin cut out using ply board and a band-3:30-5:30 p.m. saw Commentary: Cutting the fins out was not as easy as I expected. There was a problem with Space Cad causing the fin template to not print out correctly. My project facilitator was able to help me solve the problem and then I began to cut fins. However, the blade for the band saw was dull, thus only allowing me to cut one fin and getting so little done in 2 hours.
  4. 4. Date/Time: Activity: I printed out the last two fin Comment/Suggestions templates from Space Cad and then :12/16/11 traced the templates onto the ply board. After this, my project facilitator3:30-5:30 p.m. supplied me with a new blade for the band-saw. I was then able to cut out the last two fins for my rocket and then sand down all three fins in order for them to be complete. Commentary: Today the fin cutting process went with much more ease and I was able to get more done in the same amount of time as my last long.
  5. 5. Date/Time: Activity: I began to cut the tubing for Comment/Suggestions my airframe, payload, and altimeter :1/6/12 sections. After I cut the tubing for all three sections I then glued in my3:30-5:30 p.m. engine mounts into my airframe with five minute epoxy. Commentary: I did not have any problems with cutting the tubing; however, it was not easy to get the engine mounts in without getting glue all over the place. All in all, this was a productive day.
  6. 6. Date/Time: Activity: I was able to get one of my Comment/Suggestions fins glued on the rocket for a starting :1/20/12 point to base the last two fins on. I then began to work on my altimeter section.3:30-6:00 p.m. On the altimeter section, I glued the cork on the bottom bulkhead and then ran a loop hook through the cork and bulkhead. This will be the attachment point for my parachute to the payload section. The second bulkhead for the payload section was too big; therefore, I will finish the payload at a later date. Commentary: The only problem I encountered was the one bulkhead being too large to fit in the outermost tube of the altimeter section. Therefore, I will have to sand down the bulkhead to the proper size.
  7. 7. Date/Time: Activity: Today I sanded down the one Comment/Suggestions bulkhead to the altimeter section and :1/28/12 then glued the altimeter section together including the insert tube for4:30-7:25 p.m. the altimeter. I then glued in the bulkhead for the bottom have of the payload section to hold the compartment for the eggs. However, I also needed to sand that bulkhead down as well. Commentary: I am a little irritated that two of the bulkhead had to be sanded when they were supposed to fit perfectly, but thankfully I made them work. Also, gluing the bulkhead for the payload section was mighty difficult due to how far up the tube it needed to be placed. However, I am one step closer to having a complete rocket.
  8. 8. Date/Time: Activity: Today I measured the Comment/Suggestions distance between the fins in order to :2/17/12 mark for the last two fins to be glued. I also cut some thread for my shock cord3:30-5:00 p.m. and then was able to gut the second of three fins glued on. After this I trimmed down the length of my nose cone so that it would not extend too far into the payload section. Commentary: All in all, I had no problems out of anything today. I plan on getting the rocket done soon and hopefully I can do it in one day.
  9. 9. Date/Time: Activity: I quickly assembled an F-40 Comment/Suggestions engine for my rocket as I am preparing :3/9/12 to finish the rocket within the next day and launch this upcoming Sunday.3:30-4:00 p.m. Commentary: I am glad that my rocket is nearing its final stages of completion and that I will be able to launch soon.
  10. 10. Date/Time: Activity: I finally completed my rocket Comment/Suggestions today. I drilled the hole in my airframe :3/10/12 for the thread for the shock cord leading to the parachute. After this, I3:20-7:45 p.m. then drilled holes at the top end of the altimeter section in order for air to enter during the launch. This ensures that the altimeter will get an accurate measurement on altitude. I also, attacked the shock cords, swivels, and parachutes for the airframe and payload sections. Finally, I cut a smaller piece of tubing to go in the payload section to hold the eggs. I then packed the two eggs in the tube and wrapped them with bubble wrap to keep them from breaking during the launch. Commentary: Today was my most productive and final day of construction on the rocket. Everything came together smoothly and now I only have to launch!!!!
  11. 11. Date/Time: Activity: I launched my rocket at the Comment/Suggestions school today with my project :2/11/12 facilitator. The launch was not a good as I would have liked. My rocket failed2:00-4:30 p.m. to separate and then it plummeted to ground. The only parts salvageable are the altimeter, parachutes with shock cords, launch lugs, nose cone, and the fins. Thankfully, I videoed the launch and took plenty of pictures. Commentary: I wish the launch would have been flawless; however, the delay within the motor was faulty causing the calamity at the end of the launch. Although, I am planning on building a second rocket for my final presentation and I will also present my broken rocket as well too show the can go wrong during a launch.