The most excellent cheap tablets


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The most excellent cheap tablets

  1. 1. The most excellent cheap tabletsIf you are looking to buy a tablet, then certainly you have been overwhelmed with the amountof choices that you have today. It seems that every single technological company on themarket today is mass-producing and introducing tablets as way to get their money from themassive tablet market. For years, the leader in the industry has of course been in the AppleiPod. The biggest down side to the Apple iPod, is of course - the price. 2011, was a hugeyear for tablets and some of the tablets introduced have not only faired well in side by sideconsumer comparison reports - but have also been a big hit with consumers looking to spendmoderate money on a tablet.The newly-released Nexus 7 is said to be a contender in the on-going tablet PC wars. Does itmerit the attention of tablet PC users hankering for a better, slicker gadget? Nexus 7 belongsto the category of 7-inch tablet PCs. Since the Nexus 7 is small, it is relatively lightweight at12 ounces. Holding it for long periods of time will not be a problem at all. It is also so smallthat you dont need a bag to carry it with you, as it will fit perfectly in your coat pocket. Moreinformation can be found top cheap tablets.According to an article in CIO Magazine, Kyle Wiens, founder of iFixit and an iOS developer,says Not only will the iPad mini have a smaller, eye-straining screen, It probably wont have aRetina display, either." Wiens, though, believes that the iPad mini will be used extensively inthe field by technicians, where mobility trumps everything else. Such employees dont havemuch use for fancy Retina displays. ?? ??It does have to be readable in bright sunlighthowever. "With service manuals, you need to see pictures to do repairs, which makes theiPad much more usable than the iPhone," Wiens says. "Yet you might be in tight places, sosomething in between would be reasonable."Motorola Xoom. One of the best things about the Motorola tablet is that is has dual coreprocessor which makes it extremely fast and ensures that video streaming is seamless andquick. It has both 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities, and packs enough storage to keep you going fora long time. HTC Flyer. What, never heard of the HTC Flyer. This is a great tablet for theprice, especially for folks that dont need a lot of performance. Since it operates on an olderAndroid system, it definitely wont be as fast or up to date as the Toshiba Android tablets, butis still a great product for the money. This is the perfect starter tablet.There were also a number of new, inexpensive 7-Inch Tablets at CES preloaded with
  2. 2. Android Ice Cream Sandwich. This includes the ViewPad E70 from ViewSonic, which hasfront and rear cameras, mini-HDMI and mini-USB ports, and a 1-GHz processor. The tabincludes 4 GB of storage plus microSD expandable storage for up to 32 GB. It reportedly willlaunch in April for $169.00. Theres also the Micro Cruz T507. It will be coming soon with a1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor, a 7-inch 800 x 480 TFT LED display and discrete 400MHz 3Dgraphics acceleration, plus 512MB of RAM, and 8GB internal storage.