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Growing with mobile


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Duda Mobile es un proveedor de referencia en adecuar la web de una empresa a formato movil, con el objetivo de optimizar la estategia de marketing mobile.

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Growing with mobile

  1. 1. GROWING WITH MOBILEGROWING WITH MOBILEIsYour Small Business Making theMost of the Mobile Web?
  2. 2. GROWING WITH MOBILE1 T-Mobile/Kelton Research, 2012: Nielsen Research, 2012: Google, “Our Mobile Planet,” 2012: Walker Sands Communication, 2013: Google GoMo Initiative, 2012: misplaced it altogether. If you’re like most people, brieffeelings of panic, frustration, and helplessness set in. How willyou navigate to the place you’re going? Who might try to call,text, or email you while you’re without your phone?Think about thelast time you lefthome without yoursmartphone,Not surprisingly, there’s a name forthose worries:Nomophobia, the fear of being out ofmobile contact. A recent study by KeltonResearch and T-Mobile suggests 66% ofsmartphone users suffer from it, and 11%of those users would rather leave homewithout pants than without their phones.1Ridiculous as that may sound, it speaksto a simple truth: smartphones havequickly become an indispensible part ofour everyday lives. According to NielsenResearch, smartphone adoption reached55.5% in September 2012 and continuesto rise.2But it’s not just the volume of U.S. consumersjumping on the mobile bandwagon thatsinteresting. It’s what those mobile users aredoing on their devices that should makesmall businesses salivate.In 2012, Google’s "Our Mobile Planet"study found that 94% of mobile users usetheir devices to search for local information,products, and services.3Research bycommunications firm Walker-Sandsrevealed that mobile traffic now accountsfor 23% of all website visits — a 283%increase over January 2011. 4Translation: Customers and prospectsare interacting with your business on theirmobile devices. And if they like what theysee when they get to your mobile website,studies suggest their positive mobileexperience will yield positive purchasebehaviors.The problem, however, is that manysmall businesses are not delivering anengaging, mobile-friendly experience. Andthat lackluster mobile presence is having amuch greater impact than most businessowners realize.According to Google’s GoMo initiative — aproject designed to educate businesseson the importance of developing mobile-friendly websites — 52% of customerswho have a poor experience with acompany’s mobile website are unlikelyto re-engage that business. And 55% saythat a frustrating experience on a mobilewebsite negatively their opinion ofthe company overall.5In other words, if youdon’thaveamobile-friendlywebsite,you’reprobably leaving money on the table.The solution is simple: Build a mobilewebsite that cleanly delivers what yourcustomers need, and execute marketingand advertising initiatives to drive themthere.
  3. 3. GROWING WITH MOBILEThe truth is that having a mobile website is no longer a nice-to-have forsmall- and medium-sized businesses — it’s a necessity. If your goal is todrive revenue growth through the mobile web, you can’t to take abarebones approach to mobile marketing anymore.So, how do you improve your mobile presence?Implementing a successful mobile strategy begins with tailoring yourmarketing to the unique needs of your mobile audience. And doingthat requires taking a few simple — but very critical — preliminary steps.3 Simple Tipsfor Implemntinga SuccessfulMobile WebStrategyStart by studying your mobilecustomers:What information are they looking for? What are theirsearch habits and interests? You can get this information usingbasic(andfree)Webanalyticsservices,orsurveyyourcustomersabout their preferences. Ultimately, the more you know aboutyour customers, the better you’ll be able to deliver a mobileexperience — both on your mobile website and through mobileadvertising — that they want to interact with.Research keywords for mobile searches:When people search with a smartphone, they often usekeywords than they do on a desktop. To find these keywords,gototheGoogleAdWordsKeywordToolandclickthe"AdvancedOptions and Filters" link. Choose "All mobile devices" under the"Show Ideas and Statistics for" option. Be sure to account forcommon typos and misspellings. This will vastly improve yourmobile marketing and allow you to target the customers you’retrying to reach.Optimize your content for smallerscreens:While a well-developed mobile marketing strategy can bringmore customers to your site, it’s critical they’re able to find whatthey need when they get there. Choose a strong mobile Webservice provider to help you add content to your site, and delivera rich mobile experience for customers.1235 AMAZINGMOBILE STATISTICSMost small- and medium-sizedbusinesses understand the value ofdelivering a mobile-friendly websitedesigned to be viewed on smallersmartphone and tablet screens. But thatdoesn’t mean they’re doing somethingabout it. In fact, one study suggeststhat less than one-quarter of smallfI.etisbewelibomaevahsessenisubyou’re among that group, here arestatistics that might change the way youview the mobile web:Optimizing your company’s websitefor mobile browsers can boostcustomer engagement and by85% (Source: KISS Metrics)Among small businesses that havecreated mobile-friendly websites,84% saw an increase in newbusiness activity (Source: of mobile users say they usetheir devices throughout the day toperform mobile searches (Source:InMobi)Among smartphone users, 96%report frequently searching for localinformation (Source: Google)Of all mobile searches, 90% lead tocustomer action and nearly half leadto a purchase (Source: Hubspot)
  4. 4. GROWING WITH MOBILEThe answer is you need to appeal to thethings that mobile users are searchingfor. According to Google, 40% of searchqueries have local intent, while localsearches on Microsoft’s Bing top 50%. Ofthose, three-quarters of users are lookingfor a business’s location or operatinghours and two-thirds are looking for aphone number to call. Customers wantto find you.But you can’t just sit back and wait forthem to do so.One of the best ways to drive toyour mobile website is through mobileadvertising. Formats include:Mobile banner ads:Similartostandardbrowser-delivered banner ads, these adsare optimized for mobile browsers andcan re-direct to your mobile site.Mobile paid search: Typicallyexecutedthrough tools like Google AdWords, paidsearch ads are delivered alongside amobile user’s organic search results andcan include a clickable phone number orGPS-enabled address (known as local orhyperlocal ad extensions).Local deals or coupons: More thantwo-thirdsofsmartphoneuserscitesavingmoney as a primary driver of engagingwith a company’s mobile website7,and there are numerous services fordelivering local deals or coupons viamobile browsers.Granted, the return on investment formobile advertising is still somewhatunproven, but there’s little question thatthose types of ads can be ifthey’re leveraged properly.According to a recent survey by xAd andTelemetrics, nearly three-quarters ofsmartphone users say they’ve noticedmobile ads while browsing the Web, and30% of those users reported clicking onatleastoneofthoseads. 8Notsurprisingly,the study also found that locally relevantads were the most popular, with 73% ofusers saying they were likely to click onthose messages.So,whatdoesthatallmean?Justbecausea mobile user clicks on an ad and goes toyour website doesn’t mean they’re goingto become a paying customer, right?Used correctly, mobile advertising canbe an excellent way to drive traffic toyour website and generate inexpensiveleads. In fact, data from the xAd andTelemetrics’ study revealed that asurprisingly large percentage of mobileusers ultimately make a purchase aftervisiting a company’s mobile website.For instance, in the restaurant industry,xAd and Telemetrics said 80% of mobilevisitorsultimatelyconvertedtocustomers.Thoseresultsaren’tascompellinginotherverticals (i.e., 43 and 48% in automotiveand travel), but they’re still impressive.Is Your BusinessPrepared to Capitalize onthe Mobile Web?If the answer is no, or if you’re not sure,don’t fret. You’re not alone. Accordingto Google, four out of five websites arenot optimized for mobile consumption.And the bounce rates — a term used todescribe the percentage of visitors whoreach a site and leave quickly withoutexploring additional pages within thesame site — of such sites are typicallyover 80%. 9Once you have a mobile-friendly website that is simple,informative, relevant to your customers, easy to navigate, andlocally-focused,thequestionbecomes:Howcanyougetmorecustomers to find and interact with it?7 Latitude Research, “What Shoppers Want,” 2012: xAd and Telemetrics, “Mobile Path to Purchase,” 2012: Google, “Our Mobile Planet,” 2012: MobileAdvertising CanAmplify YourMobile Strategy
  5. 5. GROWING WITH MOBILEIs Your BusinessPrepared toCapitalize on theMobile Web?You can’t to lose that manypotential customers.The mobile web is the future, andyour customers’ obsession with theirsmartphones and tablets will onlydeepen in the years to come. With 72%of small- and medium-sized businessesreporting that they plan to maintain orincrease their mobile spending in 2013,it’s clear that your competitors’ affinity forthe mobile web is growing quite rapidly,too.The good news is that you still havetime. You just need to commit to creatinga great mobile experience for yourcustomers, and source the right mobiletools to help get you there. Doing so canalmost instantly accelerate the virtuous— and valuable — circle of discovery,sharing, traffic, and, purchase.ConclusionDudaMobile the mobile websolutions you need to keep up withyour customers on the go. It starts withvisiting and creatinga new mobile version of your desktopwebsite. Either enter your site’s desktopURL on the homepage and your site willautomatically be pulled into its mobileformat,orbuildamobilesitefromscratch.Once created, you can customize yoursite with lots of layouts, backgrounds, andpremium features, such as click-to-calland mobile maps, designed to provideyour customers with the best mobileexperience possible.Already have a mobile site? DudaMobilecanhelpyouboostyourtrafficwithmobileadvertising. We position your business atthetopofmobilesearchresultstogetyouin front of new customers. DudaMobiletakescareofeverythingfromcreatingyourmobile ads to optimizing your advertisingbudget. To receive pricing informationfor your business, go to Duda’s mobileadvertising page and request a quote.9 Google, “Our Mobile Planet,” 2012: Borrell Associaties, “2013 Ad Spending Preview,” 2013: todayto mobilize your site and maximize your business.
  6. 6. GROWING WITH MOBILEAbout DudaMobileDudaMobile is a do-it-yourself mobile website solution that gives small- andmedium-sized businesses a fast, simple and affordable way to build a mobilepresence. Founded in 2009, DudaMobile offers a patented web-to-mobileplatform that converts a desktop website into a mobile optimized site andis used by enterprise partners, agencies and small businesses. DudaMobilealso offers managed mobile advertising solutions and custom-built mobilewebsites. The Company, based in Palo Alto, California, currently hosts morethan three million mobile-friendly websites on its platform.About MarketProfsMarketProfs is a rich and trusted resource that offers actionable informationand guidance designed to make you a smarter marketer—from social mediaand content marketing to lead generation and online conversions. Morethan 405,000 members rely on our free daily publications, podcasts, virtualconferences, and more to stay up-to-date on the most important trends inmarketing, and how to apply them to their businesses. Plus, MarketingProfsdelivers enhanced professional development training through online seminarsand short webcasts, in-depth how-to reports, research, interactive planningtools, online courses, and in-person events. MarketingProfs helps the smartestmarketersworldwideturneventhetoughestmarketingchallengesintosuccessstories. Basic membership is free—register now.