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Tumbuhan karnivora terganas di dunia


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Tumbuhan karnivora terganas di dunia

  1. 1. Tumbuhan Karnivora Terganas Di Dunia1Portuguese Sundew (Drosophyllaceae Lusitanicum),2.Tanaman Kobra atau California Pitcher Plant 9(Darlingtonia),3.North American Pitcher Plant(Sarracenia),4.Tanaman Mocassin atau Western Australia Pitcher Plant(Cephalotus),5.Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes),6.Venus Fly Trap(Dionaea Muscicapula),7.Waterwill Plant(Aldrovanda),8.Bladderworts(Utricularia dan Polypomoholyx),9.Butterworts(Pinguicula),10.Sundews(Drosera).