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Amazon región

  3. 3. CARCHI STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYSCHOOL OF TOURISM AND ECOTURISMSEVENTH LEVELTATIANA RODRÍGUEZ DESCRIBE THE PERSONALITY MY BEST FRIENDSI have lots of friends but my best friends are Natty and Monica. Natty is veryintelligent because when they ask him something she answers very well .she lovesworking the nature. She is very cheerful and funny because always makes uslaugh. Natty is a good friend but she can be stubborn sometimes. She is verysociable all persons because she has lots of friends. She speaks with all yourfriends, partners, and family.She has a good sense of humor. She always tells jokes and makes us laugh. Shedon’t like person to bore because she is very happy in the lifeMoni is moody because she doesn’t like something. She loves play basketballbecause she goes practice in the coliseum UNE. There are occasions when she isboring but not for a lot of time. She also loves watching TV speciality news. Alsoshe is really stubborn because is difficult to make her to change opinion. She isgenerous because she loves to help people she likes to spend time speciality withtheir friends when she has free time. She goes swimming twice a week becauseshe like practice sports. She says what is good for health she enjoys cookingspeciality make cake.MYSELFHello my name is Tatiana I think that I am very funny because I always makes uslaugh. There are occasions when I is boring but not for a lot of time. I love sports
  4. 4. with basketball, I practice weekends also I like running. I am quite friendly and I likehang out with my family and friends and to enjoy each moment of my life. I am verysociable because I like have many friends. And I have a good sense of humor I likehelps people what need me .I also love dancing in public announcement because is funny my friends think whatI am a good friends CARCHI STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYSCHOOL OF TOURISM AND ECOTURISMSEVENTH LEVELTATIANA RODRÍGUEZHi JorgeI am writingtoletyouknowthat I loveyournew website.Imthinking ofcreatingmyownwebsitebut do notknowhowmybrotherSteven,whoknowseverythingaboutcomputers, do nothavethe timetohelp me. Heisalwaysstudyingso,can youhelp me?I hopeyou do notcarewhatyourethinking ofdoingthisSaturday?In themorning, Karen and I are goingshopping, tosupermaxibecauseshewantstobuynew shoesandclothingthatthefashionjeansespeciallybecauseshelovestobe fashionable, but Ithink"willbe backaroundat 2pm.Ifyoure free, maybewe can meetthenwhycometomyhouse? I liveonthestreetGarciaMoreno.Hope tohearfromyousoonBayTaty
  5. 5. CARCHI STATEPOLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Tourism and Ecotourism SchoolLevel: SeventhName: Tatiana Rodriguez PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE 1- EXERCISEPresent Perfect Simple or Past Simple Do not pay attention to the translationinto Latvian: 1 I visited (visit) Bob last month. 2 We have promised (promise) to help them already. 3 She has never done (never/do) anything bad. 4 She went (go) on holiday three weeks ago. 5 We have doesn’t (not/do) our work yet. 6 She has seen (see) the film three times. 7 They swam (swim) in the sea last summer.2.- EXERCISEPresent Perfect Simple or Past Simple some sentences might requireContinuous form, but this time, please, form only Simple tenses :)Do not pay attention to the translation intoLatvian:Daziteikumivareetubuutariiizveidotiar -ing, bet NEsoreiz:) read1 She (read) the book yesterday.
  6. 6. have com2 Three people (come) to visit him so far. have just visited3 They (just/visit) me. did she promise4 When (she/promise) you to do it? brought5 She (bring) pizza at 9 o’clock. bought6 They (buy) a bike last month. has taught7 She (teach) many children since she finished school herself.3.- EXERCISEPresent Perfect Simple or Past Simple some sentences might requireContinuous form, but this time, please, form only Simple tenses:)Do not pay attention to the translation intoLatvian:Daziteikumivareetubuutariiizveidotiar -ing, bet NEsoreiz:) sang1 We (sing) a song on Monday. sat2 The children (sit) still during the lesson. has w aited3 He (wait) for 3 hours. w anted4 Then she (want) an ice-cream. have slept5 They (sleep) a lot today. spoke6 While I (speak) to you he came home. stood7 She (stand) at the bus stop the other day. have taken8 We (take) three books from the library recently.
  7. 7. made9 His grandfather is dead. He (make) the bench.Verb Tense Exercise 7Present Perfect / Present Perfect ContinuousRobin: I think the waiter (forget) has forgotten us. We (wait) have been waitinghere for over half an hour and nobody (take) has taken our order yet.Michele: I think youre right. He (walk) has walked by us at least twenty times. Heprobably thinks we (order, already) have already ordered.Robin: Look at that couple over there, they (be, only) have only been here for fiveor ten minutes and they already have their food.Michele: He must realize we (order, not) havent ordered yet! We (sit) have beensitting here for over half an hour staring at him.Robin: I dont know if he (notice, even) has even noticed us. He (run) has beenrunning from table to table taking orders and serving food.Michele: Thats true, and he (look, not) hasnt looked in our direction once.
  8. 8. CARCHI STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYSCHOOL: TOURISM AND ECOTURISMLEVEL: SEVENTHSTUDENT: TATIANA RODRÍGUEZ GOING OUTMyfavorite pastime isplayingbasketball,athletics andmakeout with my friendsAlsotravel tonature reservesbecause I canenjoy nature, fresh airisthe best wehaveeveryone. I likebasketballpracticemuchbecause doing sorelax andenjoythisactivityI also likeadventure sportsbecause they aremade in placeswithnaturalandadrenalineOut to enjoywith my friendsis the mostbrilliantbecause theyare fun.Ihavealwayssmiling and enjoyingthe beautiful life, also they like togoplay sportsonweekendsWelike to goswimming orcyclingwhen we havetime for achange in routine, with myfriendswe are alsomakingefforts tohavemoney tohelp ourparents, have goodfriendsisthe best thing tohappen in lifebecause theyarein goodand badThe most important thingwhen I go outwith my friendsto a placeis the distanceandmoney,are alsoactivitiesthat can be donein thatplacesoyou can enjoyoutwith my friends
  9. 9. STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF CARCHILEVEL: SEVENTHTEACHER: IVAN FUERTESSTUDENT: TATIANA RODRIGUEZADVANTAGES AND DISAVNTAGES OF THE SCHOOLARSHIPSADVANTAGES I think the new education reform of the government is the most successful to havean education of excellence. The fellowship of the government is giving to the beststudents is a great way to improve the education and for the development of ourcountry because of these fellowships the best students leave out of the country Tohave a better preparation and then return to your country implementation of all theknowledge procured abroad.Another of the best advantages is with their evaluations because at present youneed people with aptitude and attitude that is not a rote learning .With all theassessments we have advanced knowledge because to do this we must havemore knowledge be day to day with the advance of technology.DISADVANTAGE
  10. 10. As a student I do not encounter any disadvantage because the program that thegovernment is running helps us to grow as people and a better development forour country both economic, and socialCONCLUSIONThe capacity development of the and the Ecuadorians, is one of the commitmentsin the agenda of the Government of Ecuador, and is a right guaranteed in theConstitution. The high level of education, is one of the fundamental pillars on which routes thepossibility of achieving another model of development, especially to face thedifficulties of a world that is experiencing major crises, in particular for the lessskilled populationsThe formation of human talent, such as the accumulation of knowledge,experiences, will help us much in the technological development, a scientist of ourcountry and this will help us meet the needs and demands of our EcuadorCountries that have the capacity to investigate and to generate knowledge willachieve greater social and economic development in this globalized world.
  11. 11. CARCHI STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYSCHOOL OF TOURISM AND ECOTURISMSEVENTH LEVELTATIANA RODRÍGUEZ MY IDEAL TRAVEL IS GALAPAGOSMy ideal travel is to be able to travel to the Galapagos Islands and know all thatnatural wealth that we have the Ecuadorians Also I like to travel when in theGalapagos Islands in the best cruise in Galapagos that there is. When I get my jobI travel with my mom to the Galapagos Islands and through this trip to be able tothank him for all the sacrifice that did for meI love to travel to many places of my country know all my natural wealth, cultural inif everything that nature gives us to be able to know . I would like to know all theplaces but there is always a problem that is the economic factor but when youalready have my savings there if I will be traveling When I am in that place I wantto enjoy their typical food, the best hotels and all its tourist sites. But it is a dreamthat have made up my mind as fast because perhaps in this tour that Im going tomake me go to beyondAt 1000 Km away from the continental coast of Ecuador is the GalapagosArchipelago a magical world, emerged from the depths of the sea, A product ofvolcanic process that has not yet finished and as a result of its isolation developedan own ecosystem, With species of reptiles, birds, mammals and fish That doesnot live in any part of the world: the cormorants forgot to fly, the finches, by seekingout food they had to change the shape of its peak, depending on the island inwhich they settled, the iguanas have learned to swim, the turtles were giants, and
  12. 12. the sharks meek. Now you will be able to discover this natural paradise,understand the secrets of evolution in their natural habitat. The famous islands are13 main islands that have a greater surface area of 5 square kilometers, 6 islets ofapprox. 1.5 Square kilometers and more than 40 rocks that protrude from thesurface of the ocean.
  13. 13. CARCHI STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYSCHOOL OF TOURISM AND ECOTURISMSEVENTH LEVELTATIANA RODRÍGUEZMY SCHOOLHello my name is Tatiana Rodriguez, I am in seventh level in the UPEC college islocated on the street and university avenue Antisana. This is a good collegebecause it has excellent teachers, a modern campus, and quality education. Myfavorite subject is agro ecotourism because it is a matter that you can enjoy natureand also practical things you can do it
  14. 14. MY INTERESTI am interested in sports like basketball, athletics and adventure sports too isinterested in reading books much reflection I also love making Jefferson Perez Ilove sport especially when I have time to practice. I also like to leave the field withmy friends and my family to enjoy nature. I am interested in athletics practice hardbecause I want to participate in sports that will organize the university but my mostimportant interest is to graduate and have my own tourism company but is acompany that offers quality not quantity for tourists so back to it whenever andespecially promotes tourist places in my province
  15. 15. MY FRIENDSI have many friends I like to be sociable with all people who have a positive attitudebut my best friends are Natty and Moni they are always with me in good times andbadNatty has 21years she is very social with everyone she also enjoys traveling todifferent parts of the province and throughout Ecuador .She has a child of1year.she would like to finish his studies to have more time to work much likedaughter .she activities in order to have their own money and thus be able to helpa little to his parentsMoni has 40 years she is a very responsible in their studies. She likes to playsports in his time also helps her mother clean the house .she loves to knowdifferent places to travel because she is said to de-stress after also to publicize theplaces you know and get good profit
  16. 16. MY CLOTHESI like clothes that are always on the also I like sports clothes because it is verycomfortable especially for sportI also like the light colored jeans and that they are fashion able ,not like the shirtsthat are very descotec because that bothers me is not to my likingI like shoes that are low I do not like high-heeled shoes because I get very tired if Iuse them for a short time because it also hurts the kidneysI like to wear shoes because they are very comfortable to walk what I most of the
  17. 17. clothing is disagree miniskirts because they are very uncomfortable to walk on if allthe clothes are nice and depends on the tastes of each personMY FAMILYmy family is very close I have five siblings Amanda, Yolanda, Hugo, Rommel andmyself f I live alone with my mom because she is single but despite that we are stillworking their way through my sister Amanda and Hugo they live in Italy they workbe yond and also support us to continue studyingalso live with my two nephews as Steven Angie and my mom works part time as ahousewife my family are very sociable among all enjoyed the little time that welooked at the weekends we get right to dedicate the house all week because wehave time to do a good cleaning the love my mom and I thank him for everythingthat gives meMY MUSICmy favorite are the vallenato music because the lyrics of each song speaks of therealityI like all kinds of music but I do not like is rock seems very composition very unpleasant in Christian music I listen too because its composition is of reflection forall people I like to listen when I have a problem with this kind of music is like thatwhile you forget everything and makes you feel that you capable of many thingsand pass all the obstacles that life puts us
  18. 18. MYPETI have no favorite pet but I like all kinds of pets I like white rabbits and they are verylarge poured when touched are like a teddyI also like horse racing especially bad I can ’tried but I have hopes of someday donot really like dogs because they have an unpleasant smell but all animals arebeautiful
  19. 19. CARCHI STATE UNIVERSITY ECUADOR IS BEAUTIFULEcuador (officially the Republic of Ecuador) is a country located in thenorthwestern part of South America .Ecuador Colombia bordered to the north,south and east by Peru and the west by the Pacific Ocean. The country has anarea of 256,370km²and a population of more than 14million people .Ecuador iscrossed from north to south by a volcanic section of the Andes(70volcanoes,thehighest beingtheChimborazo,6310m)[5] To the west of the Andes are the Gulf ofGuayaquil and a wooded plain ,and east, the Amazon .It is the country with thehighest concentrations of rivers per square kilometer in the world .In theEcuadorian territory, which includes the Galapagos Islands1000 km to the westcoast, is the densest planets biodiversity. THE NATURAL WEALTH OF ECUADOREcuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, but offers greatgeographical diversity, from extensive rain forests, rivers, white, colored highlands
  20. 20. and snowy peaks to the sandy beaches of the Pacific and the Galapagos Islands.Mainland Ecuador has nine National Parks and Ecological Reserves distributed in12 regions of the Amazon, the Andes and the Pacific coast, plus the National ParkGalapagos Islands.The most outstanding parks in the Amazon basin are the Yasuni National Park andthe Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, representing biodiversity and wild aspect of thetropical region. The tours offer glimpses natural kinds of orchids, birds, fish, andreptiles and butterflies while traveling on foot or in rivers with native guides.The upper region includes the area located between the central Amazon basin andthe Pacific coast, within it lays the cloud forest, snowcapped volcanoes andsemitropical slopes. The most notable park in the region is Cotopaxi,LlanganatesSangay, Antisana, Cayambe-Coca, Los Illinizas and Chimborazo. Thevariety of flora and fauna ranging from orchids to ferns, from hummingbirds tocondors and the moors of the volcanoes. The many cultures that inhabit the regionare friendly and wear clothes that are old colorful and unique.The Pacific coast has an irregular line, mangrove forests, wetlands and sandybeaches, migratory birds, marine mammals, whales and a variety of fish speciesmake this region a spectacular nature reserve.In addition, the National Parks unique world of the Galapagos Islands is almost athousand miles to the west in the Pacific Ocean. This isolated group of volcanicislands and the exotic species found there inspired Charles Darwin to write histheory of evolution is one of 20 "hot spots" of volcanic activity in the world, whichmakes them a natural laboratory for the study and enjoyment of nature.The people of Ecuador recognizes natural and cultural wealth and protected areasfor the future enjoyment of the natural spectacles of humanity YASUNI NATIONAL PARK
  21. 21. According tos scientific studies, theYasuni National Park located in the EcuadorianAmazon region, in the provinces of OrellanaandPastaza, is the most biologicallydiverse region in the world.On November 20, 1979declared the Yasuni National Park. This statement makesitto exist within a natural resource that must be preserved.Yasuni National Park is one of the Pleistocene Life Shelter. Shelters were formedduringthe Pleistoceneclimatic changesthat occurredin the Quaternary Period. Inthisperiod there wasan alternation between wet and dryclimates, where the Amazonforestgrew orshrank.In dry periods, vegetation formed islands that served as refugefor flora and fauna, which are centers off or mation of new species. One of theseislands was located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, in what has been declared YasuniNational Park.Only within ahectare ofYasunífound644 tree species. There have beenalsomorethan 450 species oflianasand 313 speciesof vascular plantsepiphytes.TheYasuniholds the world recordforlowlandsin thenumberofepiphytesperplotstudied.The density and abundance of epiphytes in
  22. 22. Yasuni than the data recorded inthe Andean forests, which are thought to havebeen the greatest abundance of epiphytes .At least10% of epiphytic species inYasuni are endemic tothe Upper Napo- a small portion of the western Amazon.Yasuni is one of the most diverse of birds in the world, where567specieshave beenrecorded. Protects about 40% of all mammal species in the AmazonSCHOOL OF TOURISM AND ECOTURISMSEVENTH LEVELTATIANA RODRÍGUEZ Myfuture
  23. 23. I havemanyaspirationsformyfuturewhen I hadfinishedmyuniversitycareer I amgoingtotakemyworkAlso I am goingto be abletohelpmymother. To beabletorestoreallthathelped me when I needed and to be abletothanksWhen i amanexcellentprofessional I amgoingtotakemyownmoneyWhenyoualreadyhavemyprofession I am goingtothink offormingmyfamilybutWhenImthirtyyearsago I wouldhavetogottenmarried, because Iam goingtohave of whereordertokeepmychildrenAlso I am thinkingaboutstudying inanother country tospecializeWithmyprofession I couldwork and provideformyfamily.Fortwo more years I wouldhaveendedmycareer and I will be profesional And Ill bereadytoreachout in societyWhenyouhavecompletedmycareermymotherwill behappybecause I haveaccomplished a dream in mylife.Always I havepatience in mystudiesbecausefortwoyears Iwillhavefinishedmystudies and I come to be part of theprofessionalworldTobecomea professionalwill be thebiggestjoy of mylifebecause I willhavefailedwithmydreams.
  25. 25. If I study a lot I willapproveethtestsIf I read a lotthenewspaperwouldlearnmanythingsthathappen in theworldIf I practicedbasketball I would be a goodplayerIf I practicedbasketball I would be a goodplayerIf I wererich I wouldbuy a car totraveltotheuniversityIf I havethemoney I wouldtraveltoothercountriesIf I hadsavedmoney I couldhavebought a computerIf I studymathematics I wouldhavegood notesIf I spokeenglish I could guide toSpanishtouristsIf I wereprofessional I wouldhavemyownmoneyIf I won thelottery, I wouldtravelaroundtheworldIf I couldmake cake I madeBirthday of mynieceIf I eatfruit I would be goodhealthIf I use sportsclothing I would be more comfortable
  26. 26. SCHOOL OF TOURISM AND ECOTURISMSEVENTH LEVELTATIANA RODRÍGUEZI think that the advantages of team work that is done either with workers, studentsand teachers is very fruitful because in recent times is good results for the entireuniversity community, another very important advantage is that there is strength inunity Also the teamwork helps us a lot because we know the skills of eachindividualWe can look at that this is beneficial to all because it is going to help us in ourprofessional lives to unfolding in any habit Due to this we got good results becauseit was beneficial for all those who sit on the university community a clear exampleof team work was the result of the evaluation process Because each contributed abit to get good results and contribute to a better development Also team work helpsus to promote more companionship either in teachers, students and to be able toknow the skills and capabilities of each personI can also say that there are no disadvantages because of the team work does nothave a detrimental effect on anyone else well benefits all of us as they say twoheads are better than one.
  28. 28. A magic experienceThroughout history, the different cultures that inhabited territories such as ourdeveloped a variety of rites based on the relationship between man, nature and thesupernatural; the arrival of other cultures like the West did not disappear thesepractices. Instead, there was a merger between the two cultures, giving rise to aninteresting case of syncretism, that is clearly evident in rituals and celebrations inwhich Western and Andean traditions coexist.Mysticism is not only related to the supernatural but also to the spirituality of nativecommunities that visitors will also experienceIn addition to the shamanic experience .held by yachaks (medicine men) a directcontact with nature is possible you can talk with the mother earth, feel its energy,understand local myths and legends or live ancestral traditionsTo sum up the Cultural diversity and natural richness are unique in this region. Inorder to discover their secrets visitors need to be mentally and spiritually prepared.Mystic tourism is recommended to all desiring to feel new sensations.Personally, I believe what the Mystic Tourism is a magic experience becausethrough the can become protagonists of our own destiny be aware of the immenseenergy also can grow spiritually and be sensitive to signals which, throughout ourlives, we light up and guide us; contact with magical, inexplicable, obtain the keysthat give answers to some questions about our life Why recommend to all thepeople who let you participate in what nature gives us to learn what our soul wantsto look.
  29. 29. SEVENTH LEVELTEACHER IVAN FUERTESTATIANA RODRÍGUEZ PASSIVE VOICE IThe voice of a sentence depends on whether the verb is DOING the action orRECEIVING it.When the subject of a sentence does something, the verb is in the ACTIVE voice.In the PASSIVE voice, the verb phrase will always include a form of BE (am, is,was, were, are, or been) + a past participle.How to Recognize Active and Passive Sentences?1- Identify the subject of the sentence.2- Identify the action that the sentence identifies.3- Examine the relationship between the subject and verb.a) Does the subject perform the action of the verb ? (If so, the sentence is active.)b) Does the subject sit there while something/somebody else performs an actionon it? (If so, the sentence is passive.)
  30. 30. In English, verbs may be active or passive. In sentences with activeverbs, the subject performs ("does") the action.In sentences with passive verbs, the subject receives theaction. (That is, someone or something other than the actualsubject grammatically performs the action.)Passive verbs always have at least two parts: a form of BEand a past participle. In the simple present and simple pasttenses, only these two parts are usedSimple PresentEnglish is used as an international language.These Hints are written on a Mac."Daves ESL Cafe on the Web" is maintainedby Dave Sperling.Simple Past"Daves ESL Cafe" was started in 1995.The first Hint of the Day was written about three years ago.Dave and his wife were married in Thailand.Other Forms of the PassiveThe form of the passive in tenses other than simple presentand simple past combines the required form for the tenseswith the required form for passive:Present Progressive(BE + -ing verb for present progressive, BE + past participlefor passive):This Hint is being prepared on a Macintosh.
  31. 31. New WWW sites are being created every dayPast Progressive(was / were + -ing verb for present progressive, BE +past participle for passive):Dinner was being served when I entered the cafeteria.The last tickets were being sold when we arrived atthe box office.Present Perfect(has / have + past participle for present perfect, BE +past participle for passive):"Daves ESL Cafe" has been visited by many people.Many sections have been added to the original"Daves ESL Cafe."Present Perfect Progressive(has / have + past participle for present perfect, BE + -ingverb for progressive, BE + past participle for passive):Questions have been being sent to the ESL CafesHelp Center since its first days on the WWW.His car has been being repaired for more thana week. When will it be ready?Past Perfect(had + past participle for present perfect, BE + past participlefor passive):The last tickets had already been sold when we arrived atthe box office.Attendance had already been taken before I arrivedin class.Past Perfect Progressive(had + past participle for present perfect, BE + -ing verb
  32. 32. for progressive, BE + past participle for passive):Those questions had been being discussed beforethe president arrived and changed the agenda.Dishes had been being washed by hand beforethe restaurant got a machine to do that jobFuture Perfect(will + past participle for present perfect, BE + past participlefor passive):Were going to be late! Dinner will already have been servedby the time that we get there!All of the work will have been finished by late tomorrow.Future Perfect Progressive*(will + past participle for present perfect, BE + -ing verb forprogressive, BE + past participle for passive):In March, 2002, these Hints will have been being writtenfor more than four years.Were going to be late! Dinner will have been being servedlong before we arrive at the restaurant
  33. 33. LEVEL: SEVENTHTEACHER: GUILLERMO FUERTESSTUDENT: TATIANA RODRIGUEZ TOURISM AND ECOTURISM SCHOOLTrue developmentis an educationfocused onsocial, economic, environmental,cultural and political life ofa people.And conserve thenatural environment.Youknow itcan meetmanytourist attractions, cuisine, ethnic, community-based tourism.Ecotourism, adventure, extreme sports, enchanted islandsand many wondersmoreThepositivismof its landscape andits richsoil are themainattractions.TheSpaWaterand moorsHediondasChilesVolcanoarethe mustforadventure, do not worry about the coldasthe hospitality of thepeople makethevisitor Otherspots includethe ReserveEl Angelfrailejónthe Kingdom ofthe plantistheemblem ofthe province,a townSanGabrielHeritageof the countryhouses that havebeenembellished byimpressivewaterfalls,the Grotto ofLa Pazand anumberofworthysitesto visit. Feelat home.Flora:You can seespecies such asChilcasguarumos, chuquiraguas, tree ferns,frailejonesstrawpumamaqui, moss, bromeliads, pads and a wide varietyof orchids.Fauna, Andean gulls, ducks, moor, curiquingues, quilicos, condors, cervicabras,deer, wolvesmoorCuyAsado: A dish,widely used intraditionalfamily andsocial commitmentsin mingas.Containspotatoes, lettuce, avocado.
  34. 34. PotatoesLeather: Consists of pigskinpotatoes, cheese andpeppermixingafavoritedishat home and abroad, they are usedespecially in theafternoonand is foundin thecentral park.TheTardón(Mira): This is the traditional drinkoflook at us.It consists ofa mixtureoforange juice,rum(calledpoints)and sugar, plus some secret ingredientsthat giveauniquetouch of magic.SEVENTH LEVELTEACHER IVAN FUERTESTATIANA RODRÍGUEZ PASSIVE VOICE
  35. 35. The environment is destroyed by acid rain.The book was written by the secretary.A letter is written by CynthiaAamazingwas written by RitaLunch had been served by the time we arrived at partyThe food has been finished by the dog.Women are said to live longer than men.Hamlet was written by ShakespeareThe boy was rescuedby thepoliceThe Windows were broken by that man yesterdayLucia was seen by several people.The award was given to Freddy by the presidentThe books were written in SpanishMy house is being painted this month, so I am staying at my ancle sThe protesters were made to leave the town hallI was made toe at the whole bowl of soupThe explanation was understood by all the students.The teachers were satisfied by the resultsMy grandfather was taken to the hospitalThe boy was dropped off by his motherThe medal was won by the Swedish runne
  36. 36. LEVEL: SEVENTHTEACHER: GUILLERMO FUERTESSTUDENT: TATIANA RODRIGUEZ SENTENCES  Today the people involved in the races had great hurry to reach the goal  Continue with your studies you will take in a good way  The professional people who have bad mood will lose their jobs because they do not have patience to your customers  It is common in people form their own families but when you already have your profession  A lawyer must know the articles of the Constitution in order to be able to resolve the cases of their clients  Each person has in his personality a particular thing that makes it different to the other  A general assembly is important for people to be able to know things in our country  Our parents worked hard to help us forward that we are some people who are prepared in a future  Breath in the fresh air is healthy for the people  A student must question to your teacher if you do not understand their classes  When you have a job you have to learn how to work with each one of them because the teamwork takes you to the success  Each person has a very important date in his life the day that my mother brought us to the world
  37. 37.  We must be aware of the danger in which they are the animals because human beings destroys its habitat The people when we take alcohol we lose control of things that we do not know what we are Children are very smart they spotted each step that gives their parents to follow the example Human beings when we have a problem we trouble and lose control of what we do We must have order our tasks because that reflects our personality When a person has money should be used in the best way and to thank God for the things that he gives
  39. 39. FINAL PROYECT OF ENGLISH AMAZON REGIÓNGENERAL OBJECTIVE:  Improve the knowledge in the country and in the international sector of the numerous tourist attractions of the Ecuadorian Amazon RegionSPECIFIC OBJECTIVES:  Learn about the various tourist attractions in the Amazon  Promote to tourists through tourist packages  Improve the range of activities and services to the tourist placesJUSTIFICATION:Ecuadors Amazon region known as "The Middle" consists of the followingprovinces, from north to south: Sucumbíos, Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, MoronaSantiago and Zamora Chinchipe.The Middle almost covers half of the surface of the Ecuador, only 4.8 % of thepopulation lives in this region, despite the indiscriminate felling of trees has a largetropical forest. Tourism in this region is diverse.The Amazon region, is the worlds largest tropical rainforest, in the first glance, thetropical rainforest is a place extensive wet and green. However, carefullyobserving, this ecosystem is full of surprises. Not only each tree is very differentfrom the next, but also for each tree there are hundreds of other species of plantsand animals in constant interaction.This people and indigenous groups that have lived in the Amazon jungle forthousands of years maintain their ancestral traditions alive, exhibiting theircustoms, rituals and wisdom
  40. 40. In the Amazon Region there are several ethnic groups such as : Huaorani, Shuar,Ashuar, Kichwa, Siona, Secoya, Cofan and Quijos - zaparo still living traditionally,maintaining their customs and traditions different Acting as the guardians of theworlds biodiversity and conserving this unique ecosystem for future generations.The Amazon region of Ecuador with its national parks protected: the YasuniNational Park, the reserve of Cuyabenofaunistic production, the HuaoraniProtectorate, the National Park of Sumaco-Napo Galleries, The Limoncochabiological reserve and the Sangay National Park provides opportunities to discoverand experience the magic of the Amazon jungle.Ecuador offers probably one of the best infrastructures of the world for tourism inthe jungle and in addition to this the majority of destinations are accessible withinthe one-day trip from Quito.Discover the Amazon rainforest and help protect the rainforest, learn more aboutthe indigenous people and the jungle itself with our operators and holiday cottagesin the jungle. YASUNI NATIONAL PARKThe Yasuni National Park is the largest protected area of the continental Ecuador.Account with 982,000 hectares of tropical rain forest, is located within theprovinces of Orellana, Napo, Pastaza.The Yasuni is of fundamental importance to the global conservation, due to the factthat it is one of the few "strict protected areas" (National Parks of IUCN Category II)in the region of the Western Amazon In addition, it has been declared by the WWFas one of the 200 most important priority regions to protect in the world and theWildlifeConservationSociety (WCS) chose the Yasuni eminent for its program ofLiving Landscapes.
  41. 41. In dry periods, were formed islands of vegetation that served as a refuge forspecies of flora and fauna, and that were centers of formation of new species. Oneof these islands was located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, in what has been declaredYasuni National Park.The Yasuní water network comprises a swarm of rivers such as the magicalTiputini, Shiripuno, Cononaco, Nushiño, Indillana, Yasuní, Tiguano, Nashiño,Curaray, Tiguino, Cuchiyacui, Tivacuno, Rumiyacu.THE NATIONAL PARK OF SUMACO-NAPO GALLERIESSumaco National Park Napo - Galleries PNSNG has a total area of 207,040 ha,distributed in two coresthe core has 11,761 Napo - Galleries and 195,279 ha of thecore Sumaco. The National Park present undisturbed areas with an original floraand fauna very high wealth protecting part of the Pleistocene refuge of Napo, asector and a time where it is generatedmuch of the species that remain intact untiltoday in the place.All this makes the park is considered an important nucleus of the"Biosphere Reserve Sumaco".The National Park consists of two geographicalcores:Sumaco, volcanic massif of three summits - the Sumaco volcano and the BlackHills and Sugar Loaf From where is born a hydrographic system that drains into theCoca and Napo rivers are tributaries of the basin of the great Amazon River.The Napo Galleries whose flanks are an area rich in rivers and springs, and whosecultural value is of great importance within the Kichwa people.
  42. 42. THE LIMONCOCHA BIOLOGICAL RESERVEThe Reserve is basically comprised by the lakeLimoncocha in if (formerly calledCapucuy), Areas adjacent to it and the LakeNegra or Yanacocha Closely related tothe Napo river, its water mirror has a surface area of approximately two and a halfsquare kilometers That saved one of the greatest biodiversity in the world. Featureis the population of alligators, especially the black, and a large sample of birds. SANGAY NATIONAL PARKSangay National Park is the third largest protected area of Ecuador and coversbroad natural landscapes.High levels of endemism and ecological diversity werethe reason for that UNESCO declared it, such as: Natural Heritage of Humanity.
  43. 43. In the Park have been identified 327 lagoons, highlighting the lacustrine systems ofthe Altar, and the Lake Ozogoche lake of Atillo, Sardinayacu, Culebrillas, Black, aswell as the thermal waters The Pleasure. TOUR OF THE RIVER PUYOThis tour has several attractions such as the various family cabins with campingfacilities and prepares food along the way; also the riverPuyo accompanies thejourney of tourists being able to choose from several places to swim or birdwatching. COMMUNITY-BASED TOURISM IN COTOCOCHAThe community of Cotococha is 30 minutes from the city. In the track Puyo -Macas, PuyuPungo.This is a community of Quichwa origin that has beenintegrated with a process of community-based tourism with the desire to be able toimprove the quality of lifeits members without losing its identity and ancestralculture. THE ETHNIC AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF PUYO
  44. 44. If you are on visit in the city of Puyo and want to get an overall idea of what thePastaza province you can offer to level cultural, anthropological, andarchaeological and fauna. A visit to the Anthropological Museum of Puyo is thedecision. ROYAL PARK - EXHIBITION OF EXOTIC BIRDSThe owner has succeeded in establishing a sample of wild birds own of theAmazon region and Ecuador, As well as exotic birds from different continentsmaking the visitor on a brief visit of about 40 minutes Achieve observe at least 35different species of birds. Amazon parrots from ostriches to African and Asianhens, etc.
  45. 45. MISAHUALLIThis small town is also called Puerto Misahualli, and it is located at the end of theroad from Port Napo runs along the north shore of the river Napo.Next to Tena is a place visited in order to know a little more the Middle East,Theregion was colonized from decades ago, and the majority of mammals has eitherbeen hunted or has been so encroached on their habitatthat can no longer survivethere. What if it is possible to observe, if you keep your eyes open or, better yet, ifyou hire a local guide - is a great variety of birds, tropical flowers, armies of ants,and other insects.Also will be in contact with the people who live in the jungle:settlers, gold prospectors, oil workers, farmers, ranchers, military personnel,employees of the tourism industry and entrepreneurs.
  46. 46. CONCLUSION:I think that is as important to know our natural places, tourism in our country and tobe able to tell the tourist in another language such as English and we as studentsof tourism we need to know in order to be able to promote the natural wealth thatwe have In which we must care for and protect everything beautiful that has ourcountry, I think that also through the tours we have the opportunity to get to knowand that we must take advantage of each place in order to promote the tourist.RECOMMENDATION:  Firstly, to ask dutifully to the authorities of both tourism and those who are responsible for giving more access to all the tourist places that if you are going to charge a price accessible to visit these beautiful places.  That the people are sufficiently trained to accommodate the tourist  We as students of tourism we should take advantage of the holiday in order to be able to do about leading practices and give the tourist a better attention