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Paper folding

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  1. 1. You should have the following to start with. Origami Crane Step 2: Fold the both sides to the middle, as shown.
  2. 2. Origami Crane Step 3: Flip paper over. Origami Crane Step 4: Now fold both sides to the middle.
  3. 3. Origami Crane Step 5: We're now going to make inside reverse folds. This is a commonly used technique in origami. To do so, we need to first make adiagonal crease. We'll start with the right side. If you've never done an inside reverse fold, check out our page that has more detailed photos first. Make sure the paper is well-creased on both sides.
  4. 4. Origami Crane Step 6: The crease allow us to actually make the inside reverse fold. Lift up the bottom tip and tuck it in between the 2 sides of paper. Press paper flat. This is the inside reverse fold. Origami Crane Step 7: Now repeat Steps 5 and 6 for the right side to form the "neck" of the crane. Crease the paper and make the inside reverse fold.
  5. 5. Origami Crane Step 8: Make one more inside reverse fold to form the head ofthe crane.
  6. 6. Origami Crane Step 9: Almost there. Fold down the wings. Pull the wings gently apart to open up and flatten the middle "hump" of theorigami crane.
  7. 7. And your origami crane is complete! We've completed the first one. Now readers, how about you send in the next nine-hundred and ninety- nineorigami cranes? Here's the origami crane in prettier paper: Origami Traditional Tulip Step 2: Now fold the right side to meet the center crease.
  8. 8. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for the left side. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 4: Flip paper over and fold both the right and left sides to meet in the center.
  9. 9. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 5: Now we're going to move the top flap from the left side to the right.
  10. 10. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 6: Now we'll fold both sides to meet in the center.
  11. 11. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 7: Flip paper over.
  12. 12. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 8: Now move the top flap from the left to right, like we did in Step 5.
  13. 13. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 9: Fold both sides to meet in the center, like we did in Step 6.
  14. 14. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 10: OK, we're going to fit one side into another. If you open up the sides, you'll see that there's actually a "pocket" and "tip" whereby you can fit one into the other.
  15. 15. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 11: Flip paper over and repeat Step 10. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 12: We're now ready to inflate our origami tulip bulb. Make sure you hold down both the overlapping sides before blowing into the paper. As the paper inflates, the sides will come apart if you don't hold on to them. Use your thumb and index fingers on each side to keep the paper from coming apart. Before inflating: AFTER inflating:
  16. 16. SIDE View before inflating: SIDE View after inflating:
  17. 17. Origami Traditional Tulip Step 13: Now we put the final finishing touches to our origami traditional tulip! Gently peel back each petal and see your origamitulip come to life! :) Looking from the top: Gently peel back the first petal...
  18. 18. Now repeat for the other 3 petals:
  19. 19. All that's left to do is to admire your efforts and your beautiful origamitraditional tulip! Lovely, isn't it? You can make it lovelier by folding a leaf for your origami traditional tulip!
  20. 20. Many of our readers have followed our instructions and folded this origamitraditional tulip. Check out their photos!
  21. 21. Now fold the right and left corners to the crease lines that you made in the previous step. The fold again as shown below. Flip the piece over and repeat on the back side.
  22. 22. Now fold the lower edges onto the centerline. Flip the piece over and repeat on the back side.
  23. 23. Now hold the bottom pointed corner in one hand, and use the fingers of the other hand to open the tulip bulb. When you're done expanding the bulb, it will look like the picture below: Now we move on to the leaf and stem. Use a piece of green origami paper; place the green side face down. Make a valley fold along the diagonal as shown.
  24. 24. Now fold the top and left edges onto the centerline, making a kite. Then the lower edges of the kite are folded to the centerline, creating a diamond.
  25. 25. Fold the diamond in half lengthwise. Then fold edge A-B back as shown, then flip the piece over and fold the edge C-D back as well. Now unfold C-D (just C-D, not A-B) to reveal the crease mark.
  26. 26. Fold C-E to the crease mark, then re-fold the crease created by the C-D fold. Then fold down the front flap along a line F-G. Make sure that this last fold does not overlap the pocket shown.
  27. 27. Now take the top of the leaf and bend it backwards and down a bit. Insert the yellow bulb all the way into the pocket. You can use a little glue or double-sided tape to make it stick securely.
  28. 28. And now your origami tulip is done! Check out the many origami tulip photos that have been submitted by our readers! Dady long legs A wolf’s temptation Hello school girl A library Virgin snow Spell bound "BABY and ME"
  29. 29. Director : Kim Jin-Young Writer : Lee Seong-Min , Won Choi, Kim Jin-Young Producer : Lee Seo-Yeol , Kim Dae-Keun , Kim Kyu-Dong , Han Jeong-a Genre : Comedy, Slice of life Release date : August 14, 2008 Runtime : 96 min Studio & Distributor : Prime Entertainment Language : Korean Subtitle : Yes (English) Cast Jang Geun-Suk as Han Joon Soo Song Ha-Yoon as Kim Byeol Mason Mun as Han Woo-Ram Kim Jeong-Nan as Ms. Cho (teacher) Park Myeong-Su as Woo-Ram's voice dubber Plot Joon-Soo (Jang Keun-Suk) is a rebellious high school kid, popular with the girls, but an absolute nightmare for his parents and teachers. Joon-Soo soon drives his parents batty enough that they decide to up and leave their house. When Joon-Soo finds out that his parents are AWOL he does what any party animal would do, he calls his friends over for a house party. That afternoon, Joon-Soo prepares for the party by going to the grocery store and buying drinks & food . While at the grocery store, he briefly leaves his shopping cart unattended to check out the liquor selection. When he comes back to his shopping cart, he’s stunned to find a baby in his cart. Even more confounding, after waiting for hours at the store, nobody comes forward to claim the baby. And to top everything off, theres a note on the baby which claims Joon-soo is the father! At first, Joon-Soo devises varies ways to abandon the child, but every time is spoiled by an unexpected event. When his teacher calls to warn him that he will be expelled if he misses another day, Joon-soo decides to bring the baby to school. This causes further scandal for Joon-Soo and eventually leads to his suspension. Through all this, Joon-Soo finds himself slowly becoming attached to the baby. Other Images
  30. 30. You can download this movie here